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  1. Themat just posted an article. It happened like August 17 and he was released Aug 21 and he’s doing well. Scary to have that happen at a young age.
  2. It’s a shame we won’t get a re-enactment of the wrestler from Senegal vs Saitiev match from the 03 Worlds in Downey vs Taylor. Lol
  3. You’re right. It was the semis. I don’t know why I was thinking the finals.
  4. Bekzhod Abdurakhmonov was Rd12,2nd getting destroyed by Taylor in the finals but has since won 2 world bronzes and finished 5th at the 2016 Olympics after he beat Burroughs. So not the best win based on NCAA results but a damn good international resume.
  5. I’m not watching much but I’m in the same boat as you. I changed up our Sling Tv package recently and it added the Olympic channel to our list. They’ve shown a lot of the 2018 and 2019 worlds recently.
  6. Lol yes. He would go to Davison in the fall for football and then Kentucky in the winter for 7th grade. Took 2nd that year and then moved to Apple Valley where he repeated 7th grade again and won Minnesota state titles from 7th-12th grade.
  7. Greco isn’t my favorite style but I’ll watch it if it’s on TV because it’s wrestling and I’ll follow how the US athletes are doing at worlds/olympics but I don’t seek out Greco. I liken Greco to high level jiu-jitsu. There is a lot of technique and strategy going on in matches that are only noticed by people that do that sport. To the outsider watching, it looks boring and just people pushing all the time or people just laying on each other, but there’s actually a lot going on. I don’t want to see any wrestling eliminated because they already tried removing it from the olympics before and taking out Greco would just be a gateway to further removal.
  8. Didn’t they change how they do brackets for the Yarygin a few years ago or maybe I’m thinking of a different tournament. But they basically had a Russian pool and then a rest of the world pool and the winners of the pools faced in the championship. So seeding wouldn’t matter most likely
  9. I don’t think he cares anymore. He’s spent the last 10 yrs or so still counting his billions of dollars from Disney. lol
  10. He went to Rutgers. Eugene “BIG” Baschmachenko
  11. Well ODU didn’t appreciate JB’s comments on their twitter page, nor did they like getting called out on using a wrestler in a “Wednesday wisdom” tweet, that they quickly deleted. But they topped it off this evening and blocked him on twitter.
  12. Easy. Pendleton led the series as Ben was a Frosh/Soph. Senior year Ben was another level from where he was then.
  13. Saderian Perry is a senior on the roster but he came to ODU after Eastern axed their program and now he’s there as ODU axes theirs. Crazy!
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