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  1. pennsyrules

    Mizzou advertising for an Asst. Coach?

    Plus the fact that you have 4 years tuition free(plus you get paid) whether you continue to wrestle or not. Granted, you do owe the country some time but still a great option, imo.
  2. pennsyrules

    Muhamed McBryde

    Wow, thanks for sharing. Real cool story. Stutz let one get away there! Another kid who wrestled well who was under the radar was Jim Hoffman from Lehigh. Beat some good guys in the tournament.
  3. pennsyrules

    Any word on Kyle Conel, Cassar or Rasheed?

    Its official. Cassar with two more years approved.
  4. With all the brutal matches that he wrestled this year to qualify for Final X, I wouldn't exactly call it a gift. I picture a gift as something pleasant and nice. His matches looked anything but that. ps. I also seem to remember(I think after the trials) him saying he had never won a period of DT and he had alot of work ahead of him. Nothing cocky about that.
  5. pennsyrules

    Yianni's potential opponenets

    A little off topic but can you be pinned when you are initiating the move if your back is flat even temporarily? The reason I ask is there certainly was a time or two that I've seen guys flat on their own back but no pin was called, however they were in process of hitting move.
  6. pennsyrules

    Pat Downey is still Pat Downey!

    I'm not getting all the hostility towards Downey. I agree he's done some dumb things in his past and he may have a chip on his shoulder but overall, does he deserve all the haters? Please point out what he has done to deserve it. I don't know all his history but I like what I see as a tough competitor. I see a kid who hates to lose and has alot of fight in him. He has also beaten some very good wrestlers in his career and it looks like he may finally have grown up. Working with the New Jersey RTC seems to have made him better. His conditioning is much better and he wrestles such a physical style that he needs to be in great shape. Take a look at the way he competes and I don't know how you can't like him as a wrestler. I even watched when he got tech'd by Taylor and I still thought it was very competitive until he gassed. The Downey that wrestled last week is a different animal from the past. He's now able to compete hard and last the entire match. I didn't see him beating Taylor, but I think he would've made it competitive.
  7. pennsyrules

    Gavin Hoffman vs Michael Beard

    I think Dake said in one of his videos that Cael didn't recruit him? I also heard that Koll thought he was going to get both Nolf and Retherford.
  8. pennsyrules

    Any word on Kemerer getting a 6th year?

    If a kid gets injured and can be approved for another year or two of college while his University pays for his masters(or advanced degree), why not do it? Its actually a huge bonus. I know a kid on a D1 team recently who was approved for a medical redshirt so he will probably get his masters from the school because with his redshirt, he's got 6 years paid(or the majority of it). Regarding age and success in college. With the success of 18-20 year olds now, I am not sure there is any advantage physically to a kid 23-24 vs a 21-22 year old. I just don't see it. And to answer the OP question, I see absolutely no reason why kemerer won't get the medical redshirt.
  9. pennsyrules

    All-time PSU team?

    Depends what you mean by substantial... I will edit it if makes you feel better:) I'm still struggling with all the political correctness but willing to try.
  10. pennsyrules

    All-time PSU team?

    I like Hughes. Lynch was one timer but not sure what we have any better? Didn't Distafanis win it twice at 118/125? Elinsky would've been 157 until the arrival of Nolf. Crazy how many guys are recent members.
  11. pennsyrules

    Did anyone think.....

    Burroughs was a little too cocky and arrogant? Or maybe it was all show? This was an exhibition and in my opinion JB was trying to prove something(that he didn't have to prove). Why wouldn't he be able to handle a guy who hadn't wrestled in years? I didn't like the push off the mat in the first minute and thought it was "bush league" and some of his trash talk I found too much. I almost feel like Burroughs feels slighted by all the attention MMA gets vs wrestling and he had to tell everyone how good he is. You have a guy like Askren who is doing wrestling a huge favor by participating in this event and handled himself real well. I almost wished he would've called Jordan to the Octagon so he could show his superiority. Now, before anyone jumps all over me, I love JB and just giving my opinion that he could've been a little more modest in the whole event.
  12. pennsyrules

    BTS Picks

    I agree and your Schalles comparison is a good one. The other thing that I keep thinking about is David Taylor cradling JB twice in one match. I think something like that is a possibility for Askren. Regarding Yianni, I know Bajrang is a world silver(one time) but I look at the guy similar to a James Green(actually, isn't JG more decorated? I can see Yianni winning that match.
  13. pennsyrules

    Cornell Greece Man Will Win Worlds

    Zain will be our rep.
  14. pennsyrules

    Predict the world team

    I'm not so quick to give up Zain(maybe the Pa in me:). I see him avoiding that single and focusing on double. Yianni is sick defense if you only have one leg. Also, I think zain will wrestle a smarter match and be our representative. With that said, he needs to get thru the WTT first. I agree with Nolf coming aboard although against pantaleo and don't think Ringer can beat Dake. I will say that Bo looks extremely strong against these guys. Machiavelli is a stud and Bo didn't have any issues with his strength.
  15. pennsyrules

    Is Yianni the Second Best Ever?

    Unless Yianni wins a world gold this year(while he's 19) and knocks off some of the World's best, Snyder is the best ever at this point of his career. However, the title of the post is different than what NJdan says in his first post. After 2 years of college, Yianni obviously has to be considered top couple when it comes to record at this point. I think to argue dominance is not relevant in his question. Purely college record, yes he is one of the all time best.