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  1. I'll make a pitch for Kyle Dake.

    Takes a strong mind to keep growing out of your weight class and dominate ( when the normal route is to stick with it at least two years in a row), then go up an Olympic weight and almost make the team. A super strong physical-ness too.

    Yeah, I'll go with Dake.

  2. On 3/21/2021 at 9:04 AM, jchapman said:

    I will use my alma mater as an example.  Barnett took 10th at B1G and then AA’d.  Hilger took 7th at B1G and AA’d, beating the 4X Mac champ.  Now think about others in the B10 who just missed out on qualifying so the Lehigh could send all ten to NCAAs.  The B1G is so much tougher than any other conference, they will be criminally under allocated (and under seeded) every year.

    Glad to hear you are one of us! What year did you graduate?


  3. On 5/16/2013 at 10:22 AM, superold said:


    Ray Robinson, in my opinion, is on the VERY short list of greatest athletes ever. I know many (most) sports have objectively improved over time, but boxing isn't one of them. It's agreed upon by most boxing experts that boxing technique has declined over the years, not improved. If you're young, it's hard to realize how popular boxing truly was back in the day. You had way more competition and way better athletes back then. Certain training techniques have improved, but imo, not to the point where it would make a huge difference. Many of the training methods Mayweather and the modern generation do now was done back in the 50s/60s and even earlier.

    Pretty sure that FM would have avoided SRR until he was well past his prime, and then insisted on SRR to cut more weight than he would be effective.

  4. 4 hours ago, buckshot1969 said:

    Hidlay stalled on the edge the whole match then decided to wrestle with 20 seconds left. 

    I'm not saying he wasn't guilty. What I'm saying is that Brooks dove for the OOB twice in the same sequence while Hidlay had his ankle and after Hidlay drug him back in. Blatant disregard of the avoiding wrestling definition by the ref.

    What the refs didn't call prior ( during which I may have been distracted b.s.ing with my buddy) is another subject,,,,but yeah, if he worked the edge and avoided contact then he should have been dinged.  

    p.s. I'm still ticked at Zach Rey for his stall-a-thon in the finals. More ticked at the refs...but the rules didn't address playing the edge at the time.

  5. On 3/22/2021 at 5:10 PM, patmilkovich said:

    BMon,  In the body of my response, being on your stomach is one of the prime reasons one gets "ridden,"  or turned.  Why is he on his stomach to begin with? There are a multitude of methods to prevent that. Virtually everything in wrestling has a stimulus/response mechanism involved, called "setups." There are setups to takedowns, setups for riding, mat returns, breakdowns, pinning, escaping, and reversals, etc. Once a wrestler understands those processes, it rarely matters whether he is on top, bottom, or neutral.  The S/R methods all share commonalities between humans and they are predictable. Trying to adequately explain, verbally, the techniques of riding is extremely challenging. Top and bottom wrestling are the most difficult aspects of wrestling to learn and to teach. It's becoming a lost art and I understand why so many coaches and wrestlers like freestyle. It’s way easier. Consequently, it's why I love folkstyle, a wrestler can't be good in just one facet, he has to exhibit comprehension and competency in all three facets. 

    On bottom, one of the important techniques is to keep your hands/wrists free.  Watch the NCAA's and notice how many wrestlers break down to an elbow while on bottom.  Big NO, NO. Wrists are begging to be controlled.  Stay off your elbows, keep your hands/wrists free,  stay off your belly, and you've just gotten light years better from bottom.

    Riding or controlling the bottom man doesn't mean you grow roots on his ankle or stay stuck in one position. The true art of top wrestling is learning to change off, switch sides, and work the bottom man from head to ankles, while making him carry your weight, keeping him out of balance, and creating pressures and torques to make him use more of his strength and energy to neutralize or counteract all the forces. You and others may call it stalling, but it isn't.  It has a cumulative effect on the bottom man's stamina and psyche.  He's not scoring points, times ticking down, he's frustrated, fighting hard wasting energy and getting tired, top guy is gaining a point, and you're in his head because he knows he can't get out unless you let him out. If/when he does get out, his reactions may be slower because he wasted so much energy on bottom...and your'e still in his head with riding time. Many times in close matches with quality kids, the determining factor its RT. That's why RT is an asset to the sport.  No one should be given a free out or up, just because he can't do it himself. If he doesn't like being on bottom, learn to get out and you are now in your desired "neutral." If someone can dominate you on top, he deserves some reward.  Appropriately, that is riding time, control time, you suck on bottom time... call it whatever, but the top guy should not be penalized and taken out of a position of dominance/control and put on his feet just because the bottom man is inept. That's actually a form of "income inequality." There are plenty of lousy bottom wrestlers who can't get out but are difficult to turn because they've spent so much time there. So RT is his penalty and top's reward.  

    Pat, I wouldn't call your definition of riding as stalling.  I agree with you.

    I have no problem with riding time and don't have any agenda to get rid of it.  

    By the way...good to see MSU get back into the thick of things!

  6. 1 minute ago, ShakaAloha said:

    So you're saying Ben would have a hard time as a head coach having to answer to an AD?

    I don't know the man...but he HAS been running his own show pretty much since he graduated.

    And Alvarez is quite the authoritarian.

  7. 1 minute ago, ShakaAloha said:

    Maybe they should have hired Askren to coach the Wisconsin Badgers college team instead of the RTC.  I bet he would have gotten O'Toole, both Moccos, and Keckstein.  And maybe Buchanan too. 

    Could be, could be. 

    Do you think he would work well with a boss above him?  Legit question.

  8. 1 hour ago, patmilkovich said:

    I have to respectfully disagree with the comments that it is somehow the top man's stalling that's keeping the bottom man down or makes wrestling boring. At what point does it become the bottom man's responsibility to control that position. I was taught that being on bottom was my opportunity to score points and to limit the top man's accumulation of riding time control and either get me to neutral or reverse him. I also learned that, just like on the feet for TD's, there are things I can do on bottom to create setups and counters that allow me to escape or reverse in a short amount of time, regardless of the top guy's tactics. It doesn't matter if the top man catches/rides ankles, puts in legs, spirals, or whatever.  My first responsibility is prevention (i.e., movement or standup on the whistle and establishing hand control) and then it's countering.  When you are lousy on bottom, it makes the top man's job much easier. Just like when you are lousy on top. It makes the bottom man's job much easier to get out.  When you get broken down to your stomach, break down to your elbows, let your wrists/ankles get tied up, don't control his hands/wrists, don't create movement/get to your feet, get hip separation, or let a guy get legs in...that's your fault or your coach's fault...yours for either not having learned/drilled the techniques necessary for success or your coach's for not having taught you those techniques needed to succeed.  I just find it utterly amazing that instead of learning all the different methods that would help one on bottom, then the discussion turns to eliminating those positions or requirements. You want more action in the top/bottom positions? Award 1 pt or every 30 seconds of RT.  That would force both wrestlers to be incredibly more active. As some of you folks ponder criticizing/reacting to my opinion/perspective, be careful that you don't walk into a setup. 

    A lot of first moves from underneath seem to be "head down, butt- up". Not sure who's teaching that...but it's a great way to have to work up from your stomach with some hammer pounding on you  than get to peel hands and work free from standing.

  9. 3 hours ago, MSU158 said:

    Altering it?  Do I have to show you the overall stats?  I said year in and year out which means OVER THAT ENTIRE TIME SPAN.  NO TEAM has been close to their average performance over the Sanderson at PSU time span and it is NOT close.

    From 2010 to present: PSU, Iowa and Cornell are the ONLY teams to finish in the top 10 EVERY year(I am confident Cornell would have if Ivies were allowed this year).  Iowa is the ONLY team to finish in the TOP 5 EVERY season.

    PSU-9,1,1,1,1,6,1,1,1,1,Covid,2  Average 25/11=  2.272 place

    Iowa-1,3,3,4,4,2,5,4,3,4,Covid,1  Average 34/11= 3.09 place

    OkState-6,4,6,2,3,7,2,3,13,3, Covid,3  Average 52/11=4.727 place

    Cornell-2,2,4,5,7,5,7,8,7,7,Covid,DNP  Average 54/10=5.4 place

    tOSU-8,29,5,6,6,1,3,2,2,2,Covid,9  Average=73/11=6.636 place

    Minn-7,7,2,3,2,8, 17,7, 17,8,Covid,7 Average 85/11=7.727 place

    Mizz-10,17,26,7,14,4,6,5,6,6,Covid,7  Average=108/11  9.818 place

    You should always throw out the high and the low numbers to get a more true reading, don't you think?

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