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  1. Yeah, if I recall correctly, it was Anthony that was the big recruiting "get" - not Zahid. Yet Zahid goes undefeated and wins a national championship last season as a Sophomore.
  2. I'm sure you're right about that HOWEVER it seems odd that Anthony - like Zahid - is listed as a REDSHIRT Junior on the ASU team roster: https://thesundevils.com/roster.aspx?path=wrestling
  3. Ok, if you say so. I just seem to recall both of them insisting on being redshirted their first year at ASU.
  4. Both of the Valencia brothers were redshirted as True Freshman - their 1st year at ASU
  5. The question you ask here about Mason Smith is a good one. I KNOW he WAS listed on the ASU roster just a couple of days ago. He is not listed on it now. Also he was mentioned in some of the ASU news stories recently. Have to wonder what happened.
  6. I see no mention of Boise State's Brian Owen at 133 lbs and he has wrestled in 19 matches this season (to date) and he has been ranked in the top 20 all season long. Yet Cal Poly's Devon Lotito, who Owen beat 6-3, is listed at # 11 at 133 lbs. Care to explain that N.C.A.A.?
  7. We should "FORCE" three others to sign huh? So everyone here should find three people and hold them down and FORCE them to sign your silly little petition? :D
  8. I'm absolutely sure that I'm in the minority on this but frankly I couldn't care less if wrestling is a part of the Olympics or not.........I frankly don't give a rip about the Olympics period. It is SUPPOSED to be a celebration of AMATEUR athletics and SPORTSMANSHIP and it has degenerated to be something that has nothing to do with either of those two purported purposes. It has become filled with PROFESSIONAL athletes and don't even get me started on the lack of sportsmanship in the Olympics these days. It's corrupt to say the least. When I was a child I tried to watch as much of the Olympics as I possibly could. These days I don't even bother to watch it at all.
  9. Bronco

    Cal Poly

    I was a bit confused by that as well.........but no.......they were not Medical Forfeits. Cal Poly just forfeited at three weight classes.
  10. His LDS church mission has absolutely NOTHING to do with why he is not competing this season. That's just a ridiculous assertion to make. The N.C.A.A. allows individuals of the L.D.S. faith to take their two year mission and that does NOT count (at ALL) against their N.C.A.A. eligibility. Just as the N.C.A.A. allows individuals to serve in the military and then return to N.C.A.A. competition with no affect on their N.C.A.A. eligibility. Word is Chriswell is not competing this season for two reasons. A. Back injury and B. Academic issues. And THAT is a shame because he COULD have become a four time PAC 10/ PAC 12 champion IF he had been able to compete this season and possibly a two-time N.C.A.A. All-American.
  11. Facing the exact same lineup that Arizona State had on Friday night AT Utah Valley the Boise State wrestling team defeated the same Arizona State team 33-7 and Boise State won eight of the ten matches. Despite the fact that Boise State's # 10 ranked J. T. Felix lost to # 17 ranked Levi Cooper of Arizona State 6-0. ASU's # 5 ranked Jake Meredith, who had some sort of wrap on his head prior to the dual and during his match, appeared to be injured, and even tho the team score was 27-7 at the time of his match the ASU coaches still had him go out and wrestle. He gamely tried to compete and was leading 3-0 after the 2nd period against Boise State's Cody Dixon. But after a takedown by Dixon in the 3rd period and an uncontested escape given to Meredith by Dixon he could not continue and Medically Forfeited with less than a minute left in the match when Meredith was leading 4-2. Boise State's Jason Chamberlain and Brian Owen both recorded technical falls (21-5 in 6:05 and 24-7 in 6:51 respectively) over ASU's Preston McCalmon and Ares Carpio. Boise State's Scotty Bacon SHOULD have also gotten a technical fall win over ASU's Raymond Waters but could not get the final 2 points that would have earned him the Tech Fall win and won 16-3 over Waters. Boise State's Jake Swartz beat # 20 ranked Kevin Radford by Major Dec. 11-2.
  12. I wouldn't EVER want to be accused of defending Arizona State BUT the fact is Arizona State was without four starters in that dual last night against Utah Valley. The most important of which was Blake Stauffer at 174 lbs - who has a 20-2 record this season and is currently ranked # 12 in the nation (by Intermat) at 174 lbs. In Stauffer's place last night was a true Freshman who, apparently, had never wrestled a college match in his life prior to last night. That being Raymond Waters. IF Stauffer was in the lineup last night and won only by a Decision over Schmalhaus that's a nine point swing in the team score. Other starters for ASU who weren't in the lineup last night for ASU were Shane McGough at 133 lbs (who apparently hasn't competed for ASU since Nov. 17th) and Nathan Hoffer at 149 lbs and Parker Madl at 165 lbs. Utah Valley won three of those four weight classes last night - by FALL at 133 lbs, by Tech Fall at 149 lbs and by FALL at 174 lbs. That's 17 of Utah Valley's 26 team points last night from those three weight classes alone.
  13. BroncoWilly makes a very valid point. When Iowa has someone go out of the lineup they have a number of other guys available to insert into the lineup. Hell Oregon State has more depth than Boise State does at a lot of weight classes. But when one of the starters at Boise State goes missing from the lineup Boise State often has to resort to using walk-ons to replace the starter. Walk-ons such as Ben DeMuelle and Mark Bleuze this past season replacing an All-American like Hochstrasser at 133 lbs. When Chriswell unexpectedly left the team last spring at least they had Matt Casperson returning after being redshirted. But beyond him they only had walk-ons behind Casperson this season. Hell, at one point they had a walk-on 174 lb guy replacing Casperson at 197 lbs. Other guys who were projected to be starters last season for Boise State include Brian Owen at 125 lbs and Kurt Swartz at 165 lbs. Owen had back problems and was redshirted, Swartz has been out of the starting lineup for two seasons now due to his own injury problems. A healthy Kurt Swartz would have contended very well with the guy who was the best in the PAC 10 this past season at 165 lbs, that being Nick Amuchastegui (who placed 4th at the NCAA tournament). In fact, in a lot of the pre-season rankings Swartz was ranked ahead of Amuchastegui. And for good reason as Swartz was the 2008 PAC 10 runner-up at 165 lbs and BARELY lost to three time PAC 10 champ Pat Pitsch of ASU in the finals that season. In other words, Boise State went into this year's NCAA tournament without FOUR guys who were "supposed" to be starters this past season (Owen, Hochstrasser, Swartz and Chriswell) and yet Boise State STILL placed 11th at the NCAA tournament.
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