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  1. Had mine at one time...but being the Kenny Jay of Freestyle/Greco Wrestling in America, not many would give a rat's behind
  2. When us old fogies were growing up, we were supposed to respect the ref's decision and move on- right or wrong. USA Wrestling opened the door with the protest committee. True- FILA had already allowed the backroom refereeing- see Calgary World Championships-but by continuing this practice in our own tournaments has resulted in the styrofoam blocks/stuffed animal protests we see stopping action in almost every international style bout ( and now in the NCAA sanctioned matches). I guess the stakes are so high these days and dollar driven that its the unfortunate way that amateur athletics has gone.
  3. It was 8-7 Lewis. I re-scored that match on video at least half a dozen times at the time - I was also competing senior freestyle in 1984, so was aware of the current rules. At "most", it was 8-8, Lewis by criteria. That was a fearsome foursome, to be sure. Smith was the rock-solid, technically sound athlete, Lewis was the guy with incredible kinesthetic awareness ( see Loudin Swain), Dellagatta the funk-master, and Burley was a super-smooth wunder-kind. This book ( you can find a less expensive one in paperback or on EBay) shares the personal takes from the combatants https://www.amazon.com/Wrestlers-At-Trials-wrestling-1960-1988/dp/0979905109 . Well worth the read. By the way, had this match been scored with today's rules...it may have been scored 12-10 SMITH ( take-downs only worth 1 back in the day), unless Lewis was awarded a third NF 2 pointer near the out of bounds flurry, but Smith hadn't bellied out the time..
  4. Fair to Nash- he was a sophomore when he wrestled Cassioppi, who was a senior. No one touched Nash this past season. Not sure if anyone made it to the second period. And a slam IS a slam, and therefore an illegal move. Can't take that into conversation. Totally agree that Cass owned him though. Gable is pretty special, no doubt.
  5. Don't know about Steveson or Kerkveleit, but he had two matches with Cassioppi. One close loss and won loss by pin if I recall correctly.
  6. I've got news for you....doubtful Nash needs much of a strength coach. He and his Dad are big time power lifters. He needs to be used properly, however. They'll probably stick him on the O Line but he would make a fantastic Nose Tackle.
  7. I would venture to guess that the Stickley lady is well qualified and quite familiar with high level wrestling. Why make assumptions?
  8. Insane and profane that Zain couldn't deliver pain
  9. I can get within four degrees....My pig roast takedowns two of three vs Paul Hufford, who undoubtedly beat Royce in high school practice, who beat Jenn in practice takedowns most likely /Sanderson. There...practice makes perfect.
  10. The Great One ( whom could body lock from 4 feet away)
  11. What's lacking here is that even without the grotesque weight cutting of the era, why is there less scoring these days? Why, WHY LORD?
  12. Yeah, but pool wrestling is a unique art form, not mastered by many, though many may attempt. I take extreme umbrage to your laissez faire ignoring of such.
  13. Just havin' fun with this...so my point is made....styles make matches! :-) For what its worth, Lewboo is an Outstanding Pool wrestler.
  14. Pool dunked a guy repeatedly who beat Randy Lewis who beat Raul Cascaret who beat Lee Kemp who beat Dan Gable who undoubtedly beat Paul Jenn who beat Cael Sanderson.
  15. Maybe that was our problem all along at Wisconsin....windows.
  16. Based on freestyle international placings/accolades, it would have to be Kenny Monday. Greco-Roman- Mike Johnson. Collegiate- Nate Carr. High School- Jeff Kerber. It didn't go well for me in any case.
  17. Mark Manning transferred from Nebraska to UNO and took two D-2 titles.
  18. Howe was coming on strong til he blew his knee out in the second match vs JB in Iowa City a few years ago.
  19. Wait a minute...just wait one minute. Since WHEN does Dake ever win a hypothetical match?
  20. Please excuse omissions....don't have all that research time to do this right: Iowa- Banach, Banach, Lewis, McIlravy, Brands, Brands, Penrith, Davis, McCann, Campbell,Zadick, Zadick, Alger- about 23 medals Nebraska produced the Scherr Brothers, Jordan Burroughs and James Green. About 17 world level medals there. Oklahoma- Schultz, Schultz, Hodge, Wells, Metzger 17 medals Oklahoma State - Uetake, Smith, Smith, Blubaugh, Cross, Scott, Monday 16 medals Iowa State- Jackson, Gable, Sanderson, Peterson, Carr, Taylor, Varner- 14 world medals right there. Wisconsin had Rein, Hellickson, Kemp, Haines, Reinwand, Don Pritzlaff ( Two Tblisi championships in there as well) 10 medals Indiana State- Baumgartner alone has what- 10 ? Also, I'm not counting Tblisi, Jr World or Cadet World medals.
  21. South Dakota's is the Rapid City Invite- 36 teams from 4 different states.
  22. Nate Carr's son David is a good one coming up for Iowa State!
  23. Old copies of Amateur Wrestling News may have what you are looking for. At least you used to be able to order archived issues. https://amateurwrestlingnews.com/
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