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  1. Years ago, similar things were going on at Iowa. From what I understand, King Mueller was a returning NCAA bronze medalist and defeated Jimmy Zalesky in wrestle offs, but Gable put him in at 158 anyway, and Jimmy responded with a 5th and 3 titles. https://iwcoa.net/hall-of-fame-2/king-mueller/ Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Also, Dean Phinney was a returning NCAA bronze medalist, but Lou Banach unseated him for the job. I imagine that big Lou defeated Dean, but not sure about any scores. From what I've seen and heard from other programs, if the coach wants wrestler A in there, despite what B does, A will get the nod.
  2. You got some guys twice near the bottom of the list
  3. Olympic medal(s) shouldn't be criteria here because we are down to six or seven weights instead of the more reasonable ten. Also, you have more former Soviets in the Olympic pool now.
  4. BadgerMon


    Kenny Monday DNP, 2, 2, 1 Andy Rein DNP, 2, 6, 1
  5. His Big Ten brackets were brutal. Kellen Russel, Michael Thorn, Jimmy Kennedy, Andrew Alton, Reece Humphrey to name a few. I recall several matches that could have went either way, depending upon the ref's judgement calls.
  6. Kinseth was going to get the OW no matter what anyone else did that weekend. 9 pins in a row to end the season!
  7. Hicks - Trizzino in '79 was a snooze-fest, as was the subsequent DQ of Bud Palmer 45 minutes later vs Mark Lieberman. Enjoy this! https://www.si.com/vault/1979/03/05/823414/the-kids-all-heart-lehighs-mark-lieberman-is-not-the-most-talented-of-college-wrestlers-but-hes-the-guttiest--and-the-best
  8. If Banach would have hit that last throw attempt, he would have won the match. That being said, it had to have been the dumbest match I've ever seen Banach wrestle, and the smartest and toughest match I had seen Schultz perform on an equal opponent. Which is why it ended up being a major decision- Schultz.
  9. Nay. Foster made a grievous error and landed on his back. Ala Tyler Graff.
  10. Missouri is always underrated. I think that Rutgers is the next hot item- Joisey boys will be beating a path to Piscataway.
  11. Also the talent pool is much more crowded in the lower/middle weights. Lots of layups in the heavies. Diverse technical development not needed as much to win.
  12. A little unfair to name Brock, as he blew out his knee early in his career, right after a huge pin-win over Cody Brewer. Fix may go 2, 1,1,1 for all we know.
  13. Hands in the face has always been a violation, just very few refs had the guts to call it.
  14. KISS is the name of the game when it comes to high school coaching
  15. They didn't come much meaner than Andy Rein. He loved that face-lock he learned from Schultz, could throw from anywhere, & his bow n arrows were spine-bending.
  16. That's well -known. My point is that he clearly didn't NEED to red-shirt before taking a title ( or two)
  17. I'd give a leg up with Pat Smith over Stieber, considering he was the one to break ground, and he was a year younger than Logan when he did it, without the red-shirt year.
  18. Highly doubt that DeSanto drops to 125. He's pretty competitive right where he is.
  19. Had mine at one time...but being the Kenny Jay of Freestyle/Greco Wrestling in America, not many would give a rat's behind
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