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  1. Agree. I drove hour and 15 up to Evanston to see the dual, but more specifically to see the two best matchups at 125 and 157. It was disappointing and sad to see Iowa sit their starters at those two weights. If both guys are legitimately injured or sick, that's fine. However, I wish the coaches were more transparent. If Mike Krzyzewski sat Zion Williamson vs. North Carolina, fans would be rightfully upset at Coach K, unless he came out and publicly stated Zion was dealing with an injury. Coach Saban discusses players' injuries (or says it's a "personal issue") at nearly every press conference. For some reason, wrestling coaches (some are worse than others) tend to sit good wrestlers when they face tough(er) opponents. It's bad for the sport. I don't blame Flo as I don't think they had any idea Brands would sit Lee and Young. However, listening to Brands' comments after the dual, it seemed as if the Lee move was discussed and planned days/weeks ago. Personally, I would not have driven to Evanston if I knew Lee was not going to wrestle. The outcome of the dual was never in doubt.
  2. I'm with Cletus. I'm willing to travel to almost anywhere in the US for all the freestyle weight classes. I'm not willing to travel to three different locations or to one location for 1/3 of the weight classes. I'm sure USA Wrestling and Flo will add the attendance figures from all three locations and call it a success, but for me, I'd prefer one location.
  3. Nope. Not enough. Dake will never win by one take down. He will have to win by a more decisive margin.
  4. Dake will never win by 1. If he ever beats Burroughs, it will be because it was not even close enough for the officials to make it close.
  5. It's sad to say but Dake will need to beat Burroughs by 4+ points to win a match. If the match is close, the officials will find a way to give it to Burroughs. Burroughs is still USA's Golden Boy and you can be assured USA Wrestling (and its officiating crew) is protecting Burroughs.
  6. Yes he did. Maybe more interesting, the #1 seed (Kutler) from Lehigh failed to make weight. Palacio's path to the finals (as the 4 seed) much easier now. How does a guy miss weight for his conference tourney?
  7. I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority but I loved this event when it was in Cedar Falls at the UNI Dome. Lots of great wrestling in a dual match environment, great seats, cheap beer. It was my favorite wrestling trip every year. I enjoyed chatting with wrestling fans of the smaller D2 and D3 schools.
  8. Righteous? Punishing 37 student athletes for the sins of X is righteous? At this point, there's zero evidence the entire Columbia wrestling team is guilty of any wrongdoing. I read all the alleged text messages. Can you tell me what Columbia wrestler(s) wrote any of them?
  9. I've read that, carp. I'm confused as to what you thing most on this thread do not get. What exactly does this statement tell us that we do not get?
  10. So 8/37 athletes listed on the roster are seniors, yet the entire team and season is suspended until further notice. Given how NCAA allocates slots to NCAA tourney, it's likely some of these Columbia athletes (and the EIWA) will be at a disadvantage come March for NCAA allocation purposes. My fear is it may be 8 weeks before the University concludes it's investigation and finds no wrongdoing by the majority of students on the wrestling team. Suspending the team's seasons seems to be misplaced punishment, based on what we know right now.
  11. Are you sure the GroupMe chat was the entire team? If everything you write above is true, then it all makes sense. However, I'm not sure all wrestlers were on the chat. I've read (can't find it now, but will continue looking) as few as four current wrestlers (and two former wrestlers) were on this GroupMe chat. If that's the case, the University's punishment is out of line. I despise "group punishments", and this just seems like another example of punishing the lot for the sins of the few. We will all learn more later I'm sure.
  12. I definitely thing both Snyder and Burroughs deserve an easier path to making the Olympic team. The bye to the finals is fair, but not when the finals are the same day as the qualifying tourney. I suggest USA Wrestling hold the qualifying mini-tournament one day, then the best of three finals the next day. It would give the challenger a 18-24 hour break between wrestling his/her last match of the qualifier before challenging the returning world medalist.
  13. I don't even know what you're watching,Vak. If you showed that match to 10 Russians (ie. no Iowa love or hate), I'm betting all 10 would say that match was officiated improperly on multiple occasions. Rewatching Ramos' takedown, he gets Garrett's leg up, sweeps the other leg, but never gains control of other leg or hips while holding Garrett's left leg below the knee. The ref awards the TD while Garrett is posted on both hands and feet. Ref blows whistle and Garrett collapses. There was no TD (despite what the official and Shane Sparks say) at the time of the whistle. I do see the official gesturing to Garrett but cannot hear what he's saying. If he's warning him for passivity then the official has no idea what passivity is. Garrett is hand fighting with Ramos while circling. When he awards the final point, Garrett is literally standing in the center circle while Ramos is outside. Yet, people say "controlling the center of the mat" is more important than executing offensive moves. Garrett was the more aggressive wrestler in that match. I'm not sure if the official was influenced by the partisan crowd or simply wanted Ramos to win, but that was an awful call. I've watched 1000s of freestyle matches and I've never seen passivity called as it was in that match.
  14. I'm not sure we watched the same match, Vak. I was at the event and thought it was the worst freestyle call I had ever seen. After returning and watching the match again, it's worse than I thought. You claim Garrett "ran for at least a minute". I invite you to watch the video again. (I'll link it below.). With minute 50 seconds to go, Garrett takes a decent shot (Ramos defended) and then 3 seconds later gets put on the clock. Ramos had done little more than hand fight up to that point. With minute 31 seconds to go, Garrett gets a single but once again Ramos defends it well. With minute 15 seconds left, Ramos gets single and quick TD call (I'm not sure Ramos had control). In the last minute, Garrett was probably as aggressive as Ramos was. Garrett took a shot at a double with 50 seconds left. Ramos defended it well. They continued to hand fight for another 25 seconds. Garrett was never close to the outer circle, had one foot inside the inner circle for much of the handfighting. Garrett circled back to the center a few times. At 23 seconds left, Ramos takes his first legitimate shot in nearly a minute. Garrett gets warned. Garrett spends the next 10 seconds hand fighting with Ramos, with his foot inside the inner circle for much of that time, before the ref awards Ramos the last point. That was an awful call. That ref should never officiate an OTT match again. Ramos will never get a call like that again. The ref stole that match from Garrett. If Garrett and Ramos wrestle 10 matches, Garrett wins 8 probably. That ref decided the match. Just a terrible call. http://www.flowrestling.org/article/40979-tony-ramos-vs-nahshon-garrett-at-2016-olympic-trials
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