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    BadgerMon reacted to gimpeltf in Why did Tom Brands retire after 1996?   
    On the other hand-
    Finding good players is easy. Getting them to play as a team is another story.   I was such a dangerous hitter I even got intentional walks during batting practice.   All right everyone, line up alphabetically according to your height.   There are three things you can do in a baseball game. You can win, or you can lose, or it can rain.   The key to being a good manager is keeping the people who hate me away from those who are still undecided.   The trick is growing up without growing old.   Never make predictions, especially about the future.   Being with a woman all night never hurt no professional baseball player. It's staying up all night looking for a woman that does him in.   Most ball games are lost, not won.   The secret of successful managing is to keep the five guys who hate you away from the four guys who haven't made up their minds.
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    BadgerMon reacted to irani in Most shocking defeats   
    So here is how I will rank the 6 and I listed
    6. I will rank Gardner over Kraelin 6th.  It was towards the end of Kraelin's career, and no legitimate points were scored.
    5. I will rank Khadem over Khadartsev 5th, because again it was towards the end of Khaderstev's career
    4. Taylor over Yazdani is 4th, because Yazdani's credentials are nowhere near the other 5 in this list
    3.  Blubagh over Habibi is 3rd because it was more like an accident.  Habibi was dominating the match and got caught
    2. Sourian who was and is considered one of the GOAT is 2nd because while it was a shock, Sourian did lose again in that same Olympics and a future one
    1. Slay over Satiev has to be the top.  It was a confident execution of a bold game plan against one of the GOAT, who won many medals before and after that loss
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    BadgerMon reacted to ConnorsDad in Most shocking defeats   
    Absolutely. Even after getting taken down, you can still see he didn't believe that Slay could do it again. Talk about overconfident. Hands down in my mind the biggest upset. Gardner over Karelin in my mind is an overrated match just because of the way it happened. It'd be a different story ifhe beat him 5-2 or something like that.
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    BadgerMon reacted to Rhackler in LeRoy Smith and Randy Lewis Controversy   
    So even giving the extra point to Smith, the match ends tied and Lewis wins on criteria?  

    Can't really see how this is a screw job.  Now Lindland-Sieracki is another story...
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    BadgerMon reacted to Lurker in With these recruits is it "do or die" time for John Smith?   
    Tommy Chesboro won only 1 title in 15 years at the helm. And he took over when they were defending champs and had won seven of the last ten. How was he able to stay long enough to become OSU’s winningest coach (dual meet wins, until Smith came along)?  Because everyone knew what was going on at Iowa and how hard a title was to come by. 
    Same thing happening now. And Smith has six more world titles and four more ncaa team titles on his resume. So no  he’s not in the hot seat, until he wants to get off the seat. 
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    BadgerMon reacted to NJDan in The Team from Middle Earth   
    I know they are supposed to be Dagestani, but you cannot tell me that these dudes are not hobbits.


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    BadgerMon reacted to Coach_J in How did Kazakhstan get 2nd place?   
    Those "random draws" kept coming out smellin' pretty darn good for Team Kazahkstan!  Pure coincidence I'm sure as we all know UWW/FILA's history of spotless integrity is beyond reproach...
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    BadgerMon reacted to headshuck in Separated at birth?   
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    BadgerMon reacted to Banker in Goodale Signs 5-year, $1.25 million Contract   
    Then you don't know him. He is very personable and approachable. 
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    BadgerMon reacted to Fishbane in Is the USA as bad at any other Olympic sport as it is at Greco?   
    The US has 15 Olympic medals all-time in Greco-Roman wrestling including 3 golds. They have fewer medals than that and overall golds in field hockey, lacrosse, polo, modern pentathlon, Jeu de paume, triathlon, baseball, tug of war, roque, rugby union, taekwondo, judo, water polo, softball, golf, and volleyball. 
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    BadgerMon got a reaction from fadzaev2 in Worst NCAA Championship Match of All-Time   
    Kinseth was going to get the OW no matter what anyone else did that weekend. 9 pins in a row to end the season!
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    BadgerMon reacted to Jimmy Cinnabon in Was Lewis over Joseph the most dominant upset at NCAAs ever?   
    Joseph was a 2 time defending NCAA champ who himself had knocked off a dominant NCAA champ in IMar twice, in dramatic fashion.  He came into the NCAA tournament as the #1 seed.  Mekhi Lewis was relatively unheralded at the college level, absolutely crushed Joseph 7-1 in the NCAA finals.
    Given the dominance of Joseph over his career and the way Lewis dominated Joseph in the finals, was this the most dominant upset over a dominant wrestler in the NCAA finals, ever?
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    BadgerMon reacted to TripNSweep in Was Lewis over Joseph the most dominant upset at NCAAs ever?   
    Moore over Lang was real domination.  
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    BadgerMon reacted to KTG119 in Was Lewis over Joseph the most dominant upset at NCAAs ever?   
    Late 70s 118 final unseeded Daniels pinned 1 seed Azevedo in 30 seconds. 
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    BadgerMon reacted to fadzaev2 in Embracing the grind   
    In 1989, during the World Cup of Wrestling weekend, I took John Smith fishing on my boat, and we discussed his training then.  At that moment, he had won one Olympics, one World Championship and one Goodwill Games.  He already said to me......I listen to my body when I train......he still had one more Olympic Games, one more Goodwill Games and 3 more World Champiomnships to win, while listening to his body when he trained.
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    BadgerMon reacted to nom in Looking back, was Dake really that great?   
    What are the odds he wins World gold again?
    What are the odds he again goes unscored upon?  
    First one, pretty good.
    Second one, not quite as good but still shockingly pretty good.  
    The Kid ... now man ... is amazing.
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    BadgerMon reacted to Sheerstress in Dan gable   
    "....[Randy] Lewis was recently pondering what makes Gable so effective as a coach. "He knows how to make adjustments, when to work, when to ease off," Lewis said. "And he has the ability to keep things new. Workouts are different every day. You never know what's next. He'll tell you to start running laps, and you don't know if it will be one lap or 10. But when he sees you're really tired, I'll tell you what, that's when he pushes you some more."
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    BadgerMon reacted to Panther78 in Dan gable   
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    BadgerMon reacted to WillieBoy in Looking back, was Dake really that great?   
    Dake surprised us as a Freshman.
    Sophmore - he won even as a number figured a Sophomore Slump would get him.
    Junior - up another weight class and the bigger boys were waiting and sure he would go down. He still won.
    Senior - beat the big stud for the Title.
    He was very good and lucky the injuries that have plagued him after graduation didn't kill one of his years of Collegiate competition.
    I don't think he has ever own a fantasy match - think even DelFino and Cinnabutt beat him in fantasy matches. Real matches... a whole 'nother world.
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    BadgerMon reacted to spladle in Accept Yianni for what he is,   
    The Schultz comparison shows how little you know about Schultz.
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    BadgerMon reacted to KTG119 in Worst NCAA Championship Match of All-Time   
    Anyone mentioned 133 last year?  Those two are freaking awesome but in a styles make fights kind of way I’d just as soon never see them wrestle again. 
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    BadgerMon reacted to USMC5702 in Best NCAA Championship Match of All-Time   
    The back story made this a much anticipated match.  How the match played out certainly shocked the crowd.
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    BadgerMon reacted to wrestlingnerd in Best NCAA Championship Match of All-Time   
    Another vote for Lincoln Mac vs Gerry Abas. I was rooting for Abas and was supremely confident but Mac kept coming. It was incredible to watch for the first time. 
    I agree Caldwell over Metcalf was a good one, but Caldwell took it to Metcalf right from the whistle so the outcome wasn’t a surprise, though the result obviously was. Mac dismantling Abas was a total shocker I never saw coming until the bitter end. 
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    BadgerMon reacted to GreatWhiteNorth in Best NCAA Championship Match of All-Time   
    And, for completeness, I should add...
    Damion Hahn vs Jon Trenge
    That at least deserves mention.
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