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  1. Lou Banach was also pinned by Mitch Shelton of Okie State that year in the dual, before eking out a 3-1 win at the NCAAs enroute to his second title.
  2. Going back in time... Dave Osenbaugh of Iowa State pins Lou Banach in the dual in Jan of 1981. Banach pinned Osenbaugh in 1:22 a month later to get even.
  3. Not judging her, more like chastising USA Wrestling for running the article in a way that has a political bent. I guess anything to stir up interest? Thanks for comments. You boys are like a family to me. ( I miss KMF)
  4. Hey LJB,,,,its politics- sort of like proselytizing. You bring up Jesus on this board and you get crucified for it....but USA Wrestling can push the "agenda", or pander to a few, and anyone who thinks it's out of line is a bigot, jerk, pig, whatever. Think about it. You want it both ways. And I personally give zero F's what you think of me. Let the genie fly.
  5. Comparing this to Jordan Burrough's lifestyle is not apples to oranges, not matter how you slice it, even though these choices are being "legitimized" by the msm on an hourly basis. Not blind. Just a sad indictment on our world.
  6. To be fair, the middleweights are usually much, much more competitive and technically sound than the heavies, especially back then. Just my humble opinion. Yet, there's a reason that Yarygin has one of the greatest tournaments in the world named after him- AMAZING.
  7. Not real big on Jenna's sex life or her taking on a life partner. Not sure why it is relevant to anything wrestling. Reminds me of when SI decided to make a big deal out of a high school QB coming out of the closet. I'm fairly certain I'll be put into TheMat jail for this. Why not do some actual reporting on the techniques someone actually uses against international competition? Is the Mat that hard up for content?
  8. Wayne Wells pins 4 in the Olympics. No one talks about this...too soon? Gable pinned 3. Ben Peterson pinned 3. Just sayin'
  9. LOL...Our matches were higher scoring than today also, because if you didn't keep pushing forward, the stalling flags came out. Also, they "let" us stay in par terre for 15 seconds- sore rib city!
  10. If, and I mean IF he: a. Bodily could hold up b. If he wanted to badly enough- his style was bad for everyone including Tom Brands, but you gotta have the fire in your belly. I will say that the young lions at 136.5 are so quick, and I don't know how his weight pull was in 1992, let alone how difficult it would have been in 1996. Also, that's a lonnnnnggg time to keep training hard enough to "stay low".
  11. Too bad for Leipold about the nandrolone in his bloodstream....his style was not a good match for Slay as it was. Poor decision on his part. Last I read, he was in denial of the doping. Not many guys make their country's Olympic team FOUR TIMES.
  12. Some oldies but goodies: Brent Metcalf vs Tom Brands - battle of the hard charging rhinos Mark Churella vs Ben Askren - talk about funkytown Darryl Burley vs Darrion Caldwell- slick throw-masters Curly Culp vs Stephen Neal - couple a monsters Kendall Cross vs Ricky Dellagatta or Randy Lewis @ 126 - a bunch a wild hairs Andre Metzger vs Zain Lee Kemp vs Kyle Dake/Jordan Burroughs Jimmy Haines/Joe Gonzales vs Stephen Abas
  13. Bob Fehrs of Michigan was a three time finalist as well as a three time Big Ten champion. His losses were to the same man from Lehigh- Mike Caruso. https://henryehooper.blog/witness-post-mike-caruso/
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