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  1. Wait a minute...just wait one minute. Since WHEN does Dake ever win a hypothetical match?
  2. Please excuse omissions....don't have all that research time to do this right: Iowa- Banach, Banach, Lewis, McIlravy, Brands, Brands, Penrith, Davis, McCann, Campbell,Zadick, Zadick, Alger- about 23 medals Nebraska produced the Scherr Brothers, Jordan Burroughs and James Green. About 17 world level medals there. Oklahoma- Schultz, Schultz, Hodge, Wells, Metzger 17 medals Oklahoma State - Uetake, Smith, Smith, Blubaugh, Cross, Scott, Monday 16 medals Iowa State- Jackson, Gable, Sanderson, Peterson, Carr, Taylor, Varner- 14 world medals right there. Wisconsin had Rein, Hellickson, Kemp, Haines, Reinwand, Don Pritzlaff ( Two Tblisi championships in there as well) 10 medals Indiana State- Baumgartner alone has what- 10 ? Also, I'm not counting Tblisi, Jr World or Cadet World medals.
  3. South Dakota's is the Rapid City Invite- 36 teams from 4 different states.
  4. Nate Carr's son David is a good one coming up for Iowa State!
  5. Old copies of Amateur Wrestling News may have what you are looking for. At least you used to be able to order archived issues. https://amateurwrestlingnews.com/
  6. Mark DiGirolamo, Andy Daniels, Matt Reiss, Pat Christenson, Jim Bennett and others weren't even seeded the seasons they won their national titles.
  7. http://www.sdshof.com/inductees/tom-long/ My high school coach never wrestled- learned it out of a book!
  8. One of the major benefactors of Iowa's at the time was Roy Carver. https://www.nytimes.com/1981/06/18/obituaries/roy-j-carver-71-iowa-businessman.html
  9. YOU decide....(and I'm a friend/fan of both) this match was decided in OT by ref's decision ( 2 to 1).
  10. 1981 @ 177. Mark Schultz 3 X Olympic Champ + 2WCs Ed Banach 3 X Olympic Champ Jim Scherr 1 X and several World Medals Matt Reiss 1 X as a true freshman I believe that's 8 NCAA championships in one brackets, not to mention the World Level dominance (disclaimer...I didn't read the whole thread)
  11. I already had TJ in at 157/165, KTG
  12. Fill in the blanks: 118/125 Spencer Lee vs Jeff Prescott 126/133 Barry Davis/Terry Brands vs Sanshiro Abe/Jim Martin 133/141 Randy Lewis/Tom Brands vs Scott Lynch 141/149 Brent Metcalf/Jeff McGinness vs Zain Retherford 149/157 Lincoln McIlravy/Jim Heffernan/Chuck Yagla vs Jason Nolf 157/165 Jim Zalesky/Marty Kistler/TJ Williams vs Vincenzo Joseph/David Taylor 165/174 Joe Williams/Mark Perry vs David Taylor/Andy Matter/Mark Hall 174/184 Chris Campbell/Royce Alger vs Ed Ruth 184/197 Ed Banach /Duane Goldman vs Bo Nickal/Kerry McCoy/Quentin Wright 197/285 Lou Banach/Steve Mocco vs Anthony Cassar I see this dual as a styles clash, and of course who decides to show up.
  13. Lol...Dave Schultz started off as terrible....and caught up rather quickly. Mark started wrestling as a junior in HS and won states the next year. I know yer trollin trollin trollin Much more impressive is a guy like John Peterson
  14. Lou Banach about the same. Fred Bohna didn't look real big neither, and Howard Harris was making 190 the previous year.
  15. Finish wise, it's: 1. Nickal/Nolf dead even 3. Ruth 4. Retherford 5. Taylor/Joseph jury is still out 7. Wright Try ranking them by entertainment value though- good luck.
  16. Sorry Jimmy...it's Duane Goldman. 2,2,2,1 Finals opponents- Mark Schultz, Bill Scherr, and Dan Chaid.
  17. They - Bo and Jason- will share the Hodge. So it be written, so shall it be done.
  18. What makes you think V will cruise through the Lewis semi?
  19. Askren, this https://awawisconsin.com/is-david-taylor-iowas-new-head-coach/
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