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  1. 12 minutes ago, KTG119 said:

    wow it's almost like this kid is a....Brands


    'I typically go 50-50 with either of them for the first 20 minutes of wrestling. But they don't get tired. They will almost get your leg, and almost get your leg, and almost get your leg, and eventually they'll get your leg. Then they'll get it again. And again. And again.

    It is highly annoying.'

    That Tarpley is one heckuvan entertaining writer.

  2. 19 hours ago, SamStall365247 said:

    “Fist fight tough” is a great way to describe it. Kid is good. Not a technician by any means. Usually coach’s kids turn out soft, but this ones got it. His dad has to be proud. 

    I can think of some coach's kids who turned out pretty tough.

    Darren Abel.

    Kip Kristoff

    Peery Bros

    Kyven Gadson 

    David Carr

    Kennedy and Quincy Monday


  3. On 11/22/2019 at 8:36 AM, jerseywrestling said:

    Best Wrestlers in NC State History


    The Wolfpack are off to a 4-0 start this season and are ranked top-ten in most polls. Let's take a look at the best wrestlers in North Carolina State history ranked by NCAA medals.

    Here are the top five!

    Rank - Name - Score - Finishes

    #1 - Nick Gwiazdowski - 44 - 1,1,2
    #2 - Sylvester Terkay - 38 - 3,2,1
    #3 - Scott Turner - 26 - 3,1
    #4 - Tab Thacker - 25 - 8,6,1
    #5 - Darrion Caldwell - 23 - 5,1


    Check out the full list in this Rokfin exclusive!



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    Matt Reiss  -   1 (as a true freshman) and 8.

  4. On 11/4/2019 at 5:49 PM, Fishbane said:

    Reinoso over Smith at the 1992 Olympic wasn't particularly shocking. Reinoso had beaten Smith before in 1990.  That first win was probably more shocking.  It also wasn't double elimination at the Olympics it was the pool system.  Reinoso has lost to Azizov in the opening round of the pool and Smith had soundly beaten Azizov already.  The match between Smith and Reinoso was in the last round of pool play and by that time Smith essentially had a spot in the final locked up.  Reinoso would have had to win by shutout tech or pin to pass Smith in the pool standings. 


    Jim Scherr pancaking Khardartsev in 1989 World Cup, at the height of Khardartsev's run...https://www.flowrestling.org/video/5098669-1989-world-cup-jim-scherr-vs-makharbek-khadartsev

  5. On 10/29/2019 at 9:09 PM, KTG119 said:

    Obviously reflecting 4 years but funny to see Danny Mack Gable not in the ISU top 4. 
    or Nate Carr for that matter (Nate had 4 chances though)
    Great stuff though. 

    Nate didn't red-shirt ( was pretty dominant as a true freshman).

    http://www.wrestlingstats.com/ncaa/pdf/brackets/NCAA 1980.pdf

    Eight minute matches in those days 2-3-3.....Lord help you if your opponent chose top in the second and threw the legs in right away.


    Of course, Gable didn't ascend to varsity status as a freshman due to the rules at the time.

  6. On 7/12/2019 at 10:12 PM, Rhackler said:

    So even giving the extra point to Smith, the match ends tied and Lewis wins on criteria?  

    Can't really see how this is a screw job.  Now Lindland-Sieracki is another story...


    Its a screw job because a: the extra point should never have been awarded b: Lewis wins on criteria anyway and c: even when you win a court case, you still feel like you've just been gutted

  7. Years ago, similar things were going on at Iowa.

    From what I understand, King Mueller was a returning NCAA bronze medalist and defeated Jimmy Zalesky in wrestle offs, but Gable put him in at 158 anyway, and Jimmy responded with a 5th and 3 titles. https://iwcoa.net/hall-of-fame-2/king-mueller/

    Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

    Also,  Dean Phinney was a returning NCAA bronze medalist, but Lou Banach unseated him for the job. I imagine that big Lou defeated Dean, but not sure about any scores.


    From what I've seen and heard from other programs, if the coach wants wrestler A in there, despite what B does, A will get the nod.

  8. 2 hours ago, whaletail said:

    He'd back his way into NCAAs, then go on an absolute tear.

    He and Brands must have had some epic clashes in the room.

    His Big Ten brackets were brutal. Kellen Russel, Michael Thorn, Jimmy Kennedy, Andrew Alton, Reece Humphrey to name a few. I recall several matches that could have went either way, depending  upon the ref's judgement calls.

  9. 45 minutes ago, Cooch1 said:

    I can understand why "some" people would think that, Gimp; they really wanted Mark to get OW. I'd compare it to a conspiracy theory that has no merit. I talked with Bud afterwards and he said with tears in his eyes "I'm Gonna Beat Him" (exact words) presumably at some future date (Olympic trial?). He was really upset that he got beat that way, but it was his style to wait til the end to pour it on. Mark said he was waiting for it. Palmer went on to the ministry, more his speed compared to getting revenge.

    Kinseth was going to get the OW no matter what anyone else did that weekend. 9 pins in a row to end the season!

  10. On 8/20/2019 at 8:03 AM, fadzaev2 said:

    Like a rented mule....give me a break...Banach was 3 timer, and an all-time great....how about some respect.....it's one of the greatest matches for a reason.....TWO all-time greats, and Banach is one of the greatest Hawkeyes of all-time.

    If Banach would have hit that last throw attempt, he would have won the match.  That being said, it had to have been the dumbest match I've ever seen Banach wrestle, and the smartest and toughest match I had seen Schultz perform on an equal opponent. Which is why it ended up being a major decision- Schultz.

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