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  1. Agreed...........but that really wasn't the point of my first message here. I simply was curious why he was not (apparently) recruited by ASU. Especially considering the fact that 141 lbs is likely to be one of two weight classes that ASU will be less than strong at (IF a certain former Rutgers national champion doesn't end up at ASU this fall).
  2. Have to wonder why Arizona State (apparently) did not recruit him. Seeing as he's from Phoenix, AZ. From N. Colorado's press release about their top 15 recruiting class : "Benji Alanis Alanis is the No. 25 overall recruit in the class of 2021, according to Mat Scouts, and ranks No. 4 nationally at 138 lbs. He comes to the Bears from Phoenix, Ariz., where he attended Valiant College Preparatory. Alanis has an impressive high school resume that includes being two-time FloNationals All-American, two-time NHSCA All-American, UWW Junior All-American, USAW Junior All-American, and Super 32 medalist. He projects at 141 or 149 lbs."
  3. Doubtful IMO. I would think Austin Clayton would be the starter at 174 for ASU if Munoz is gone. If Munoz does, in fact, end up transferring then I think it's more likely that the following MIGHT be the ASU lineup for 2022: 125 - Brandon Courtney 133 - Michael McGee or Nick Suriano (If Suriano chooses ASU) 141 - Michael McGee (If Suriano chooses ASU) or Peter Lipari or Julian Chlebove 149 - Kyle Parco 157 - Jesse Vasquez 165 - Jacori Teemer 174 - Anthony Valencia 184 - Cade Belshay 197 - Kordell Norfleet 285 - Cohlton Schultz
  4. Source??? My question, IF this is true, is does this mean Cael Valencia will be utilized as a true freshman at 174 lbs?
  5. WrestleStat has Kyle Parco, who finished in 6th place at 149 lbs at the 2021 NCAA tournament, listed at 141 lbs. Frankly I don't see how WS came up with him moving back down to 141 lbs. I sincerely doubt that will occur. I'm with you on this. I think McGee moves up to 141 lbs - with Suriano at 133 lbs - and Parco at 149 lbs. But we are all just ASSUMING that Suriano is headed to ASU and at this point that has not been established as a fact. Could be quite the lineup for ASU next season IF that assumption turns out to be fact: 125 lbs - Brandon Courtney - RS Senior - 2021 NCAA runner-up at 125 lbs 133 lbs - Nick Suriano - RS Senior - 2019 NCAA champion at 133 lbs (for Rutgers) 141 lbs - Michael McGee - RS Senior - 2021 NCAA 6th place at 133 lbs 149 lbs - Jesse Vasquez - RS Freshman 157 lbs - Jacori Teemer - RS Junior - 2021 NCAA 4th place at 157 lbs 165 lbs - Anthony Valencia - RS Senior - 2021 NCAA 8th place at 165 lbs 174 lbs - Trey Munoz - RS Sophomore - 2021 NCAA qualifier at 174 lbs 184 lbs - Cade Belshay - RS Senior 197 lbs - Kordell Norfleet - RS Senior - Three-time NCAA qualifier 285 lbs - Cohlton Schultz - RS Sophomore - 2021 NCAA 4th place at 285 lbs
  6. STANFORD roster for 2021-2022 season https://gostanford.com/sports/wrestling/roster/2021-22?&sort=weight
  7. I agree with you on that 1,000 %. But it's nice (IMO) to see a school update their team roster this early. Regardless of how accurate it becomes later on.
  8. The Stanford wrestlers who WERE on the 2021 wrestling team roster who are NOT listed on the recently updated roster for 2022 are the following: '133 lbs - Anthony Le - 2021 RS Senior 157 lbs - Dominick Mandarino - 2021 Senior 157 lbs - Requir van der Merwe - 2021 RS Senior 174 lbs - Jared Hill - 2021 RS Senior 285 lbs - Nathan Traxler - 2021 RS Senior Also, Shane Griffith is listed on the 2022 Stanford wrestling team roster at......................165 lbs. Jason Miranda is listed at 133 lbs Real Woods is listed at 141 lbs Jaden Abas is listed at 149 lbs Charlie Darracott and Gabe Dinette are the only two guys listed at 157 lbs Tyler Eischens is listed at 165 lbs Foster Karmon is the only guy listed at 174 lbs Haydn Maley is listed at 197 lbs https://gostanford.com/sports/wrestling/roster/2021-22?&sort=weight
  9. I understand that..............but the point was Traxler is a net "loss" to the Stanford wrestling program. The only question at this point, as I see it, is who among the above listed Stanford wrestlers (who WrestleStat is listing as still in the Transfer Portal) will end up also being a net loss to the Stanford wrestling program. I'm most interested in what Miranda, Woods and Abas decide to do in this regard.
  10. And of course this does not include last season's HWY starter for Stanford, i.e., Nathan Traxler (who was in the transfer portal earlier). Traxler announced earlier this month that he is transferring to Virginia Tech
  11. Yes 2021 NCAA champ Shane Griffith has announced he will be staying at Stanford. But what is the status of the other Stanford wrestlers on the 2021 wrestling team? According to WrestleStat these are the Stanford wrestlers who are STILL (as of this morning) still in the transfer portal (projected starters listed in BOLD print): 133 lbs - #48 ranked Jason Miranda - True SO 133 lbs - # 96 ranked Kyle Rowan - RS FR 133 lbs - # 106 ranked Logan Ashton - RS SO 141 lbs - # 8 ranked Real Woods - RS JR 149 lbs - # 15 ranked Jaden Abas - RS SO 149 lbs - # 149 ranked Dawson Siavong - RS SO 197 lbs - # 60 ranked Haydn Maley - RS SR
  12. I recall seeing numerous photos of the new wrestling room and the other facilities that were installed at Oregon but that was a year or two before they sh##-canned their wrestling program. And I also recall - very recently - someone posting a message here on this forum about that very same wrestling room at Oregon. But if you any of you experts know of a PAC 12 school that is MORE likely to bring back wrestling you just let me know who that would be.
  13. The only PAC 12 school that I see bringing back wrestling is Oregon. Whether or not that will in fact occur in the next five years I don't know. But it's the only PAC 12 school IMO who even has a chance of bringing back wrestling. They paid for a brand new wrestling room and all it is doing is collecting dust (as far as I know). Secondly they have an extremely wealthy benefactor (Phil Knight) who could fund a wrestling program all by himself - as well as a number of Oregon alums who would and could help foot the bill. Does ASU maintain itself? Sure - as long as they have their current coaching staff. The PAC 12 program that I see as being "on the rise" however is Cal Poly. I mentioned here a couple years ago that I thought Cal Poly was beginning to become a much improved program and they have continued to do that. They finished the 2021 season in 25th place at the N.C.A.A. tournament which is pretty respectable for a team that was pretty much the last place team in the PAC 12 for quite a while. They also finished 4th at the 2021 PAC 12 tournament with 107 team points (8 1/2 points behind Stanford). That is the highest team placement Cal Poly has had in 11 years in the PAC 12 tournament. PLUS they are a young team. They had zero Seniors on their team roster for 2021. Coach Sioredas and his two assistant coaches have to be credited for the improvement.
  14. With Even Wick announcing he is transferring to Cal Poly for his final NCAA year of eligibility (joining his younger brother Luka Wick) am I the only one who thinks 165 lbs in the PAC 12 is going to be LOADED with talent? Rankings below are from WrestleStat: PAC 12 at 165 lbs for 2022 # 2 - CAL POLY - Evan Wick - Grad Student - 0-0 last season - Three time NCAA All-American - He placed 3rd at the 2018 N.C.A.A. tournament and 4th at the 2019 N.C.A.A. tournament at 165 lbs. In 2020 there was no NCAA tournament but he was the NCAA # 8 seed after not competing (due to injury) at the Big Ten tournament. He did not compete last season as he used an Olympic RS year. # 3 - STANFORD - Shane Griffith - RS Junior - 12-1 last season at 165 lbs - 2020 PAC 12 champion at 165 lbs - 2021 PAC 12 runner-up at 165 lbs - 2020 & 2021 N.C.A.A. qualifier - 2021 N.C.A.A. champion at 165 lbs # 4 - ARIZONA STATE - Anthony Valencia - Grad Student - 13-2 last season - Three time PAC 12 champion (2018 at 165 lbs, 2020 at 174 lbs & 2021 at 165 lbs) - Three time N.C.A.A. qualifier - Placed 8th at 165 lbs at 2021 N.C.A.A. championships # 30 - OREGON STATE - Matthew Olguin - RS Sophomore - 4-3 last season - Placed 3rd at 2021 PAC 12 tournament at 165 lbs # 65 - LITTLE ROCK - Alex Hernandez - True Sophomore - 4-10 last season - Placed 5th at 2021 PAC 12 tournament at 165 lbs # 75 - CS BAKERSFIELD - Hunter Larue - RS Sophomore - 0-4 last season at 165 lbs - Placed 6th at 2021 PAC 12 tournament at 165 lbs I realize that WrestleStat has Griffith moving up to 174 lbs for 2022 but I don't see the national champion at 165 moving up a weight class myself.
  15. What amazes me about Stanford is the fact that their A.D. - who was directly implicated in the scandal, is STILL employed at Stanford. Anywhere else this sleazeball would have been fired LONG ago. Yet Bernard Muir is STILL employed as the A.D. at Stanford. https://www.36sportsstrong.org/post/admissions-scandal-just-another-bad-headline-from-bernard-muir-s-history-of-bad-decisions
  16. Interesting article on what happened AFTER Stanford reversed their (idiotic) decision regarding filling the wrestling head coach vacancy after Borelli left for American Univ. https://fightgamemedia.com/2021/06/amateur-wrestling-block-cardinal-fallout/
  17. I like all four of the "new" policies mentioned here. Particularly the 2nd one. Personally I thought it was ridiculously thick-headed of the PAC 12 to only allow the full PAC 12 schools to host the annual conference tournament. That was just an obnoxious slap in the face for every affiliate school. Why not just send out a memo saying "YOU AFFILIATE SCHOOLS SIMPLY DON'T MATTER TO US". Whoever came up with that nonsense should be removed from whatever position they hold in the PAC 12 (if they haven't already been fired).
  18. Take it up with WrestleStat. As was very obviously mentioned above this is "according to WrestleStat". That having been said tho those Seniors do have the option of wrestling one more year - as a result of what occurred in 2000, i.e, the so-called "free year" of eligibility. I find it odd that those two 2021 Seniors on the Stanford wrestling team were mentioned as the projected starters for 2022 yet there was no mention of 2021 Stanford starter Nathan Traxler.
  19. 125 lbs - # 37 ranked (WS) Jackson DiSario - True JR - Two time PAC 12 runner-up at 125 lbs - Two-time NCAA Qualifier at 125 lbs 133 lbs - # 48 ranked (WS) Jason Miranda - True SO - Placed 5th at 2021 PAC 12 tournament at 133 lbs 141 lbs - # 8 ranked (WS) Real Woods - RS JR - 2020 PAC 12 champion at 141 lbs - 2021 PAC 12 runner-up at 141 lbs - Two-time NCAA Qualifier at 141 lbs 149 lbs - # 14 ranked (WS) Jaden Abas - RS SO - 2021 PAC 12 champion at 149 lbs - 2021 NCAA All-American (7th place) 157 lbs - # 25 ranked (WS) Requir van der Merwe - 6th year SR - Placed 3rd at 2021 PAC 12 tournament at 157 lbs - 2021 NCAA Qualifier at 157 lbs - 2019 NCAA Qualifier at 149 lbs 165 lbs - # 38 ranked (WS) Tyler Eischens - RS JR 174 lbs - # 3 ranked (WS) Shane Griffith - RS JR - 2020 PAC 12 champion at 165 lbs - 2021 PAC 12 runner-up at 165 lbs - 2021 NCAA Champion at 165 lbs 184 lbs - # 103 ranked (WS) Jared Hill - 6th year SR - Placed 5th at 2021 PAC 12 tournament at 184 lbs 197 lbs - # 38 ranked (WS) Nick Stemmet - True SO - Placed 3rd at 2021 PAC 12 tournament at 197 lbs 285 lbs - # 47 ranked (WS) Peter Ming - True SO
  20. According to Rob Koll, in the YouTube video interview of May 30, 2021, this is completely false. Koll didn't elaborate a lot in the interview but Koll joked that he WISHED that were true. He also said that when his wife saw that figure she was very impressed and he had to explain to her that it wasn't true. He also mentioned that he would like to know where Mineo gets his information because the money part (what he will be paid by Stanford) hasn't been finalized yet. But it absolutely is NOT $2.5 million over 5 years.
  21. They don't get to Rob Koll until about 16 1/2 minutes into this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtVUpeB3QUM
  22. 55 is old and I say that as someone who is in his mid 60's. Hell I retired at 55. 55 is very old to be wrestling with 18 to 25 year old guys. P.S. Nice job of COMPLETELY missing the point I was making here, i.e., the assistant coaches.
  23. I think the question that really needs to be asked at this point is what will happen to the assistant wrestling coaches at Stanford (under Borelli)? Namely Ray Blake and Alex Tirappelle and volunteer coach Kerry McCoy. Koll is not a young man. He's not going to be getting on the mat to teach. He needs some young assistants to teach. So my guess would be the Borelli assistant coaches will be exited stage left in the very near future. So who will Koll bring in at Stanford in the way of assistant coaches?
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