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  1. And just like most of his other threads, Jimmy drops a ridiculous thread topic and scurries off without returning to address the responses.
  2. As long as the obits and crime reports are free, that’s all that matters over there.
  3. Yep. He was rd of 12 one year at I believe 174 for Indiana.
  4. Exactly. Even if a parent storms the mat when their kid is slammed like that, most people would oh I don’t know, uhh run to make sure their kid was ok. This wasn’t a case of a kid being jumped in an alley or something and then the parent darts at the “attacker”. The parent clearly overreacted in the most ridiculous way possible.
  5. The General Adnan Hasbro isn’t real. It’s a custom someone made. Lol
  6. I think most of the comments regarding Snyder are just taking jabs to go “ha ha, the move to PSU sure is working out good huh?” And are only being made because he got pinned. Most people familiar with Snyder aren’t being serious and aren’t surprised he took that loss because he tends to take a few losses during the year and then is on his game at worlds/olympics, which is when one would hope he’s on his game.
  7. He’s not a tweener at all. The powers that be in the valley don’t want him at Taylor’s weight class. I believe it was said he weighed in under 92kg for 92kg at U23.
  8. There hasn’t been an off topic board in over 10yrs now. (Wow I’ve posted here a long time when I say stuff like that)
  9. He also says in his initial post that Cassar lost his spot....just like Whitmer. Lol
  10. Jesse Whitmer and I’m sure others say Hello.
  11. I thought he had a heart issue? That was why his international career came to an abrupt halt like a year after I think he placed 5th at worlds. I might be misremembering the worlds placement but I thought it was primarily a heart issue.
  12. Read this article....the ex father in law beat his first wife to death and some how got 11yrs for this attempted murder. Wow!
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