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  1. The score was SEVEN to TWO.....?? That is sure close??? :roll: :roll: I can say I was close to a lot of state champs then cause the score was only 2-1 when I got pinned! :lol:


    Don't believe anyone claimed 7-2 was close or that it was comparable to being pinned.

    The statement was that Wood gets beat on pretty bad by Haines. I pointed out the State Final was tied after 2 periods and finished 7-2 after a late tilt.

    Sometimes watching the match can be more telling than the reading the final score.

  2. Does this really qualify as huge news? Obviously the guy is talented, but Penn State is constantly drawing extremely talented guys in their recruiting class. Is there something i'm missing here -->is he considered an immediate impact guy as a true freshman?



    I think he is the #5 guy p4p in his class, so I'd guess he is an immediate impact guy. Doesn't one of the Tirapelle's post here? They are Clovis guys. Maybe they can add something.


    Hopefully this starts a pipeline from Clovis to Cael's Penn State squad. That would be nice.


    Not sure how this impacts Thomas Haines. Haines is headed towards Hwt. himself.


    EDIT: I just watched Nevills finals match where he won Flo Nationals this year against Evan Daley who is headed to Clarion. Nevills has a lot of skills. You can watch that video here.


    http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/25 ... California



    This is an intresting situation. Nevills and Haines IMHO both look small for HWT (As does Evan Daily). Does anyone know what Nevills weighs? Evan Daily wrestled at 220 all season. Flo Nats he might have weighed 235, Nevills doesnt look much bigger then him at all. Daily is a above average wrestler who was clearly out of shape in this match and gave Nevills some troubles. Nevills is going to have to get better at holding people down. I personally think that Haines is better then Nevills. Daily lost to 220lb PA Freshman Jordan Wood this year (among others) who I am told gets beat on pretty bad by Haines. Nevills beats Daily at FLO nats. I personally think Haines pins Daily. Regardless it will be interesting to see how this all plays out in Happy Valley.


    Wood was tied 2-2 in the 3rd peropd of the State Finals until losing 7-2 to Haines. Not sure I'd call that getting beat on pretty bad.

  3. Guess I'll post mine as well.

    125 - nice showing, really didn't threaten Sanders at all, but didn't get blown out of the water by the #2 ranked guy either. I think he is more like top 10-12 now then the #18 that he is ranked.

    133 - Not much to say, Martelotti should be a big improvement.

    141 - Looked good for about a period and a half and then Dardanes took it to him. I like Sherlock's skill set, but he'll obviuosly need to perform better than this. I think we'll see some good things from Sherlock this year but his ceiling is up in the air for me.

    149 - Looked great until the last minute or so. Got to like what Tank is showing on top. I don't think it was conditioning as much as Molinaro not being a great scrambler due to his height and getting a little sloppy late in the bout.

    157 - I guess its easy to compare him to his twin brother - but I like Dylan's leg attacks much better than Andrew's and I thought his approach from the bottom position was better as well. He will need to work on his conditioning some and his focus. Overall I don't think there is much to be concerned about.

    165 - Not much to say.

    174 - Ditto

    184 - Looked a bit like the struggling Q from last year. The questionable escape/takedown in the second period was big, but Quentin didn't help much by not bearing down and getting an escape in the 2nd. Steinhaus is a tough match-up since he is a big strong kid who doesn't get out of position.

    197 - Gotta like what you see from McIntosh. Couple good shots that he couldn't finish in the 1st and 2nd periods. Great battle for position in the 3rd period scramble, but let his gaurd down and gave up the match. He outwrestled the #2 guy in the country for about 6:45 of that bout and he is only a few months out of HS so the sky is the limit.

    Heavy - you know what you are getting from Wade. Giving up the reversal was huge. I think this was more about Nelson possibly making a leap this year than Wade going backwards.

  4. The relatively few postings in this entry are evidence of the passage

    of time. In the past, this topic would have resulted in many more

    entries than are here now. I have enjoyed reading posts about Dave

    from Brother Morris and others.


    Stung by the small number of posts, I was motivated to add my own,

    though my direct knowledge of Dave is small. With that in mind, I'll

    share under three categories: what I saw in person, what I was told,

    and what I saw watching Dave on video.


    1. Things I saw in person.


    I didn't know Dave personally, but I grew up in Northern California

    also and entered a few spring freestyle tournaments he was at. He

    already had a reputation then and people would ring the mats when he

    wrestled. These were small-time events and in order to get a lot of

    matches Dave would enter two or three weight classes: his natural

    weight and those higher up.


    Dave would start these matches with something like both shoes untied

    and a strap on his singlet down. After each period, he would tie a shoe

    or pull a strap up. By the third period, he would finally have both

    shoes tied and both straps up. He would get serious at that point and

    quickly pin his opponent.


    At one of these tournaments, I saw Dave wrestle Bruce Kopitar. Dave

    was still in high school and Bruce had just won the state championship.

    He was bigger than Dave and very muscular. Dave's body toned up over

    time, but anyone who saw him in those days would know that his emphasis

    was on technique, not conditioning or strength.


    Before I knew who he would be wrestling, I saw Bruce huddled with his

    coach, looking very concerned. Occasionally, he or his coach would

    gesture to the other side of the mat and looking over I saw Dave. No

    one who was just comparing body types would have understood Bruce's

    concern or even fear, but Bruce knew what was coming. Once the match

    started, Dave peeled off multiple grand amplitude throws, Bruce's feet

    flying over his head. And my recollection is it was a freestyle match.


    2. Things I was told.


    I believe it was in an interview that I read Dave used to attend

    practice at his high school (Palo Alto high), then walk across the

    street to Stanford and attend their practice, and then drive to a

    local Junior college (Skyline) that held evening practices and

    workout there.


    As an older guy with kids, I wish more kids were told about things

    like this. Not everyone will choose to make the trade-offs Dave did,

    but I think it would be helpful for kids to learn that when they

    see phenomenal results - like Dave's - they should expect to find

    a phenomenal amount of work - like Dave's - behind it.


    Another highlight for Dave around that time, discussed in multiple

    articles and postings, is that as a high school senior, at a

    freestyle tournament, he wrestled an Iowa university senior who had

    just won the Div I nationals and been voted outstanding wrestler,

    and pinned him.


    3. Things I saw in videos.


    I think it is down now, but formerly the Dave Schultz wrestling club

    had a web site you could order videos from. There was a set of three

    that were recommended as Dave's best technique videos and I ordered

    those. They included matches from one of the times Dave won the

    national freestyle tournament by pinning everyone in his weight

    class and various world level competitions.


    Dave had evolved his style at that point into something that resembled

    wrestling-jujitsu. He rarely worked force-to-force, but used moves

    that gave him tremendous leverage. For instance, whereas I was taught

    to work an arm bar high, up near the shoulder joint, Dave would work

    it from near the elbow joint.


    In one of the videos, Dave has someone on their back with a double arm

    bar and his opponent swings their legs down, to bounce off their back,

    but Dave kept both of the guy's elbows pinned to the mat. There must

    have been a tremendous amount of torque on the guy's shoulders. As

    soon as his feet touched the mat from his downward swing, he actually

    jumped back to his own back, to relieve the pressure.


    Another thing notable, especially in the freestyle nationals videos, is

    how quickly Dave moved from a takedown into a turn. At about the time

    most people are thinking "whew, I got the takedown", he was turning the

    guy over. Consequently, at about the time most people would be thinking

    "shoot, I got taken down", those wrestling Dave would be fighting off

    their back.


    I'll close with my wife's recollection of Dave. We were just dating at

    the time we drove to attend a wrestling friend's wedding. While hanging

    out with the groom before the ceremony, wrestling videos were on and my

    wife - who hadn't watched any serious wrestling before then - remembers

    seeing a guy with a doughy body and a big smile on his face just

    dishing out punishment time after time to his opponents.


    RIP Dave!


    Very cool, thanks for sharing!

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