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  1. More time to recover from nagging injuries ( or get sidelined by one). Either way it would be great to have time to prepare for your opponents with video, practice etc. Swimming/gymnastics - you only need to work on your routine.
  2. I see your point as well. Many proclaim Uetake as the greatest collegiate wrestler of all time, based on his dominance and lack of scoring by his opponents, plus ease of victory. Since styles DO matter, it's hard to pick any one wrestler as the GREATEST. What Sanderson did is in a class by itself, but his SOS weakens the overall power rating. I believe that Dake's cadre of opponents were a league ahead of Sanderson's, save for Damion Hahn. Just my opinion.
  3. No tech falls then. Yes, Sheets was a feared machine- tough with the boots in.
  4. Sheets had 52 bonus wins as a jr/sr. 13 falls in that time. Monday had 53 bonus wins as a jr/sr. 45 pins in that time.
  5. The basis of this line of thought is- moving up in weight is always a precarious thing. Moving up 3 times is unheard of. There have been four timers before, and there have been unbeatens before. Gable's period of unbeaten-ness, for example, stretched through almost 7 years of folkstyle matches. So actually Gable's feat is as monstrous as any. But, I digress. What Kyle Dake did is incredible, and to do it as a middleweight-by far the most competitive range of population distribution- is just nuts. Big nuts, to say the least.
  6. Or....he fell on his sword to give his (idiot) wrestlers a chance at a good life instead of the felony albatross about their necks.
  7. Rocky Jordan may yet knock on the door...interesting thread though.
  8. At this rate (Covid mutant strain), there ain't gonna be any Olympics in Japan this year. Wonder if they would consider splitting up venues to countries least affected?
  9. It's been documented that Widerman got jobbed on the full nelson, because Weaver had the boots in and applied pressure over the top. Thoughts?
  10. Actually Dake took a loss somewhere his jr year to a guy from Binghampton? But...and others are in agreement with me who competed at the very highest of collegiate and world levels...that what Dake did is a much greater accomplishment.
  11. He couldn't have picked a cooler climate
  12. Lewis also got screwed out of at least a World Silver up in Edmonton WCs....He defeated World Champ Shterev from Bulgaria in the semis, fair and square, and they didn't bother to count his last tilt to boot. Then the bloc went in a back room and gave the match to Shterev, who then lost to Sergei Belaglazov in the final. Lewis, dejected, lost to Hungarian Orban in bronze match. Shterev was funky good, as were Belaglazov and Lewis. Haven't seen any Orban tape.
  13. Grey Simons...yup a beast for sure.
  14. Possibly the 1978 WC won by Tomiyama. I know that Ouinbold was a beast and defeated Randy in one of those tournaments.
  15. One iota of info that is difficult to find on the web, is that Lewis won the Jr World Freestyle in 1977, just a few of months after he graduated from high school. The man he beat for the gold was Tomiyama from Japan, who happened to win the MEN'S World Freestyle championship in 1978, another WC in 1979, and Olympic Gold ( over Barry Davis) in 1984..
  16. Nice work, Rollie! Forgot about WISAA
  17. Seriously? Two time defending D 1 NCAA champ leaving to go to an NAIA school and still wrestle? Your metrics are.....interesting
  18. Possibly something to do with an ungulate heist at the zoo?
  19. Golly how could I have forgotten Nash so soon? Oh yeah...maybe because he went to Nebraska instead of coming here. Nash won his titles in the larger school division. Gotta say his competition at heavyweight was a shade less than whom the others regularly scrapped with.
  20. Chuck Jean- 2 X NCAA champ from Iowa State to Adams State (NAIA). First 4 time Collegiate Champion!
  21. Randy would probably tell you that it's Lincoln. Also, Randy was NOT undefeated in HS...he dropped two close decisions as an 89 lber wrestling in the 98 lb division as a freshman. A true freshman at that LOL. Kirk Wallman went 201-0-0 from 7th grade on, however, and was first to win 6 titles. Wallman, Storley and McIlravy were from the small school division. McIlravy and Storley also took losses- Storley took one as a junior- pin loss to Preston Lehmann from ND, as he was on the precipice of teching Lehmann. McIlravy as a 7th grader...not sure if he lost one as an 8th grader.
  22. Wisconsin went from 1 to 3 in about 1980. Before that....No one in the state had achieved it. Mike Medchill was closest with 3. We've now had at least 3 who have achieved 4 undefeated seasons since,,,,Jake Donar, Matt Hanutke and Kevin Black. I'm sure others here could offer some info.
  23. You know...at first I thought...well, he didn't make weight on time...he's out. After I look at this more reasonably...he gains Zero Advantage by weighing in later than earlier. In fact, he gets a little more sleep if nothing else. 8 am is a bit ridiculous for a weigh in time for a tournament of this magnitude. That means you are up by or before 6 am ( not usual for most young people, likely), to get weight cut by 8 am. One may end up dehydrating all night, not sleeping well, etc. Of course, what I don't know is what time OLYMPIC WRESTLING Weigh ins are likely to start..
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