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    BadgerMon reacted to USMC5702 in Best NCAA Championship Match of All-Time   
    The back story made this a much anticipated match.  How the match played out certainly shocked the crowd.
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    BadgerMon reacted to wrestlingnerd in Best NCAA Championship Match of All-Time   
    Another vote for Lincoln Mac vs Gerry Abas. I was rooting for Abas and was supremely confident but Mac kept coming. It was incredible to watch for the first time. 
    I agree Caldwell over Metcalf was a good one, but Caldwell took it to Metcalf right from the whistle so the outcome wasn’t a surprise, though the result obviously was. Mac dismantling Abas was a total shocker I never saw coming until the bitter end. 
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    BadgerMon reacted to GreatWhiteNorth in Best NCAA Championship Match of All-Time   
    And, for completeness, I should add...
    Damion Hahn vs Jon Trenge
    That at least deserves mention.
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    BadgerMon reacted to klehner in Looking back, was Dake really that great?   
    Never let facts get in the way of what you think is a good story.
    2010:  34-2, 7 falls, 14 bonus
    2011:  31-2, 7 falls, 20 bonus
    2012:  35-0, 12 falls, 21 bonus
    2013:  37-0, 18 falls, 28 bonus (8 pins in the first period; talk about clamming up!)
    So his "clammed up" junior and senior years shows more than double the pins from his freshman/sophomore years, and nearly half again as many total bonus wins.
    Examples:  his senior year at CKLV, he had two pins and two majors (only a 6-0 decision in the final).   At Southern Scuffle, he had two pins, two majors, and a 3-2 decision
    over some unknown guy in the final.  At EIWA, he had two falls and two majors and a tech fall.
    Where did you get your idea from, anyway?
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    BadgerMon got a reaction from hammerlockthree in Best NCAA Championship Match of All-Time   
    Nay. Foster made a grievous error and landed on his back. Ala Tyler Graff.
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    BadgerMon reacted to headache in Worst NCAA Championship Match of All-Time   
    The entire Mike Evans/Logan Storley catalog.
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    BadgerMon got a reaction from fadzaev2 in Best NCAA Championship Match of All-Time   
    If Banach would have hit that last throw attempt, he would have won the match.  That being said, it had to have been the dumbest match I've ever seen Banach wrestle, and the smartest and toughest match I had seen Schultz perform on an equal opponent. Which is why it ended up being a major decision- Schultz.
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    BadgerMon reacted to CA_Wrestler in Best NCAA Championship Match of All-Time   
    Recently I would have to say Imar vs. Nolf and Snyder vs Gwiz.
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    BadgerMon reacted to Antitroll2828 in Looking back, was Nolf really that great?   
    He lost to Imar then didn’t lose for 3 years while destroying everyone in his path with the exception of 1 match vs Pantelo and 1 against hidley...he also dominated ncaa on 1 leg so no I don’t think anyone in there right mind thinks his legacy is tarnished 
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    BadgerMon got a reaction from gallison in Most underrated team in NCAA 2019-2020   
    Missouri is always underrated.
    I think that Rutgers is the next hot item- Joisey boys will be beating a path to Piscataway.
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    BadgerMon reacted to Konquest in Are there any Skinny tall wrestlers who are over 6.2 ft tall and are not heavyweight ?   
    Wisconsin had an excellent 197 lb. wrestler named Dallas Herbst that had to have been 6'6" or so.   Tallest college wrestler I've seen in many years.  He beat Jake Varner at Midlands one year and was an AA for the Badgers.  
    Mark Branch was an all-time great for OSU, 4x finalist with two titles (lost one by injury default).  He was super tall and skinny.  Probably 6'2"-6'3" ish at 168 lbs.
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    BadgerMon reacted to Housebuye in Most underrated team in NCAA 2019-2020   
    They are somewhat high profile but I think they are being underrated
    NC State
    They don’t have any guys taking an olympic I don’t believe and they are stacked. A lot will depend on if they can get their borderline AAs to place, but they are a serious podium contender I think and nobody is talking about them. Granted, they had a really bad NCAAs last year. 
    125 - Camacho - solid redshirt year. Won’t win the title, but with a weaker 125 and Vito likely shirting and guys moving up, he can make the podium. Rumor is he is looking great in the room. 
    133 - Trombley - had a solid redshirt year, but no crazy wins. 133 is still stacked but multiple guys are likely sitting out (Micic, Fix) and who knows if Gross will be healthy by NCAAs. I’m not picking him to AA but he may score a couple points. 
    141 - Tariq Wilson - legit title contender is a depleted weight. He was injured half of last season. He may be my pick to win the weight depending on who shows up. He may be Abel to beat Lee and Demas due to his top control. 
    149 - Grippi (related to the BJJ Star?) - another solid redshirt year but not spectacular. Weak weight though so who knows  
    157 - Little Hidlay - he is huge. I know. Preseason #1 in my book. He wins the title. Carr is a threat but I think he beats Young and the rest of the field  
    165 - Bullard - keeps improving. 2 time qualifier looking to make the podium. This weight has been crazy and this year is much worse without Mekhi, Marstellar and a few other AAs  
    174 - other Bullard  - 2 time qualifier. Much weaker weight without Zahid, Amine, Lewis, Jacobe  and maybe without Hall. He could definitely make the podium. I may even pick it but I need to do my preseason rankings first 
    184 - big Hilday - just won junior bronze and honestly won the semi but there was a dumb challenge initiated. Had an excellent redshirt year. He will place, and may end up beating everyone besides Zahid. Darmstadt is a challenge too  
    197 - Reenan - he was a title contender last year until injury. He had surgery in the off season and is weight 215+  granted, he is a bit fat at the moment, but once he is back in form he is a title contender at 197. This weight is one of the worst I’ve seen in years. Moore is the only really good guy here.
    285 - not sure who they start, but highly doubt they AA here.  Deonte has the ability to AA one day but he just isn’t very good at wrestling yet. He is huge, strong and fast for his size though. If he can get off of bottom he will be solid. Getting to train with Gwiz somewhat often can only help  
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    BadgerMon reacted to Billyhoyle in Whatever happened to lewboo (and other classic posters)?   
    I really enjoyed the themat.com forum era. 
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    BadgerMon reacted to Hotkarl712 in Will John Smith win another title at tOSU?   
    I think he's out of eligibility 
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    BadgerMon reacted to d- in Coaching ?   
    Clearfield HS, PA legendary coach Art Weiss never wrestled.
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    BadgerMon reacted to jerseywrestling in Top NCAA DI Wrestlers of the 2000s   
    Top NCAA DI Wrestlers of the 2000s
    The three-time national champion – Jake Rosholt – leads the pack, but you might be surprised who rounds out the top NCAA DI wrestlers from 2000 to 2009.
    Check out the full list with profiles!
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    BadgerMon reacted to oldcougar in Coaching ?   
    My high school coach never wrestled in high school,  started as a freshman in college and never made the team again. By the time he was a senior he was the team manager. He could barely play tennis and was too small for football.  
    When I was in school, his wrestling team was undeated, his football team was undefeated, and his tennis team was un-scored on. That means all singles and doubles were undefeated in matches, and he had the doubles state champs. He is in the PIAA wrestling hall of fame. 
    A coach needs to communicate and inspire, regardless of the sport. 
    Another coach I was a camp councilor for, was the most successful coach in Long Island history. He never wrestled,  but he kinda founded the sport in New York State.  National Wrestling Hall of Fame member. 
    So, no, a coach doesn't have to have been a star wrestler. But he better be knowledegable.
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    BadgerMon reacted to Lurker in Coaching ?   
    We had a pretty successful program, were in the top 10 in the state pretty regularly as well as having a few All-Americans at Cadet and Junior Nationals (this was back in the Warrensburg/Northern Iowa days).  My HS Head Coach was not only a coach but also developed into one of the top International Officials in the world, and never wrestled a day in his life.  Was a football guy and spent many years as an assistant, just because, before the HC wanted to step down.  He took it over and took the program to another level.
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    BadgerMon reacted to leshismore in Coaching ?   
    My coach never wrestled.  His teams were some of the most successful in NY history. He became an assistant Olympic coach and is in the wrestling hall of fame.  As others had said, he knew how to talk to people and motivate them. I have known MANY successful D 1 wrestlers that could not coach at all.
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    BadgerMon got a reaction from Panther78 in Coaching ?   
    My high school coach never wrestled- learned it out of a book!
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    BadgerMon got a reaction from powershouse in LeRoy Smith and Randy Lewis Controversy   
    When us old fogies were growing up, we were supposed to respect the ref's decision and move on- right or wrong.
    USA Wrestling opened the door with the protest committee. True- FILA had already allowed the backroom refereeing- see Calgary World Championships-but by continuing this practice in our own tournaments has resulted in the styrofoam blocks/stuffed animal protests we see stopping action in almost every international style bout ( and now in the NCAA sanctioned matches).
    I guess the stakes are so high these days and dollar driven that its the unfortunate way that amateur athletics has gone. 
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    BadgerMon got a reaction from Housebuye in Hutmacher to Nebraska   
    Fair to Nash- he was a sophomore when he wrestled Cassioppi, who was a senior. No one touched Nash this past season. Not sure if anyone made it to the second period.
    And a slam IS a slam, and therefore an illegal move. Can't take that into conversation. Totally agree that Cass owned him though.
    Gable is pretty special, no doubt.
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    BadgerMon got a reaction from andegre in Iowa Hawkeyes - Director of Operations   
    I would venture to guess that the Stickley lady is well qualified and quite familiar with high level wrestling. Why make assumptions?
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    BadgerMon reacted to Coachp in Hutmacher to Nebraska   
    He is cutting down from 300 now, and he and his Dad are heavily into weight training, so my guess is he will play over 320. I would love to see him wrestle, but not in the cards.
    Does anyone know if he and Stevesen matched up on the high school circuit, Are they just 1 year apart, or two?
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    BadgerMon reacted to swoopdown in What is the best body type for wrestling?   
    This type would be best for me. But based on past experience with this type, I fail to score.
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