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  1. A true fresh schlatter took a loss 1-0 to a returning AA in the first two weeks of the season and proceeded to roll the rest of the season and even majored the returning champ and won the title. Moral of the story, while true frosh come in with a lot of hype, some early season hiccups or slips aren’t an indication of where they will be at the end of the year. Gable will be just fine!
  2. Let’s be honest, outside of Kyle Snyder, most college heavyweight matchups are Greco matches anyway. It’s a lot of pushing and pulling and waiting for the moment to get your opponent off balance. Coon is just such a freak monster and such a talented big man. He damn near made the team in both free and Greco, and then our freestyle rep got his second straight world bronze. I wonder if Coon will 100% focus on Greco now or if he’ll still flirt with freestyle?
  3. tec87

    Adam Coon has a great draw

    Sooooo Coon likes throws and you probably shouldn’t do upper body with him it seems. Coon with three straight falls to reach the semis now. Wow!
  4. tec87

    Day 2 Thread

    2400 per eye when I looked into it a few weeks ago, I’m sure he can afford that now. Lol
  5. tec87

    Day 2 Thread

    They’ve been doing them for a number of years now. I remember seeing Coon with one when he won Cadet worlds in like 2010.
  6. tec87

    Junior Worlds 2018

    he’s not wrestling at Iowa or penn state........
  7. tec87

    Junior Worlds 2018

    Bey has been destroying people. Wow!!!
  8. tec87

    Sergei Beloglazov new CKWC coach

    and a world silver as well losing to Sergei in the finals, which is what they were talking about.
  9. While there is some truth to this statement, it’s not all true. He alone isn’t gonna get blue chippers lining up at the door. But when Bormet and crew start putting the sales pitch in on recruits, you better believe they are gonna say “so you want to win world and Olympic medals do you? We’ll have I got a training opportunity for you. If you come to Ann Arbor, you can train with one of the most legendary freestyle wrestlers in the world.....”
  10. tec87

    Richard Perry accident

    The wresting community is amazing! In just about 15hrs, over $40k has been raised on gofundme for expenses for Perry and his family. WOW!
  11. tec87

    Who would win

    well 09-18 is 10 NCAA tournaments. So they would have went with the lineups to bookend that 10yr span.
  12. tec87

    Best Ever PSU wrestler

    Agreed. Dake has a Donnie Vinson(I that’s it) loss on his resume and it doesn’t knock his resume at all.
  13. Lol the writing is hilarious “The boy child is named Beacon....”
  14. tec87

    Eastern Michigan

    Bolyard announced as volunteer assistant at the university of Michigan. Glad to see Dave land on his feet somewhere. Not that there was much glimmer of hope of EMU being reinstated but this effectively shuts any cracks that door may have had.
  15. tec87

    Silver Alert for Wrestling Legend Dan Hofge

    From what I saw elsewhere, he has been found in Tulsa and his family was going to pick him up.