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  1. sockobuw

    Stall Camp

    When you correct someone that didn't need corrected 🙄
  2. sockobuw

    How Big? Cael's contract

    yeah they have roster spot listed as receiving aid. pretty embarrassing that they have that mistake...
  3. sockobuw

    How Big? Cael's contract

    Table 1 - - - Athletics Participation. A participant is a student-athlete who, as of the day of a varsity team's first scheduled contest in the traditional season: (a) is listed as a team member; (b) practices with the varsity team and receives coaching from one or more varsity coaches; or © receives athletically-related student aid. read the entire heading
  4. sockobuw

    How Big? Cael's contract

    where did you see that? their entire roster is 32..... i wonder who they paid $5,000 to wrestle them...???
  5. sockobuw

    How Big? Cael's contract

    success is similar. the sports are hard to compare in attendance because of the number of competitions. financially both programs have more than doubled their reported expenses since 2011. wrestling's revenue outpaces the w volleyball team by 700,000 and the net loss difference is more than a million dollars in wrestling's favor. hard to justify equal compensation.
  6. sockobuw

    How Big? Cael's contract

  7. sockobuw

    How Big? Cael's contract

    per match volleyball draws 1/3 of wrestling. total revenue from ticket sales is also 1/3 wvb/wr. volleyball operates losing a million dollars more than wrestling. financially they aren't on the same footing.
  8. sockobuw

    New rising star from Dagestan

    he's not even cadet eligible for another 15 years....
  9. sockobuw

    was the officiating poor at us open?

    almost every closely contested match had at least one challenge brick. make of it what you will.
  10. sockobuw

    Singlet pulling

    what's next, you guys will complain about ear biting for par terre turns?
  11. sockobuw

    Illegal Cutbacks (re: Clark vs Tomasello)

    100% not true. that clarification was made before this year, identifying the laces and shin bones. even before that clarification was published those versions were always illegal once the double knee kickback became illegal.
  12. sockobuw

    Illegal Cutbacks (re: Clark vs Tomasello)

    it became illegal in hs in '10-'11, not sure about college
  13. sockobuw

    Illegal Cutbacks (re: Clark vs Tomasello)

    Clark did exactly what you aren't allowed to do
  14. sockobuw

    Illegal Cutbacks (re: Clark vs Tomasello)

    my take on it from last year..... http://www.flowrestling.org/article/39433-by-the-numbers-uni-vs-cmu#.WL8K7RCMzYI
  15. sockobuw

    NCAA At Large Berths Announced

    he beat cruz, longo and prince early in the year. went 2-8 down the stretch against good competition. i had him and zanetta from pitt 18-13 4th acc battling for the 33rd spot. coaches poll and rpi liked profaci going into conferences.