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  1. KTG119- Dave Lee was a punisher, coached by Dave Schultz to bow and arrow the livin' beejeesus out of any poor sap in his way.
  2. I didn't include the entire state of Iowa above, as did 1032004 and Cement Mixer did ( nice group of wrestlers though). Including the small school state individual champions of Iowa from 1979, we also find: 2 time NCAA runnerup Greg Randall 3 time AA Jeff Kerber Big Ten Defensive Lineman of the Year Paul Hufford
  3. bump...where ARE YOU, Flap?
  4. What I'm saying is....you have one class ( AAA, Iowa State Championships, 1979) wherein you have 4 different NCAA champs eventually ( and 8 total championships between them).
  5. Here's some history for you... When was the last time you got 4 NCAA champions ( and 8 total championships) out of one class of high school state champions? 1979 Class AAA State Wrestling Championship Top 4 1. Cedar Rapids Prairie 2. Charles City 3. Dowling Catholic 4. Cedar Falls Individual Champions 98 - Lewis Massey, Lewis Central 105 - Joe Gibbons, Columbus Catholic 112 - Bob Hallman, Dowling Catholic 119 - Barry Davis, Cedar Rapids Prairie 126 - Tim Riley, Iowa City High 132 - Dave Morkel, Waterloo West 138 - Dan Waid, Crestwood 145 - Jim Zalesky, Cedar Rapids Prairie 155 - Kevin Wedeking, Charles City 167 - Jay Llewellyn, Cedar Falls 185 - Pete Bush, Assumption Hwt - John Kriebs, Wahlert
  6. I can tell you from first-hand experience that Lennie was as good as any. Cheap tilt artist. Double leg machine. He could bridge like a sonuvagun too- got headlocked first period of the Big Tens vs Jim Martinez (Greco-Roman Olympic Medalist) and didn't get stuck- came back to win the match. It seems he beat the champ both years he was in the finals (Andre Metzger) during the Iowa/Oklahoma duals, but didn't get the decision at NCAAs. Lennie was a great wrestler- was Champion of Champions at Midlands one year- defeating 4 time NCAA finalist Darryl Burley in semis and NCAA champ/World Silver Medalist LeeRoy Smith in the finals. From what I've seen, he's equally a great coach at Cal-Baptist.
  7. Apparently the match went 16-14 OT....I've heard nothing but greatness about it.
  8. If SDSU were re-located to Spearfish, recruiting would be easy peasy lemon squeezy.
  9. Actually, McDonalds recognized Kenny Monday in their peel-off sticker promotions for the Olympics, among other Olympians in '92.
  10. Both outstanding wrestlers. Kemp kept unbeatable position 99.9% of the time, but toned down his scoring at his leisure. Monday was a threat to pin from anywhere...but lost concentration once in a while during the collegiate season. Both had rivalries with Dave Schultz. They would have been a tremendous rivalry at their peaks- Monday didn't reach his til 88 - graduated in 1984. Kemp was World Champ in 78- mere months after he graduated.
  11. That's common knowledge, Tobus. But there was no such thing as Fargo- it was The Iowa City Jr Free/Greco Nationals, and it was the tournament of the year.
  12. Eau Contraire, TobusRex. Iowa City Jr Nationals was the $#@! back then- it's what Fargo became because the tournament out-grew the U of Iowa Old Fieldhouse. I drew a guy who was 2nd and 1st in the Ohio State Tournament- and he ended up not placing. Tough! (John McNulty- also a Pan Am Espoir bronze medalist). Rudy Isom beat Kenny one year in the finals-pin I think, maybe Bill Moss (Florida) did in the other. Its possible that Kenny only won it once. Not sure who Kenny wrestled his soph year final, but I'm pretty sure he was a four time finalist at Iowa City. By the way, we didn't have this "Cadet" classification thing going, either. So those of us who were young in class still got to scrap with the older guys- lucky us! It was all Juniors-top of age group was just graduated. For the record, Oklahoma always had large contingents at the big tournaments. You had to make your State team back then to qualify.
  13. Kenny shot out of the blocks famous. He won Iowa City ( now Fargo) as a high school freshman, defeating one of the Whelan boys from Missouri in the finals. I think he didn't win it again until possibly his senior year in high school, with two seconds wedged in between? Also, I wrestled him twice and didn't score an offensive point- teched in freestyle and pinned in collegiate. Kenny ( not by virtue over this hack) was one of the best this country has ever had. Cat quick, dangerous thrower, smooth technician, and dialed in. Nate Carr rained on his parade some, but then again, the Skate was pretty special too.
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