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  1. That should help Oregon State quite a bit. Their heavyweight last season left a lot to be desired. The addition of Traub should really round out their lineup for 2022.
  2. I'd much rather be referred to as "internet tough guy" than be referred to as the internet fool who isn't man enough to admit when he is blatantly and obviously wrong.
  3. “Never argue with a fool; onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.” – Mark Twain.
  4. What I noticed in that article is the mention of Pratt J.C.'s 125 lb'er Michael Spangler. He completely dominated the # 2 seed at 125 lbs and he was a Sophomore this season. And he was also mentioned as the returning national champion. I have to wonder which D-1 school will be adding him to their roster for 2022. Pratt J.C. is in Kansas btw.
  5. And three of the top six teams were from out West (Clackamas # 1 - Western Wyoming # 2 and North Idaho # 6): https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2021/April/22/Clackamas-wins-third-straight-NJCAA-national-title
  6. The same Zane Coleman who has wrestled exactly ONE time in TWO years at Arizona State - and lost 7-1 in that one match to the Little Rock starter (Triston Wills) this past season?
  7. IF Teemer were to move up to 165 then WHO would replace him at 157 lbs. I don't see anyone on the ASU roster who could fill the spot at 157 lbs and be competitive nationally at that weight class. Also if Belshay is in fact no longer in the transfer portal (and expected back for 2022) and IF Teemer moves up to 165 lbs you have a mini log jam so to speak. Teemer - 165 Valencia - 174 Munoz & Belshay at 184 ??
  8. Their interim head coach is now officially the new head coach at Cal State University at Bakersfield https://gorunners.com/news/2021/4/21/smith-sheds-interim-tag-named-wrestling-head-coach.aspx
  9. That was what I was thinking as well. He was an AA at 149 lbs this last season. I don't see him going back down to 141 lbs again. 125 - Courtney 133 - Suriano or McGee (depends on IF Suriano does in fact join ASU) 141 - McGee IF Suriano is at 133 lbs or Chlebove or another transfer 149 - Parco & Vasquez 157 - Teemer 165 - Valencia 174 - Munoz 184 - ???? 197 - Norfleet 285 - Schultz
  10. Clearly YOU are someone who never lets things like FACTS get in the way of your ignorance. Thanks for making that very clear here. https://thesundevils.com/news/2021/3/20/wrestling-notches-podium-finish-at-2021-ncaa-tournament.aspx
  11. Late last month a poster here indicated that Nick Suriano - if he does compete collegiately next season - will be at Arizona State. Since he's not going to be involved in the Olympic Trials has there been any update on whether or not he will, IN FACT, be a member of the 2022 Arizona State wrestling team? And if so at which weight class? As I understood it he was trying to qualify for the Olympic trials at 57 kgs (125 lbs) and of course ASU has 2021 NCAA runner-up Brandon Courtney at 125 lbs as a Senior next season. And at 133 lbs ASU has Michael McGee who placed 6th at 133 lbs at the 2021 NCAA championships. McGee will also be a Senior next season. If Suriano is added to the mix does that mean McGee moves up to 141 lbs? He just moved up from 125 lbs a year ago up to 133 lbs this past season. Just wondered if anyone has any thoughts on how this might all shake out if Suriano is IN FACT going to be on the ASU team for next season.
  12. Extremely unlikely. As was posted here roughly one week ago the top three transfer schools for Griffith were listed as North Carolina, Michigan and Penn State. Secondly, as was also posted last week, there are ongoing talks about reinstating all 11 sports that Stanford had chosen to drop last summer (including wrestling). So the status of Stanford wrestling - right now - is undetermined. Bottom line is the Stanford wrestling program MAY or MAY NOT be reinstated but if not the three most likely transfer schools for Griffith appear to be North Carolina, Michigan and Penn State.
  13. Maybe he just got tired of living in the land of fruits and nuts.
  14. I just checked WrestleStat's projected lineup for Arizona State for 2022 and they now have Kyle Parco listed as ASU's projected starter at 141 lbs (with Jesse Vasquez at 149) and Valencia at 165 lbs. Biggest hole in this projected ASU lineup for 2022 is 184 lbs as Austin Clayton (not Cade Belshay) is listed as ASU's starter at 184 lbs.
  15. It's interesting - to me at least - that Parco and Crooks faced each other this year at the NCAA tournament and Parco won that match but only by a 3-2 score. In fact I believe that was Cory Crook's last match this season.
  16. Sorry - didn't mean to interrupt the off topic comments and ridiculous in-fighting that has been posted here since yesterday morning.
  17. And another article in the "San Francisco Chronicle" yesterday: https://www.sfchronicle.com/sports/annkillion/article/Effort-to-save-Stanford-sports-gains-traction-16098848.php
  18. And a similar article from The Stanford Daily yesterday https://stanforddaily.com/2021/04/13/university-meets-with-36-sports-strong/
  19. From an article in the Mercury News newspaper - released yesterday at 6 p.m. Stanford president Marc Tessier-Lavigne promised a group of alumni on Tuesday that he would consider its proposal to save 11 sports from being eliminated at the end of the current school year. Jeremy Jacobs of the lobbying group 36 Sports Strong said alumni were encouraged after an hour-long meeting with school administrators and Stanford board of trustees members, including outgoing chairman Jeffrey Raikes. "We believe President Tessier-Lavigne and the board’s athletics subcommittee are trying to lead an earnest effort to review the decision,” Jacobs said. However, Jacobs, a former men’s volleyball player, also said the group told school officials it would continue its lobbying efforts: “We were very clear we’re not going to let up what we’re doing,” he said. A July community letter announcing the cuts led to a backlash in which some of the school’s prominent former athletes signed a petition calling for the reinstatement of the programs. So far, the group said it has more than 4,000 signatures. The group also said more than 1,500 emails have been sent to Stanford leaders expressing outrage and that 200 alums have joined a boycott to withhold donations. Citing budget shortfalls because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Stanford officials announced they would cut men’s and women’s fencing, field hockey, lightweight rowing, men’s rowing, co-ed and women’s sailing, squash, synchronized swimming, men’s volleyball and wrestling. A July 8 letter to the Stanford community said the athletic department faced a projected $25 million deficit in the fiscal year 2021. School officials said they forecast a shortfall of almost $70 million over the next three years. The “36” in the lobbying group’s name represents the number of sports Stanford has been fielding. The school has more than double the national average of sports programs. Some of the famous alumni supporting the group are Andrew Luck, Keri Walsh Jennings and Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J). Other prestigious athletics who have signed the petition are Jennifer Azzi (basketball), Tony Azevedo (water polo), Bob and Mike Bryan (tennis), Julie Foudy (soccer), Jessica Mendoza (softball), Mike Messina (baseball), Jordan Morris (soccer), Summer Sanders (swimming), Keri Strug (gymnastics) and professional golfer Michelle Wie, a Stanford graduate. Jacobs, who attended the video meeting Tuesday, said the group proposed a partnership centered on a way to self-endow the sports programs in exchange for immediately reinstating all of the teams. He said Tessier-Lavigne and the board members agreed to present the idea to the full board at an upcoming special meeting. Jacobs said six athletes represented alumni, including former star basketball player Adam Keefe and current Olympic fencer Alexander Massialas. Provost Persis Drell, vice president for development Jon Denney and athletic director Bernard Muir also participated in the meeting, he said. “As the president said last week, the purpose of the meeting was to ensure” the lobby group’s perspectives were heard,” a university spokesman said in an email. “To that end, he feels the group had a substantive and very informative exchange.” Jacobs said the alumni told administrators and board members that in the year since the start of the pandemic “the school is returning to normal operations with its endowment thriving.” Because of the change in the outlook “there are better options that should be considered.” Jacobs said the alumni group outlined how cutting the relatively low-cost 11 sports would not solve the athletic department’s financial troubles. Stanford does not make as much as many other Power Five schools based on attendance for football and men’s basketball. As a private university, its budgets are not publicly available.
  20. Today is the day that the supporters of Stanford wrestling will be meeting with the Stanford school President. Anxious to hear any updates or news on this.
  21. Clearly the University of Oregon has so much of Phil Knight's money that they can afford to build a wrestling facility and just let it just sit there. Must be nice to have all that money I guess. P.S. The University of Oregon is also the University which has a career record in football of 0-3 versus my alma mater (Boise State).
  22. Thanks for pointing that out here but A. You have to subscribe to the online SF Chronicle newspaper in order to actually read that and B. I am skeptical - at this point - that they will be able to save the wrestling program at Stanford (but I hope they prove me wrong).
  23. North Carolina's starter at 165 lbs this past season was Kenny Monday (a RS Senior in 2021). I have not heard if he plans to return for 2022. Monday went 8-7 this year and is ranked # 23 nationally at 165 lbs by WrestleStat. Monday did qualify for the NCAA tournament this year but went 1-2 at same. One of his two NCAA losses was in SV OT to Michigan's Cameron Amine. Also Shane Griffith beat Monday 9-4 during the 2020 wrestling season (on 11-16-2019) during the North Carolina vs Stanford dual match. Michigan's starter at 165 lbs this past season was Cameron Amine (a RS Freshman in 2021) who went 14-4 this year and is ranked # 14 nationally at 165 lbs by WrestleStat. Amine placed 7th at 165 lbs at the 2021 NCAA championships (winning by Forfeit over Anthony Valencia of Arizona State in the 7th place match) Penn State's starter at 165 lbs this past season was Joe Lee (a RS Freshman in 2021) who went 6-7 this year and is ranked # 34 nationally at 165 lbs by WrestleStat. Lee went 0-2 at the 2021 NCAA championships at 165 lbs.
  24. According to this article - dated April 6, 2021 - Griffith's top three transfer schools for grad school are North Carolina, Michigan and Penn State. https://www.northjersey.com/story/sports/college/wrestling/2021/04/06/keep-stanford-wrestling-inside-shane-griffiths-road-ncaa-title/7104712002/
  25. You're right.... yet he forfeited his last match to place 8th at the NCAA tournament this year.
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