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  1. BigTime,,,watch the match again. Arsen never was in it...Kenny was too big, too fast, too strong.
  2. McIlravy competed at a freestyle weight class lower than Burroughs and Dake, so yeah...that could happen. 11 lbs difference. Either one cuts to 151.8...Mac runs up the score because they are too dehydrated to tie their shoe-laces. Lou Banach was up and down-mostly up...but with strength to match or surpass Sadulaev. I'm not saying that Sweet Lou beats Sadulaev more than he beats him. I'm going to call these matches vs Snyder a horse apiece. Lou was heads and tails better than Snyder's domestic opponents ( read- pin every one of them), and was a smart wrestler, as he was typically out-weighed by 50 lbs by his more elite NCAA competition. He could hustle around guys who took a bad shot too. JV Turtle hahahha...that's gold!
  3. Yes, I am a geezer. Apologies! I shall dole out props to today's generation as below: We're just talking freestyle here, not folk. I have no doubt that in a single match it could happen. For this particular weight class, Jordan Burroughs is tremendous and could beat several of these codgers, as I think Dake would win some too under the PRESENT RULES. In the PAST you had to engage. You have to remember that Monday was a thrower/pinner. Kemp was a position meister. Schultz was brutal and brought us the lace leg turns. Speaking of lace legs turns,,,the rules have morphed to the least common denominator..those guys had to actually expose the opponent's back to get their 2 points, not just spin them on their butts. This action included self-bridging while forcing the opponent forward towards his head....not an easy maneuver. Burroughs would win his share in this tournament, but as I said earlier, NO ONE defeats the entire field. Which noob do you have that could go with Cael Sanderson in a best of 3? Jaden Cox? I doubt it- not offensive minded enough. David Taylor? Sure, but would he get 2 of 3? No one presently in the US would beat Nate Carr or Andy Rein or Lincoln McIlravy 2 of 3 at middle-weight that I can think of. I think Yianni would do well nationally with anyone from the old days in a single match, but we had World/Olympic medalists in Tom Brands, Leroy Smith, Randy Lewis and later Cary Kolat who plowed through international tournaments and placed high or won. Gable Steveson and Big Bruce would be spectacular....only because Gable chooses to score here and there. He has the talent to overwhelm anyone in the world. I think a Spencer Lee would take Gene Mills down at will...and would be smart enough not to get taken down under today's rules. Because when Gene gets on top... I'm glad for Gilman- he is one salty dog. Spencer/Gilman and Barry Davis would be a great match on their feet. Kyle Snyder vs Russ Hellickson/Lou Banach - you would have to favor Snyder, but Lou was a dangerous thrower.
  4. But fewer people are trying out per each nation, I would wager. We had 36 men trying out in for the 149.5 spot in 1980 we KNEW wasn't getting to go to Moscow anyway. And that was group of qualifiers from regionals held around the country. How many tried out for the 145.5 lb spot this past Olympics for the team? Just curious. I doubt the field was near that large.
  5. No. DQs were for "stalling" , which could and often was interpreted as taking one minor step back. Or not pressing forward. 4 or 5 warnings and you lost the match. They used to put flags up in a wood base with holes for the flag dowels. At least you could see where you were at with the ref. Black marks were tournament points against you...if you got 6 points you were out. 1 for winning a regular decision, 2 for a draw, 3 for losing a regular decision, 4 for losing by pin if I remember right. You could draw three opponents and go out without losing a match.
  6. It would definitely be a dog-fight,,, you put Monday, Kemp, Jordan Burroughs, Brandon Slay, Dave Schultz, Wayne Wells, Kyle Dake, Stan Dzeidzic, Doug Blubaugh and Bill Smith in a round robin tournament, and they all had been training for years with the same rules, it would be interesting. I don't think anyone in that group could emerge undefeated from the field.
  7. You may find this interesting....I just saw where Dan Gable wrestled 6 matches to win his 1972 Olympic Gold. John Smith wrestled 6 matches enroute to his Olympic Gold in 1988. John Peterson wrestled 6 matches enroute to his Gold in 1976. FOUR wrestlers were DQ'd in the first round in his bracket, three in the second round, one in the third round, and on in round 5. By the way, his closest match was a 7 point difference! NINE MINUTE MATCHES, with possibility of DQ hanging in there air per judgement of referee. I'd say it evens out. In 2012, Burroughs wrestled 4 matches for his Olympic Gold. In 2016, Snyder wrestled 4 matches for his Olympic Gold. David Taylor wrestled 4 matches enroute to Olympic Gold. I WILL admit that it is harder to make a national team these days IF you are caught between weight classes. I would bet that there are guys today that see ZERO path to the team based on size/strength difference, so they don't go for it.
  8. One last point....back in the day...( not John Smith's day but a little further back) we wrestled 9 freakin' minutes through 1980 Trials. Your garden variety take-down was only worth ONE point. Par-terre excellence was rewarded, but sometime post 1980 ish they limited the turns to only one per technique for a little while, and made the matches 6 minutes instead of 9. The scoring was always changing. And you could be DQ'd for not maintaining some kind of forward attack. A whole different world.
  9. Maybe I shouldn't argue it...but again...yesterday vs today has it's pros and cons. Your overall field is larger with 10 weights. How many MORE guys try out per weight class because they believe they have a shot??? The year after Olympics often has less of a turn-out to make the World Team.
  10. I'm not sure the 10 vs 7 weights is that much of a factor,,,mainly because the guys who go up in weight generally don't have the horsepower to take the top spot anyway. I think you probably get the same amount of entrants either way to try out for the national team. More of a factor is the break-up of the USSR. But those guys live poorer NOW than they used to, without Soviet money to support them and their program professionally. However....today's USA wrestlers are generally financially supported better than yesterday's wrestlers. Able to buy better food, better living conditions, etc. Did you see that cool house Dake lives in? :-) It may be a wash. What sucks is that we see FEWER great wrestlers at the Olympics.
  11. Burroughs seems to wrestle better hurt anyway.
  12. Kenny hit me with this amazing judo throw in the dual at Stillwater..a reverse O Soto Gari https://www.pinterest.com/pin/560627853588661251/?d=t&mt=login . Mat was slapped instantly. All I could say was " nice throw" as he lent a hand up. May have been the same throw you are referring to! I swear if my legs were any longer than their 29" in-seam, lights would have been knocked out on the ceiling of Gallagher Hall.
  13. Kenny Monday made 3 Olympic Teams, living on a shoestring budget! His worst showing is still better than Burrough's worst of 2 trips- see Rio. And he had the separated elbow in his second final. He also pushed Arsen Fadzaev ( one of the entire World's all time greats) back down to 149.5 after owning him in a World Championship final.
  14. John was pretty freakin' amazing! (Did you enjoy the video??) Huge guns for a VEGETARIAN!
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