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  1. 4 hours ago, Jim L said:

    I remember a story about Gibson going through Marine basic training with no intention of continuing his wrestling career and when he broke the record for the obstacle course at 200+lbs, the Marines learned about his wrestling background and got him back wrestling again.  

    Also, He was still at the Olympic Greco Roman trials into his late 40s.


    On 8/2/2020 at 11:25 AM, fullnelson said:

    All those mentioned are certainly worthy candidates, but I'll add another who should/would have been the only wrestler in the world to have won 3 World titles in 3 different styles. 

    In 1982 I witnessed Greg Gibson do 30 pull-ups AFTER an hour+ practice. Greg won World Championships in Greco and Sambo, and was royally screwed in 1981 World Freestyle Finals, when he gutted the East German 3x, only to have the mat judges rule 2&2 each time resulting in an 11-10  heartbreaking loss. He and Mark Schultz had the best gutwrenchs in US history imo.

    Not to nit-pick, but Sgt Gibson won a World MILITARY Championship in Greco ( just being clear), and 2nd in the Olympics in Greco. But yes, he was feared throughout the land with his unstoppable gut-wrench. A true specimen of a man.


  2. 1 hour ago, High Leg Over said:

    KCMO2 asked about Carlton Haselrig's two college losses. I believe that they were both to Dean Hall of Edinboro, one in the semi-finals of the DII nationals when Haselrig was a freshman.  (Haselrig took 3rd and Hall won.) In 1987, Haselrig defeated Hall for the DI title (with Edinboro evidently having moved to DI that year).  Haselrig also had one tie during his junior year (1988). Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of that wrestler. 

    There were many factors that led to the "Haselrig Rule. " I was coaching DIII in the late 1980s so I heard all the arguments, though my memory is a little rusty. Some DI coaches wanted  to eliminate DII and DIII wrestlers from advancing in order to allow for more DI wrestlers to qualify. Some DI coaches argued that, in no other NCAA sport with separate divisions, did athletes from DI or DII advance to the DI nationals.  Some DI coaches (and even some DIII coaches) did not believe that DIII wrestlers were competitive at the DI nationals. Haselrig came along and heated up the debate when he won back to back to back DI titles, but the discussion had started before he came on the scene.

    I think that the 1988-89 season was the last year that DII and DIII champions had full automatic qualification for DI nationals; however, a few of the DII and DIII champions competed at the 1990 DI nationals under a grandfather provision when advancement was eliminated (and I think one DII champion--Dan Russell--competed in the 1991 DI nationals.)

    I believe that "tie/draw" was possibly an All Star match versus Greenlee of Northern Iowa?

  3. On 7/8/2020 at 4:29 PM, BadgerMon said:

    Going back in time...

    Dave Osenbaugh of Iowa State pins Lou Banach in the dual in Jan of 1981.

    Banach pinned Osenbaugh in 1:22 a month later to get even.





    Lou Banach was also pinned by Mitch Shelton of Okie State that year in the dual, before eking out a 3-1 win at the NCAAs enroute to his second title.

  4. 39 minutes ago, LJB said:


    you aren't cute with that... 

    you were stupid enough to publicly out yourself... the genie is not going back in the bottle...

    Hey LJB,,,,its politics- sort of like proselytizing.  You bring up Jesus on this board and you get crucified for it....but USA Wrestling  can push the "agenda", or pander to a few,  and anyone who thinks it's out of line is a bigot, jerk, pig, whatever.  Think about it.

    You want it both ways. 


    And I personally give zero F's what you think of me. Let the genie fly.


  5. 30 minutes ago, Coach_J said:

    God forbid we get a glimpse of the human side of an athlete. A look at struggles they've faced off the mat.  And nothing was mentioned about her "sex life."  If an article is about Jordan Burroughs being married with three kids while training as a world-class athlete, is that about his "sex life"?  2020 and no hindsight, insight, foresight, just blindness from too many people... 

    Comparing this to Jordan Burrough's lifestyle is not apples to oranges, not matter how you slice it, even though these choices are being "legitimized" by the msm on an hourly basis. 

    Not blind. Just a sad indictment on our world.

  6. 15 hours ago, irani said:

    All were amazing, all were overshadowed by Yarygin in 1972

    1972 Olympic Gold Medalist at 100kg
    Win Hungarian People's Republic József Csatári Fall 2:04 1972-08-31 1972 Summer Olympics West Germany Munich Messe München
    Win Mongolian People's Republic Khorloo Bayanmunkh Fall 5:21 1972-08-31
    Win Socialist Republic of Romania Enache Panait Fall 1:47 1972-08
    Win Iran Abolfazl Anvari Fall 2:58 1972-08
    Win Canada Harry Geris Fall 2:20 1972-08
    Win East Germany Gerd Bachmann Fall 2:11 1972-08
    Win Switzerland Bruno Jutzeler Fall 0:27 1972-08-27
    1972 Eur

    To be fair, the middleweights are usually much, much more competitive and technically sound than the heavies, especially back then. Just my humble opinion.

    Yet, there's a reason that Yarygin has one of the greatest tournaments in the world named after him- AMAZING.

  7. Not real big on Jenna's sex life or her taking on a life partner.  Not sure why it is relevant to anything wrestling.

    Reminds me of when SI decided to make a big deal out of a high school QB coming out of the closet.


    I'm fairly certain I'll be put into TheMat jail for this. 


    Why not do some actual reporting on the techniques someone actually uses against international competition?  Is the Mat that hard up for content?


  8. On 5/18/2020 at 6:39 PM, TripNSweep said:

    Anyone think Smith could have won again in 96?

    If, and I mean IF he:

    a. Bodily could hold up

    b. If he wanted to badly enough- his style was bad for everyone including Tom Brands, but you gotta have the fire in your belly.


    I will say that the young lions at 136.5 are so quick, and I don't know how his weight pull was in 1992, let alone how difficult it would have been in 1996.

    Also, that's a lonnnnnggg time to keep training hard enough to  "stay low".

  9. Some oldies but goodies:

    Brent Metcalf vs Tom Brands - battle of the hard charging rhinos

    Mark Churella vs Ben Askren - talk about funkytown

    Darryl Burley vs Darrion Caldwell- slick throw-masters

    Curly Culp vs Stephen Neal - couple a monsters

    Kendall Cross vs Ricky Dellagatta or Randy Lewis @ 126 - a bunch a wild hairs

    Andre Metzger vs Zain 

    Lee Kemp vs Kyle Dake/Jordan Burroughs

    Jimmy Haines/Joe Gonzales vs Stephen Abas









  10. 20 hours ago, funnyfletcher said:

    Bobby Weaver 1980 and Barry Davis 1984 I believe both took O-Rs and made the Olympic team. Randy Lewis 1980, Ken Chertow 1988, John Smith 1988, J'Den Cox 2016, Kyle Snyder 2016 all made the Olympic team without redshirting. Those are the ones I found, I just looked from 1980-2016. 

    Funnyfletcher- Gene Mills and John Azevedo made the team in 1980 as well- Mills took a redshirt in 1980 but Azevedo did not.


    By the way, I love the movie Fletch.

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