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  1. EasyToPin

    Best of 3 Finals, who you got??

    Ramos Garrett Stieber Molinaro Imar Dieringer Perry Winn Gadson Coon
  2. EasyToPin

    Chris Perry

    Is Chris Perry still competing? I remember seeing him do well at the U.S. Open before he became a college star and thought he would represent Team USA multiple times and contend for world levels. Haven't seen too much of him lately.
  3. EasyToPin

    Senior World Team Trials

    I thought the round started at 5 p.m. CT? Is that schedule off?
  4. EasyToPin

    Senior World Team Trials

    Just so I'm clear: tonight we will only have five championship bracket matches at 57 (Fix-Sanders), 70 (Hidlay-Molinaro), 74 (Kulchytskyy-Gantt), 97 (Gadson-Walz), and 125 (Nelson-high school kid), but no matches at 61, 65, 79, 86 and 92. Is that correct?
  5. EasyToPin

    US OPEN-freestyle discussion

    Not a savior. But he should be a productive NCAA wrestler. Could be a multiple-time All-American if he keeps progressing.
  6. EasyToPin

    US Open Finals

    Coon has wrestled two tournaments and faced mammoths Dom Bradley and Robby Smith last night. I think he's going to be too tired and beat up to defeat Varner tonight. I have it 3-0 Varner. Varner has outscored his opponents like 28-1.
  7. EasyToPin

    US Open Finals

    57: Daton Fix 61: Nahshon Garrett 65: Jaydin Eierman 70: Jason Chamberlain 74: Isaiah Martinez 79: Kyle Dake 86: David Taylor 92: J'den Cox 97: Ty Walz 125: Jake Varner
  8. EasyToPin

    What happened to Steiber???

    He had a bad match. Eierman wrestled well and was hungry after NCAAs. It happens.
  9. EasyToPin

    Gilroy's new coach

    I agree. DC is someone anyone would be wise to listen to on weight management. He has gone from a heavyweight to the best light heavyweight (205 pounds) in the world.
  10. EasyToPin

    So what's the deal with your screen name?

    I was easy to pin as a wrestler, so some of my teammates just started calling me that.
  11. EasyToPin

    Change at WVU- No Bull

    I hope this means Clemson is adding a Division I wrestling program.
  12. EasyToPin

    Barry Davis

    Will be interesting to see where Barry Davis resurfaces.
  13. EasyToPin

    Get on Kanen Storrs Twitter

    Will be Bormet.
  14. EasyToPin

    Snyder vs Coon final?

    I don't know if that would be much of an upset. Both were Ironman champs and Fargo AAs.
  15. EasyToPin


    Donny Pritzlaff is the obvious hire and the right hire. I would think they would put personal differences aside if there are some. However, if that doesn't come to fruition, maybe they can lure in Chris Bono. Bono would certainly generate some excitement around the program, which I think the program needs right now.