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  1. gary

    Kyle Dake

    One thing that isn't mentioned about Kyle and his epic achievements is the fact he is an Acedemic All-American at one of America's most prestigious colleges
  2. Kyle made Time Magazine this week, who else from Lansing High School is considering CU, I know Koll has 2 kids that wrestle and what happened to Kyle's brother, I heard he is at a local community college that doesn't have a wrestling program.
  3. if I ever get the chance to ask Kyle a question, I would like to know his thoughts on the impact that going to CU had on his career, would he have been as successful at say PENN?
  4. If Kyle doesn't win the Hodge then the criteria is wrong, this young man is also an acedemic all-american, at Cornell no less. If academics is not a criteria, they should be.
  5. gary


    If Dake doesn't get it then it is as big a travesty as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame keeping the Moody Blues out.
  6. gary


    I do not think it is fair for ESPN to rearrange the order of matches just to draw viewers, especially now that PSU has so many finalists. I think this could provide the BIG MO that would /could be an unfair advantage that running the match order from bottom to top would not necessarily provide. I am a huge Dake fan, and I don't like it. It looks to me that Dake will have to be at his absolute best tonight, DT has been awesome in the tourney so far. I will be on the edge of my seat.
  7. gary


    where are up to date brackets for des moines on line???
  8. gary


    I would like to know how Troy Nickerson is now and what is he doing, he told me once he would like to go to Dental/orthodonics school, and what is Jordan Leen and Mac Lewnes doing and any others you might know about Anceravage etc. thanks
  9. gary

    Kyle Dake

    I strongly disagree with those who disparge Kyle for being arrogant, cocky and a few other things. It was the Great Dizzy Dean who said "it ain't braggin if you can do it". Kyle certainly can do it, just this past weekend he faced the 10th ranked wrestler, and he pinned him in the 1st period WOW. All I can say is that David Taylor of PSU must be one heck of a wrestler too, and that is what wrestling is all about.
  10. gary

    Kyle Dake

    I have been in his corner since junior high going to Lansing HS right next door. When he was a fresman at CU, in his very first college match, I think it was against Maryland at Cornell, Kyle was unranked because he never wrestled at the college level, his opponent was ranked #4 in the nation (I don"t remember his name, maybe someone will help me out, and was it Maryland?) Anyhow the match proceeds and is tight then in the 3rd KD takes this guy and puts him right on his back, in front of the CU bench, The crowd went nuts and KD went on to win, and beat him again the next day at the Body Bar. I was there. If KD doesn't win the Hodge after winning his 4th then something is wrong. When Jordan Leen won his national title and did not win MOW (his slate was everyone ranked above him) another slam against CU
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