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  1. How can I forget....I was 0-3 vs Mallory, two of them being beat-downs. ( all freestyle) :-P
  2. Not near as bad a draw as Andy Daniels ( unseeded) pinning soon to be Olympian and top seed John Azevedo. Or Mark DiGirolamo (unseeded) winning it in 1976 over 3rd sees Johnnie Jones by MAJOR. Pat Neu and Dennis Brighton were both US and met in the finals in 1977!
  3. Think maybe it was Kaid Brock who pinned Brewer. Then promptly blew his knee out. :-(
  4. Their poor little bodies become SPONGES
  5. I saw Metzger run up a 63-0 freestyle score on a guy at the USWF Senior Nationals in Madison WI in 1979. Gave a new meaning to the term " every which way but loose"
  6. Metzger took home a few World medals himself. He also lost in the duals to Iowa's Lennie Zalesky both years they met in the finals,,, to the best of my recollection. Interesting note...Gibbons got blasted by Johnnie Selmon of Nebraska in the Big 8 semis about 20 -3 a couple of weeks earlier and took 3rd. https://www.trackwrestling.com/PortalPost.jsp?postId=949605135 https://oklahoman.com/article/1976803/iowa-remains-in-control-williams-beats-banach-ricky-stewart-upset https://news.theopenmat.com/college-wrestling-news/case-missing-american/58173
  7. https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/dispatch/obituary.aspx?n=mark-zimmer&pid=197788115&fhid=8690 Full Obit.
  8. We lost a good one. A giant of a man and faithful friend has passed as of yesterday morning. Mark fought ALS tooth and nail for about 3 years, and is now free of his earthly bonds. https://www.stallionpride.com/mark-zimmer Mark was a Stallion, Badger and Sooner in that order, and loved by many. First four time state champion from Ohio, and two time AA. So much more than a wrestler- a husband, father and coach of many. If you knew Mark, you are a lucky person. Looking forward to seeing him again, someday in Paradise. Steve Ensor
  9. He's obviously an excellent coach/recruiter and shaper of young men. That being said, he has the added bonus of having Ben/Max Askren selling some of the best Wisconsin high school wrestlers on his program.
  10. Smith was already assured of a spot in the title match before he wrestled that match. Could have something to do with it.
  11. Is NJ wrestling telling us that the Sooners have landed more AA's than Okie State? Or is NJ just mixing both teams in saying OKLAHOMA? Is this Bizzaro World?
  12. I'm rather ashamed of myself not immediately recalling the Mills-Gonzales match....enjoy! Sneaky Mills and his front headlock arm drag counter...while he made Gonzales tired early by countering his leg attacks and riding. Gonzales was about 50-0 going into the match, with an All Star victory over Mills previously. For you young whippersnappers who don't know Gene Mills: GENE MILLS, Syracuse ’81 can uniquely share his lifetime record since Day 1 as “1356-46-1 with 886 falls,” thereby earning his nickname of “Mean Gene, The Pinning Machine.” His camps and email address are labeled Pin2Win. Gene was NJ State and HS National champion, Syracuse’s first 4-time wrestling All American and second 2-time NCAA Champion (also 3,4), voted OW in ’81. He ranks Top 2 in career college falls, won three World Cups and was voted OW as World Super Champion and Tbilisi, then Athlete-of-the-Year by the US Olympic Committee, all in the 1980 boycott year. He’s in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. As one of the sport’s most exciting ever, the OW awards were no accident. In 10 bouts to win NCAAs, Mills had seven falls and won, 17-2; 16-13; 28-4. His 1979 finals win came vs. Joe Gonzalez, the 1980 champion who won five National Opens and was a 3-time World Top 5. The win avenged a 9-8 loss to Gonzalez in the ’79 All-Star Classic. Gene’s last EIWA championship came by fall over Lehigh’s Bobby Weaver in the only known collegiate battle between Olympic teammates. After assisting mentor, Ed Carlin, as coach for many years, Mills resides in nearby Liverpool, NY, where he runs the Pin2Win Club and camps.
  13. Those two freshman would have been an excellent match. I'd take Mocco by a footsweep.
  14. Mike Mann had defeated Banach at least twice previous to the NCAA tournament- and deserved the 1st seed. The dual meet win by Mann vs Banach is one of the great matches in NCAA history, in my opinion.
  15. Wisconsin is also doing the masks. The masks are considered to be part of the uniform. Also, no hand shaking before or after match. But touch each other constantly during the match. LOL Wonder how many matches I'll whistle-stop because the mask slides down to a wrestler's throat while he is getting pinned? To add to that misery, the refs also wear the masks. Refs also to raise color of the winning wrestler, no lifting of arms. If you think I'm being lassizfaire about Covid, I'm not. Wife and I had it, and it was brutal. But I see the masks ( for the wrestlers at least) as a problem.
  16. Us refs in Wisconsin are urged to buy the electronic whistle. Need to open the Amazon box and give it a tweet.
  17. Gelogaev was pretty good on his feet.
  18. Wondering if MMA has been the financially awarding thing that Pico thought it would be?
  19. Sadly, another great Wisconsin kid boogies out of state.
  20. Schultz was already world champ
  21. We also brought in John Hurlock at heavyweight, who had wrestled for U of Colorado til they dropped their program. He had pinned Big Ten champ and #3 seed John Bowlsby first round of the NCAAs in '79 before becoming a Badger.
  22. Howe did a great job considering his Achilles injury. He did reach 4 NCAA semis. Not sure what happened in the Jarrod King final. Perry was a beast, also. No shame there- that guy could bring it- brutal rider. But yeah, I wanted him to win a few too.
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