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  1. tec87

    RIP Joe Seay...

    I shouldn’t have laughed at this post but I did. Certainly not laughing at the actual passing, just the Palmer tabloid comment.
  2. I’m a little disappointed that my previous post has appeared to have been overlooked in this thread. Lol
  3. I don’t drink pop anymore but don’t mind a cold beverage from time to time like this
  4. Ok my apologies for saying he teched him in the past. I really don’t know why you’re wanting to continue to harp on that part of my post. He lost by 10, lost by 5 at home and then lost by 9 a few weeks later if you want to nitpick, So not really improving, especially when you consider outside of the 5pt win for Snyder, it’s pretty clear that Nevills offensive points the other 2 matches were escapes that Snyder gave him. If anything that still helps confirm the whole point of my original post that Snyder probably doesn’t recommend his route because major international travel like to Siberia can have an effect on your ncaa performances a week later.
  5. Yeah I didn’t look up the numbers before and just went from memory. He needed the major for the tie. He beat him 14-5 a few weeks after this dual at the big tens. He beat him 19-9 the prior year in the dual.
  6. tec87

    Bo Nickal to Wrestle Off for U23 Team at 92kg

    I believe PD2’s reason on the boards for the poor bout with Nickal was that Nickal had been resting and PD3 had just beaten Gabe Dean like 15-20 mins before that match. im not saying Nickal still wouldn’t win, just that this was the excuse their camp gave for the loss.
  7. Let’s just stop for a second and look at not just how impressive it is that these three are going for their 4th AA honor, but that they’ve literally been beating each other up the last 3 yrs with them each placing top 4 of the same weight. Wow! 174 - Zahid Valencia (3,1,1,?), Mark Hall (1,2,2,?), Myles Amine (4,3,3,?)
  8. Travel alone was probably one of the big reasons he advised not going his route. It’s one thing to manage school work, practice, and travel for ncaa/big ten events but then add that with international travel for a couple tournaments during the school year like the yarygin and that’s a lot on a person. There was the big tOSU and PSU dual a couple years ago at PSU that came down to Snyder needing a tech or pin for them to win and it was like a week after he competed in the Yarygin and he was so flat from the what 20+ hrs of travel that he got taken down I think twice and just came away with the major on a guy he’d teched easily prior. Also the varying international weight classes might make for some difficult weight managing when you are at a particular weight for college. Like Zain for example trying to keep his body to be a full sized 149 as people are cutting a lot to get there but then having to make 65kg a few times in season, so he basically has to keep his weight right around 149 to not have to kill him self for the extra 6lbs to do an international event. That’s why Snyder went heavyweight.
  9. tec87

    Japanese qualifying system

    According to an Eric Olanowski tweet today, if a Japanese wrestler medals at worlds this year, they automatically are on the Olympic team for 2020
  10. tec87

    Final X - Lincoln

    Looks like JB woke up and said “screw it, I’m done playing around now”
  11. tec87

    Who will be the next Cael (as a coach)?

    Shouldn’t this be “which wrestler who has great credentials and is going to put together a staff with a legit stud assistant coach that could rival Cael’s record?” Thats not to knock Cael’s coaching abilities but we all know that it’s not just Cael’s name that’s helping develop these guys.
  12. tec87

    Kyven Gadson

    Yeah Cormier went up and beat Mocco by 1-2pts at a tournament once. Which makes sense as Cormier was pretty quick and Mocco isn’t a fast, he’s fast for a heavyweight at that time. The top US heavyweights aren’t slow guys today. Gadsen wouldn’t be top 3-4 at heavy in the US.
  13. tec87

    If Cox medals at World's...

    Snyder beat Cox 4-3 in the semis of the 2015 US Open.
  14. Herbert was actually world silver not bronze.