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  1. pennsyrules

    Conel vs. Nickal

    The difference between Metcalf/Caldwell and Conel/Bo is that Caldwell had the raw talent to match Metcalf. I think last year, Conel snuck up on some people. Not sure that will happen this year. What I do like about Bo though, is he doesn't really shy away from any positions and believes he can win them all which could give Conel that opportunity for the big move.
  2. pennsyrules

    Next OSU Coach

    I don't think Pop will leave NC State.
  3. pennsyrules

    Suriano interview s

    It reminds me of the interview that Chael Sonnen did when he talked about his rough upbringing. How his teenage neighbors had to "share" a Mercedes and how there was a time when he was young that he actually saw someone jaywalk and the effect it had on him. It was heart wrenching.
  4. pennsyrules

    Junior Worlds 2018

    Thanks for the info. One could argue that when you open up the U23 to kids three years older, you bring in more competition , no? I get that the world team members (for us, it would only be Snyder, right?) would be excluded, but why wouldn't everyone else compete in the U23?
  5. pennsyrules

    Junior Worlds 2018

    What is the difference between junior world championship and U23? Is either more prestigious? We saw the Rutgers kid win a gold and he came up short at NcAa.
  6. pennsyrules

    Lee v. DeSanto in the room

    That's pretty cool that Iowa opens their practice to spectators. How many people watch? Does any other school?
  7. pennsyrules

    Junior Worlds 2018

    Don't forget a guy who was a 2 Time AA and Round of 12 and was competitive with every 165 lb kid in the country....but not so much with Nolf.
  8. pennsyrules

    JO nagging Retherford

    Zain does his talking on the mat. Not crazy about the antics but JO is certainly a tough customer. Would be a battle.
  9. pennsyrules

    The real "Warriors"!

  10. pennsyrules

    The real "Warriors"!

    I believe there is overuse of the word "warriors" when it comes to athletes. I appreciate the effort of athletes as much as anyone but I have issues with the word "warriors" in describing a top athlete. The purpose of this post is not to debate the "warrior" term as much as point out who I feel are real "warriors". I will name several and anyone else who can add to it, please do. While I am mentioning military achievements, I think their are others who deserve the name "warriors" who might not be in the military. 1. The Commander of the 2nd Fleet of the US Navy was just named in light of recent aggression from Russia. Vice Admiral Andrew Lewis was a Top Gun Pilot in the Navy and state runner-up in California in HS and wrestled for Navy in the early Mid 80's. Just a great guy but a bad ass dude. 2. Vice Admiral Tim Szymanski is the commander of the Navy Seals in Coronado and was a previous Seal Team leader. Also a world class judo competitor, Tim also competed in HS in Delaware and was on the Naval Academy Wrestling Team with Lewis. 3. The "Lion of Fallujah" Doug Zembiec was recently given some credit in the "blog" written about our current world team. Probably no one more of a "warrior" then he was. Also a Navy wrestler and wrestled in New Mexico. 4. Senator McCain was also a wrestler. 5. Colin Kilrain was Seal team leader and one of the highest ranked SEAL's before his retirement. A Lehigh Grad who obviously was a stud on the mat. Please add anyone that you truly feel belongs in this group.
  11. pennsyrules

    Nolf v. Joseph - who wins?

    Developed his technique with a woman coach, it sounds like from the video.
  12. pennsyrules

    Nolf v. Joseph - who wins?

    It's funny if you watched Nolf in HS, you realize that the kid is doing the same things now at the DI level that he did in HS! Not to take anything away from PSU, but I think Nolf would be dominant no matter where he went. He's that freakin talented.
  13. pennsyrules

    Isn't it surprising?

    That no college wrestlers have tested positive for performance enhancing drugs(to my knowledge)? It seems strange that there are quite a few International style wrestlers that test positive for drugs, yet no one has ever tested positive at the NCAA level? Are the tests easier to beat or are they any different than the International tests? Or maybe we should believe that there is no use at our college level?
  14. Yes, i think Courtney fits the definition of a "dark horse" for that reason. No doubt, its a loaded weight but many of those other guys are not "dark horses".
  15. I will throw Brian Courtney of UVA in as a potential AA at 133. Problem is, the weight is loaded but with a break here and there, he's a tough matchup. That's assuming Mueller doesn't go 133.