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  1. If this were to affect anyone, it would be Taylor. The reason being that the trials are in April and his wife is due in April. Who knows how close to the actual trials date the baby could be born. Physically, I don’t doubt he’ll be prepared but mentally will he be there if he’s trying to focus on the trials and in the back of his mind his wife is literally due any day? if both win the trials, they’ll be just fine by Olympic time.
  2. Possible plot twist here and not that it would effect which weight Cox decides to go but could make the 86kg path a little easier. David Taylor just posted on twitter that he’s going to be a dad and the baby is due in April. Could be around the trials. I know I had a lot on my mind around the time my daughter was due and I wasn’t trying to make the Olympic team. Just hoping Taylor is able to keep his focus.
  3. His testing isn’t simple blood or urine tests, he needs to speak with psych professionals for his testing.
  4. 3-2 Brock http://dept.cord.edu/sports/sportsbackup/00/box/wr99box01.html
  5. Hmm interesting. That part of Michigan has a lot of really tough high school programs that put out a lot of talented wrestlers that might not be D1 caliber but could compete at the college level at least, so this is great for them. With Eastern Michigan being gone, it’s great to see another college option for these wrestlers.
  6. Ringer beat Hasanov last year 7-3 at a tournament in Ukraine. So Ringer could definitely contend for a title if given the shot at 79.
  7. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2018/February/25/Dieringer-wins-gold-three-others-claim-medals-at-Outstanding-Ukrainian-Memorial 7-3 Dieringer last year
  8. Another medal for Jordan’s collection. Crazy that there are no silvers in it.
  9. Brings up the memories of Saitiev vs a wrestler from I believe Senegal from the 03 worlds I think. First round the wrestler somehow manages to score on Saitiev or does something that pisses him off. Tech fall didn’t end the match then, you could elect to keep wrestling to work for the pin. Saitiev won like 30-2 or something.
  10. Welp, that’s pretty much it for Coon at the world championships this year barring crazy miracles
  11. Most likely past the deadline
  12. Wait, he might be BIG? lets test this. Nickerson sucks! He looks like one of the Golden Girls! Haze made him cry like a baby on the mat. Now we wait....
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