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  1. College Only Mt Rushmore: Kyle Dake- as a former middleweight, mind-blowing to go up a weight each year and win, win, win Sanderson- So dominant and rarely a close match, though I still count his loss to Jenn as a loss, officially Gable- He set the bar- a total pin-meister Kemp- Hosed out of 4 for 4, no redshirt Freestyle John Smith- most incredible- changed the way wrestling is done Jordan Burroughs- crazy good Bruce Baumgartner-most medals Dave Schultz- 7 medals Greco Dennis Hall Jeff Blatnick Rulon Gardner Dremiel Byers
  2. Teddy established the NPS...AND he was a wrestling junkie. Gotta keep him.
  3. ADD Andy Rein 1 x Champ, Olympic Silver, Tblisi Champ, 3 X AA Jimmy Haines 1 x Champ, World Silver/Olympic Trials champ in 80 Jack Reinwand 1 X Champ, World Bronze Rick Lawinger 1 X Champ, 1X runnerup Pat Christensen 1X Champ Matt Hanutke 4 X AA Eric Jetton Runnerup -3X AA Ron Parr and Bob Konovsky (Runnerup) 3 X AAs Mark Schmitz 1 X Runnerup-2X AA, wins over A Metzger, K Jackson, R Alger, M Kistler, K Monday (freestyle)and N Carr Craig Henning 1 X Runnerup screwed out of NCAA title versus Paulson, 2 X AA note: John Peterson wasn't a good wrestler til he began freestyle with Ben and Gable
  4. Good Catch. And Trizzino Brothers. Steve Marianetti.
  5. Easy answer- Jumpin' Jim Lord of Iowa State. Or me. :-D
  6. You do that, and no one will show up for the trials. Becomes a pet-first tournament. I hope that you aren't a coach of any team - because this sort of thinking destroys morale.
  7. That 80 Olympic Freestyle Team was one that had defeated the USSR in at least one team dual. Bobby Weaver 1980 (Moscow, Soviet Union) FS 105.5 lbs. DNC Gene Mills 1980 (Moscow, Soviet Union) FS 114.5 lbs. DNC John Azevedo 1980 (Moscow, Soviet Union) FS 125.5 lbs. DNC Randy Lewis 1980 (Moscow, Soviet Union) FS 136.5 lbs. DNC Chuck Yagla 1980 (Moscow, Soviet Union) FS 149.5 lbs. DNC Leroy Kemp 1980 (Moscow, Soviet Union) FS 163 lbs. DNC Chris Campbell 1980 (Moscow, Soviet Union) FS 180.5 lbs. DNC Ben Peterson 1980 (Moscow, Soviet Union) FS 198 lbs. DNC Russ Hellickson 1980 (Moscow, Soviet Union) FS 220 lbs. DNC Greg Wojciechowski 1980 (Moscow, Soviet Union) FS HWT The Greco team was still getting its feet wet.
  8. What...my list on page 3 wasn't good enough for you? :-P Good list, but you did omit a D-1 NCAA runner-up in Justin Hardy.
  9. 1960s World's Most Outstanding Wrestler, Olympic Gold, NCAA Champ Doug Blubaugh doesn't even make the list? Dang... LeRoy Smith- NCAA Champ and World Silver, several time World Team member. Mark Branch?? 2 x NC 2 X NC Runner-up....
  10. South Dakota: Lincoln McIlravy 3 X First, 1 X Runner-up, Olympic Bronze, World Silver and World Bronze Randy Lewis 2 X First, 1 X Runner-up, 1 X 7th with a dislocated elbow, 2 time Olympian with Gold in 1984. Bill Scherr 1 X First, Olympian Bronze, World Gold, 2 World Silvers, 2 World Bronze Jim Scherr 1 X First, Olympian, 2 World Silvers and 1 World Bronze Brock Lesnar 1 X First, WWE Heel Justin Hardy- 1 x Runner-up Logan Storley- 4 X AA tie with Robert Kokesh 3 X AA Les Sigman -4X D-2 Champion, World Team member, Midlands Champion, Dennis Koslowski- 2X Olympic medalist Duane Koslowski - 1 X Olympian
  11. That's a crappy thing to say. He AA'd the next year also ( not sure about injuries). He beat a decent field to win as a TRUE FRESHMAN, probably not a 21 year old freshman to boot. Andy Rein was NQ, 2nd, 6th with a bad wing and 1st/undefeated. Also screwed out of Olympic Gold, and a Tblisi Champion. LeeRoy Smith was champ and also World Silver, making several World teams. Jim Heffernan, in my opinion should have been a 2 time champ since the refs wouldn't call stalling on Krieger. But he was 4th as a true freshman in a super weight class( Carr, Monday and Frizzell), then 2nd, 1st and 2nd. Joe Gonzales and John Azevedo were Olympians and about 100-1 each for their last two seasons.
  12. No use crying over spilled virus.....who's looking salty with a returning crew next year, assuming there is no extra season of eligibility doled out?
  13. I'm still hoping to go. I doubt they refund the premium, regardless.
  14. I imagine so, but I don't know....its for a trip later this month (gotcha)...but it routs through Atlanta- busiest airport in the world. I'm kind of geeked.
  15. I guess the definition of stalling is the deliberate non-attempt to score, so you are literally right about that.
  16. Disagree with the one knee stalling argument. Circle and shove him over. Head snap, arm drag, whatever. Lots of opportunities there.
  17. I used to think that Martin had Nickal stuck off the whistle...but now looking at it...not.
  18. Thanks Mike- and really appreciate your journalism! No reason to turn this into a wang-measuring match..but also recall that Lee Kemp had not yet turned 19 at the time of the match, had taken up wrestling in the 9th grade ( very late by most accounts), and already had previous wins over NCAA champ Yagla and NCAA bronze Paul Martin. Lee didn't brag about it because he is a class act. As far as World Camp is concerned- are you really trying to beat the hell out of your coach?
  19. Fact- Kemp wins in GO TIME. That is all.
  20. KTG119- Dave Lee was a punisher, coached by Dave Schultz to bow and arrow the livin' beejeesus out of any poor sap in his way.
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