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  1. If you paid it via a debit card (as you should) simply cancel the debit card. My bank (just recently) started charging $5 to do that but it's the easiest route to go if you used a debit card.
  2. Personally I would not be for adding any more than the current 10 weight classes. However I have said - FOR DECADES - that the NCAA wrestling weight classes SHOULD be changed to the following: 125 lbs 135 lbs 145 lbs 155 lbs 165 lbs 175 lbs 185 lbs 205 lbs 235 lbs 285 lbs
  3. Anyone who "thinks" (using that word VERY loosely here) that the alums and boosters of Stanford wrestling couldn't raise $12.4 million in a few months (July to January) simply isn't very bright. My only disbelief in this matter is that they didn't raise MORE than that.
  4. A. You are assuming Valencia is coming back for a 7th season at ASU. I don't see that happening B. "guaranteeing 141 to Chlebove"?????? According to who? I think the Chlebove experiment is done after his last place finish at the 2021 PAC 12 tournament. And anyone who would choose Chlebove over Woods is mentally deficient in the extreme. C. See A above and replace Valencia with Crooks (and Abas would beat Crooks - just as Abas did this year at the 2021 PAC 12 tournament)
  5. Good grief.............are you just too damn lazy to find out the answer to your own incredibly stupid questions on your own? He was a RS SOPHOMORE this season genius. And as has been REPEATEDLY mentioned this season does not count against one's eligibility. So he has THREE more seasons of eligibility IF he chooses to use all three of them.
  6. Team trophy???? How do you figure that? Arizona State is 43 team points behind Iowa at this point (Iowa 109 - Arizona State 67). Also Iowa has 3 guys in the finals - Arizona State has 1. I'm all for giving Arizona State (and Zeke) credit but the fact is they had their butts handed to them in the Quarter-Final round. Of the four ASU wrestlers who made it to the QF round three of them lost. The only one who did win was Courtney at 125 lbs and he was won in the OT tiebreaker. Valencia lost at 165 lbs (due to injury), Norfleet, a 3 Seed, lost 4-1 to a guy who was a 6 Seed, at 197 lbs, Schultz, a 4 Seed, at 285 lbs, also lost 4-1 to the # 5 Seed. Norfleet, in particular, did well below expectations. He entered as the # 3 Seed, didn't get injured (as far as I know) and was beaten twice by guys he absolutely should have defeated. Bottom line is he won't be an A.A. this season.
  7. He was trailing and made a miraculous move to avoid being taken down and turned it into a takedown of his own AND had his opponent on his back for what seemed like ten seconds. The ref gave him the 4 point near fall points. Then it was challenged and after more than 10 minutes they decided he should be robbed of his 4 near fall points. This was a travesty.
  8. My bad. I thought they needed two more. Good deal.
  9. https://www.ncaa.com/_flysystem/public-s3/files/D1 Brackets_after session 4.pdf
  10. Courtney, Teemer, Norfleet, Schultz, maybe McGee and Valencia (IF he can compete - which seems doubtful) - Courtney's guaranteed to be an AA at this point. Those are just the guys from Arizona State. Others for Stanford who MIGHT make AA could be Real Woods and Jaden Abas. As I understand it everyone who is in the 4th Round of the Consolation Bracket needs two more wins to be AA's. Right?
  11. That number has been whittled down to twelve PAC 12 wrestlers who are still "alive" at this point. Led by Arizona State with half that number (6). And three PAC 12 wrestlers are in the Semi-Finals of the Championship Bracket (Courtney at 125 lbs, Griffith at 165 lbs and - who'd a thunk it ? - Bernie Truax at 174 lbs) REMAINING PAC 12 WRESTLERS AT THE 2021 N.C.A.A. WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIPS ARIZONA STATE - 6 - Brandon Courtney at 125 lbs (In the Semi-finals), Michael McGee at 133 lbs (in the 4th Consolation Round), Jacori Teemer at 157 lbs (4th Cons. Round), Anthony Valencia at 165 lbs (4th Cons Round - IF he can compete), Kordell Norlfeet at 197 lbs (4th Cons. Round) and Cohlton Schultz at 285 lbs (4th Cons. Round CAL POLY - 1 - Bernie Truax at 174 lbs (In the Semi-finals) CAL STATE BAKERSFIELD - 1 - Chance Rich at 133 lbs (4th Cons. Round) LITTLE ROCK - 0 OREGON STATE - 0 STANFORD - 4 - Real Woods at 141 lbs (4th Cons. Round, Jaden Abas at 149 lbs (4th Cons. Round), Shane Griffith at 165 lbs (In the Semi-finals) and Nathan Traxler at 285 lbs (4th Cons. Round)
  12. But in order for that to happen Shane Griffith would have to beat the # 1 Seed .................and he did in overtime However Anthony Valencia suffered an injury to his knee which very clearly (and severely) diminished his ability. And he lost in the QF to the # 7 Seed.
  13. I thought Mekhi Lewis medically forfeited out of the tournament.
  14. Williams looked like he had only one gear and that gear was REVERSE He did absolutely nothing other than back up..................over and over and over again. Schultz looked like he had nothing but contempt for Williams.
  15. https://www.ncaa.com/_flysystem/public-s3/files/D1 Brackets_after Session 2.pdf
  16. Your comment that "Stanford is not budging" is true as far as it goes. However the truth of the matter is the Stanford admins simply don't give a damn. They set out to eliminate a bunch of Olympic sports for reasons only they know (can you say Academicians with an Anti-Sports agenda?). The Stanford wrestling supporters raised over 12 million to self-fund the men's wrestling program and the Stanford admins basically just shrugged their shoulders and said..........................SOOOOOOOOOOOOO???
  17. https://www.ncaa.com/_flysystem/public-s3/files/DI Brackets_after Session 1.pdf
  18. They are refusing to wear singlets (or anything) that has STANFORD printed on it.
  19. The fact that you would characterize what I wrote as "roasting" is simply absurd. Instead of offering uninvited and ridiculous "advice" to others why not concentrate on working on yourself.
  20. That certainly didn't age well: Brandon Courtney wins by MD (18-7) over Micah Roes
  21. Abas looked like crap out there this morning. I don't think I've ever seen a less energetic wrestler. His shots - what few he took - were half-hearted and totally ineffective.
  22. Woods over Willits may have been an upset on paper but it was no upset to me.
  23. Thanks for taking the time to do all of this. This will come in handy as I can see on TrackWrestling as to which matches are coming up on each mat and then watch the matches I'm most interested in - rather than be forced to watch whatever match is on the ESPN channel that's televising the event that day. VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.
  24. "broadcasting" refers to RADIO. Televising refers to television. Just an F.Y.I.
  25. Link to ESPN 3 below - already has the 2021 NCAA Wrestling for all mats listed on the ESPN3 site: https://www.espn.com/watch/catalog/3e99c57a-516c-385d-9c22-2e40aebc7129#bucketId=29466
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