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    His Big Ten brackets were brutal. Kellen Russel, Michael Thorn, Jimmy Kennedy, Andrew Alton, Reece Humphrey to name a few. I recall several matches that could have went either way, depending upon the ref's judgement calls.
  2. BadgerMon

    Best NCAA Championship Match of All-Time

    Mills/Gonzales was incredible in person.
  3. BadgerMon

    Worst NCAA Championship Match of All-Time

    Kinseth was going to get the OW no matter what anyone else did that weekend. 9 pins in a row to end the season!
  4. BadgerMon

    Worst NCAA Championship Match of All-Time

    Hicks - Trizzino in '79 was a snooze-fest, as was the subsequent DQ of Bud Palmer 45 minutes later vs Mark Lieberman. Enjoy this! https://www.si.com/vault/1979/03/05/823414/the-kids-all-heart-lehighs-mark-lieberman-is-not-the-most-talented-of-college-wrestlers-but-hes-the-guttiest--and-the-best
  5. BadgerMon

    Best NCAA Championship Match of All-Time

    If Banach would have hit that last throw attempt, he would have won the match. That being said, it had to have been the dumbest match I've ever seen Banach wrestle, and the smartest and toughest match I had seen Schultz perform on an equal opponent. Which is why it ended up being a major decision- Schultz.
  6. BadgerMon

    Best NCAA Championship Match of All-Time

    Nay. Foster made a grievous error and landed on his back. Ala Tyler Graff.
  7. BadgerMon

    Macey Kilty

    What happened?
  8. BadgerMon

    Most underrated team in NCAA 2019-2020

    Missouri is always underrated. I think that Rutgers is the next hot item- Joisey boys will be beating a path to Piscataway.
  9. Also the talent pool is much more crowded in the lower/middle weights. Lots of layups in the heavies. Diverse technical development not needed as much to win.
  10. BadgerMon

    Will John Smith win another title at tOSU?

    A little unfair to name Brock, as he blew out his knee early in his career, right after a huge pin-win over Cody Brewer. Fix may go 2, 1,1,1 for all we know.
  11. BadgerMon

    Fix should have been on the backside

    DEFINITELY PINNED and Erneste jobbed.
  12. BadgerMon

    Fix should have been on the backside

    Hands in the face has always been a violation, just very few refs had the guts to call it.
  13. BadgerMon

    Coaching ?

    KISS is the name of the game when it comes to high school coaching
  14. BadgerMon

    Worst practice partners

    They didn't come much meaner than Andy Rein. He loved that face-lock he learned from Schultz, could throw from anywhere, & his bow n arrows were spine-bending.
  15. BadgerMon

    Top NCAA DI Wrestlers of the 2010s

    That's well -known. My point is that he clearly didn't NEED to red-shirt before taking a title ( or two)
  16. BadgerMon

    Top NCAA DI Wrestlers of the 2010s

    I'd give a leg up with Pat Smith over Stieber, considering he was the one to break ground, and he was a year younger than Logan when he did it, without the red-shirt year.
  17. BadgerMon

    Hawk Talk with Mudflap Lineup Brakedown

    Highly doubt that DeSanto drops to 125. He's pretty competitive right where he is.
  18. BadgerMon

    Career Senior Freestyle Records

    Had mine at one time...but being the Kenny Jay of Freestyle/Greco Wrestling in America, not many would give a rat's behind
  19. BadgerMon

    LeRoy Smith and Randy Lewis Controversy

    When us old fogies were growing up, we were supposed to respect the ref's decision and move on- right or wrong. USA Wrestling opened the door with the protest committee. True- FILA had already allowed the backroom refereeing- see Calgary World Championships-but by continuing this practice in our own tournaments has resulted in the styrofoam blocks/stuffed animal protests we see stopping action in almost every international style bout ( and now in the NCAA sanctioned matches). I guess the stakes are so high these days and dollar driven that its the unfortunate way that amateur athletics has gone.
  20. BadgerMon

    LeRoy Smith and Randy Lewis Controversy

    It was 8-7 Lewis. I re-scored that match on video at least half a dozen times at the time - I was also competing senior freestyle in 1984, so was aware of the current rules. At "most", it was 8-8, Lewis by criteria. That was a fearsome foursome, to be sure. Smith was the rock-solid, technically sound athlete, Lewis was the guy with incredible kinesthetic awareness ( see Loudin Swain), Dellagatta the funk-master, and Burley was a super-smooth wunder-kind. This book ( you can find a less expensive one in paperback or on EBay) shares the personal takes from the combatants https://www.amazon.com/Wrestlers-At-Trials-wrestling-1960-1988/dp/0979905109 . Well worth the read. By the way, had this match been scored with today's rules...it may have been scored 12-10 SMITH ( take-downs only worth 1 back in the day), unless Lewis was awarded a third NF 2 pointer near the out of bounds flurry, but Smith hadn't bellied out the time..
  21. BadgerMon

    Hutmacher to Nebraska

    Fair to Nash- he was a sophomore when he wrestled Cassioppi, who was a senior. No one touched Nash this past season. Not sure if anyone made it to the second period. And a slam IS a slam, and therefore an illegal move. Can't take that into conversation. Totally agree that Cass owned him though. Gable is pretty special, no doubt.
  22. BadgerMon

    Hutmacher to Nebraska

    Don't know about Steveson or Kerkveleit, but he had two matches with Cassioppi. One close loss and won loss by pin if I recall correctly.
  23. BadgerMon

    Hutmacher to Nebraska

    I've got news for you....doubtful Nash needs much of a strength coach. He and his Dad are big time power lifters. He needs to be used properly, however. They'll probably stick him on the O Line but he would make a fantastic Nose Tackle.
  24. BadgerMon

    Iowa Hawkeyes - Director of Operations

    I would venture to guess that the Stickley lady is well qualified and quite familiar with high level wrestling. Why make assumptions?