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  1. Finish wise, it's: 1. Nickal/Nolf dead even 3. Ruth 4. Retherford 5. Taylor/Joseph jury is still out 7. Wright Try ranking them by entertainment value though- good luck.
  2. Sorry Jimmy...it's Duane Goldman. 2,2,2,1 Finals opponents- Mark Schultz, Bill Scherr, and Dan Chaid.
  3. They - Bo and Jason- will share the Hodge. So it be written, so shall it be done.
  4. What makes you think V will cruise through the Lewis semi?
  5. Askren, this https://awawisconsin.com/is-david-taylor-iowas-new-head-coach/
  6. Jim Haines, Mark DiGirolamo,,,,lots of guys from only 6 placewinners
  7. I will agree with you for the comments about how Wick has not scored offensive points. With Marinelli, however, I cannot. Being front and center of the match, I cannot recall ONE TIME where Marinelli attempted to kick his leg free of Wick, create space to escape or reverse. Wick was attempting the cradle the whole time, true, but Marinelli kept bottoming out. I felt like Wick was getting hosed a bit, but I'm a Badger homer. In my day, Bob Downing or Ted Harris or Spike Israel would have double dq'ed the men.
  8. Marinelli made no attempt to get OUT of the cross-body ride. Somehow, this isn't viewed as stalling.
  9. Dallas Herbst- Wisconsin was 6'5" @ 197. Jimmy Jackson was 6'5.5" at unlimited. When Jude Skove @ 142, it seemed he was at least 5'10".
  10. I think, if you watch this match,,,,that the guy in black should have went 4,2,1,1 instead. Can't believe that stalling wasn't called here.
  11. It only has to be a piece of each should blade for a pin to be called, not the whole bone. That being said, it was sort of a blind call. The most intentional spladle ever witnessed, however.
  12. Gable: The Punisher by Randy Lewis It was 1972. I first heard of Dan Gable when I was in 7th grade. People told me that he was the best wrestler in the world. Nobody could beat him. At the time, I was a three-time state AAU age-group champion, and a national AAU age-group champion. My career record at the time was 60-0. I remember thinking, if I was as big as Dan Gable, I could beat him. Nineteen years later, I would find out I was wrong. In 1991, I was thirty years old and I wrestled at 149.5 pounds, the same weight-class that Gable won the Olympics (without giving up a single point!) in 1972. I wrestled a dual meet against the 1989 world champion Russian, Boris Budaev. I was pounding him 13-4 and ended up sticking him. One week later, I asked Gable if he wanted to wrestle. At the time Gable weighed about 160 and was 41 years old. I was up to about 163. Gable said yes but wanted to warm up a bit. I just sat there and watched him. Gable went through a 45-minute session of drilling and stretching, moving around, getting ready to tangle with yours truly. By this time his shirt was drenched. He was ready to go to war. I warmed up in about 30 seconds. I slapped his hand and asked him if he was ready. Gable said, “go†and I jumped across the mat and threw him with what I would call a Steven Segal-type judo throw and headlock. He went right to his back. Two seconds later, Gable scored a reversal. For the next forty-five minutes he tortured me. What he likes to do is put you on your back, bar your arm and torture you. Then he will sort of let you off your back, but he will keep the bar arm with just your shoulder down. Sort of like isometrics, only diabolical. Finally, he will let you go and when you get back on your feet, you can barely feel your right arm. Then, he’ll take you down again and start on your left shoulder. Pain must balance. When you finally get back on your feet both shoulders are numb. Your arms are useless. Death is a fleeting moment away. After that “workout†somebody asked me how I did against Gable. I said “Oh, he beat me about 50-5.†They said “no way.†I said “way.†Actually the score was 50-4! I’ve spoken with hundreds of people who went one-on-one with Gable in the room and they all say the same thing. Unless you have actually wrestled him, you can not understand what it is like. I have wrestled the best in the world �" having competed against 27 world and Olympic medalists and countless others in practice. Nothing is like wrestling Dan Gable.
  13. Unless you are Nate Carr Sr. - quick and mean, one is just far too stubby and leverage-disadvantaged to beat a guy like Dake at that weight class.
  14. Is that why wrestlers today still want to be like John Smith and shoot the low ankle? That technology is what...33 years old ? For the record, Gable would have adapted, as would have Ruth.
  15. So were those seven minutes he played horsey for Hilger
  16. Tim Krieger, Iowa State 5-1-2-1. Cary Kolat 2,3,1,1 Cole Konrad 4, 2,1,1
  17. Paulson's twisting of Henning's ankle not being called an illegal hold.
  18. A few others..Mike Mann, Lennie Zalesky,,,,,and Craig Henning ( felt he got hosed in the final)
  19. Well..........what did you end up doing?
  20. Mark Schmitz- with wins over Nate Carr, Andre Metzger, Kevin Jackson, Marty Kistler, Royce Alger, Kenny Monday (Freestyle) and Badgermon (Freestyle). All world level medalists except for 2 timer Kistler and that last hack.
  21. I'm Wisconsin alumn and fan....no way is UW going to match last year's placing in both Big Ten and NCAAs. Just sayin'. Too many injuries and holes in lineup and guys who left. On a side note, Hemauer leaving for Fresno looks like a good move for him.
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