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  1. Come on "robbed" that is unfair to everyone involved. That's exactly the point. It was extremely unfair to everybody involved, including the USA which had their representative at far less than 100% for the tournament given the grueling and unusual requirement just to qualify for the team. I'm not sure I agree with robbery, but extremely unfair and a travesty no doubt.
  2. I guess it depends on who you ask. Many indeed feel that Douglas was robbed of an opportunity to perform his best at the Olympics as he was injured in having to beat Gable over and over in order to capture the spot on the Olympic team. I'm not sure I call that a robbery, but certainly a travesty. Others do use the word robbery in order to describe the situation.
  3. Than Smith? Of course Abas had a better career than Smith. Gable was in an era where you only got 3 shots at the NCAA tournament, (you know all this Mokoma) and he won 2/3 of the NCAA tournaments he entered, Abas won 3/4 of the the ones he was in. Of course Gable had a couple of less losses. Gable went out with a loss while Abas was undefeated for his final couple of seasons plus. Smith is a better comparison with Kolat than with Abas. Jake Rosholt had a better career than Smith for crying out loud.
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