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  1. Will this mean they will have to develop Wrestling teams?
  2. Have to give Cleveland the edge; at least Cleveland State has a wrestling team.
  3. People involved in saving Fresno State Wrestling.
  4. Idaho: do you know of any names?
  5. That should have been the issue. How to stay within budget. I think Jayden Abas teaching California funk would have been a better solution.
  6. https://fresno.fan-one.com/nl/jsp/m.jsp?c=%40dBz0i2Sy2adtCSEQ6ibWlbxKh41lcwoRrlB%2Fsez4fOg%3D Celebrating Title IX
  7. I have gone to https://keepfresnostatewrestling.com/ ; sent e-mails with no reply. Is there any activity?
  8. Maybe so ; or I will get better reading glasses. Thanks for the support.
  9. Good catch; I really represented CSU Fresno alumni well. Hey we like wrestling spelling ehh.
  10. Alumni; doner. The more calls the more they will realize that they have made a wrong move. I also want to know what can be done. Again what is your plan?
  11. I asked The Athletic Dept does not make the decisions? You said correct and listed the various positions don't make the decisions but the AD does. I talked to Mr. Pucher Senior Associate Athletics Director for External Relations; he did his best to explain. I understand Title IX and Women's Lacrosse, however, he did say that Wrestling was dependent on Men's tennis, but could not explain why. IronChef what is your solution? Calling the CSUF Athletic Dept will ensure that they know the community is disappointed. What harm will it cause? "Better to light one candle than to cry about the dark"
  12. Director of Athletics has much to do about making the call. Last time the program was dropped it was Thomas Boeh's decision. Mr. Turney he does not list his contact information, Senior Associate Athletics Director for External Relations, Senior Associate Athletics Director for Sport Services/SWA, and Deputy Director of Athletics can convey the message.
  13. The Athletic Dept does not make the decisions? Tom Boeh was very instrumental in dropping the program the first time to add Cross Country.
  14. Terry Tumey Director of Athletics Too afraid to leave contact info on site.
  15. FRANK PUCHER TITLE Senior Associate Athletics Director for External Relations EMAIL fpucher@csufresno.edu PHONE 559-278-8006
  16. CARRIE COLL TITLE Senior Associate Athletics Director for Sport Services/SWA EMAIL ccoll@csufresno.edu
  17. Numbers to call: MEREDITH JENKINS TITLE Deputy Director of Athletics EMAIL meredithjenkins@csufresno.edu eredithjenkins@csufresno.edu PHONE 559-278-4905
  18. Stanford is private. Unfortunately Davis was the last UC school with a wrestling team.
  19. That looked like a ref.
  20. It may seem somewhat silly, however, I think that wrestling Referees should dress as though they are officiating a though, grueling sport and not like they are attending cocktail hour at the club. This is one of the changes made to make our sport like Judo. Wrestling is not Judo, although Judo is a form of wrestling.
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