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  1. As a Pa guy and dreaming, I really wish Cael would've kept Carr(141), Desanto(133), and Lee all at home. I guess it depends on the kids financial need, but I think it would have to be easier on Cael's budget than bringing in out of staters.
  2. pennsyrules

    Pat Downey "Uncut" interview

    It looks like the kid was definitely a litle crazy in HS. However, since college, he hasn't been in any trouble(so it seems) except that he likes to party a bit. I know this is "taboo" in today's DI programs and is a bad example for other teammates. With that said, the kid competes hard, doesn't seem to have any "Desanto" in him, and is very talented and obviously loves the sport. Sorry, I wrestled in the 80's and there was more of these types of kids(Penrith is a notable one...because they were able to get away with it) but in todays game, not much tolerance for t his.
  3. pennsyrules

    D1 vs D3

    The majority of these examples were from guys in the 70's and 80's. Still think if they want to make a name for themselves, go to the Opens where DI kids compete.
  4. pennsyrules

    Bo Nickal

    8-6 against the 11th ranked guy from Nebraska is what I was referring to.
  5. pennsyrules


    I wonder though, if Iowa was wrestling PSU this weekend, would Brands "maybe" give DeSanto one more chance:)
  6. pennsyrules

    Bo Nickal

    Wow! Should Moore even show up? I did watch Nickal against Nebraska and that guy was within 3 points or so of Bo...
  7. pennsyrules


    What match is he sitting and is it a match that matters?
  8. pennsyrules

    D1 vs D3

    What gets me is that I don't understand why more D3 guys don't try to compete in opens against the D1 guys. Rarely have we seen the top D3 and D2 guys compete against D1. Maybe its easier to say that there is not that big a difference and without any real evidence, its hard to refute. I think if you look at a guy like White(Thomas of Pitt)and others that have come to D1, they generally are not competing for a title. More often than not, they are in the 8-20 range, imo.
  9. pennsyrules

    Penn State @ Ohio State

    I'm just as surprised by the fact that Lee upsets Mckenna. It ain't happening.
  10. pennsyrules

    Edinboro Open

    Where do all the Penn State backups wrestle? Rarely see them competing(unless i am missing something).
  11. pennsyrules

    Desanto's In-Match Antics

    I agree with the shove being unnecessary. There is no reason why they shouldn't get hit with a team point because that was definitely unsportsmanlike. A DQ, probably not. When it comes to chippy, I would have to put Nebraska's Berger in that category as well. Not to the extent of DeSanto but he's definitely an instigator. ps. I saw Ashnault do a similar thing to Kolodzik which I thought was uncalled for.
  12. pennsyrules

    Iowa vs Nebraska Thread

  13. pennsyrules

    Iowa vs Nebraska Thread

    Lee looked shaky(injured) when he left the mat. Definitely looks like something is missing. Moisey has made a living out of his big moves and glad to see him attempt it. Too many guys try to keep the score close without attempting anything which could close the match. Baffled why Lee didn't go for one more turn at the end to get the tech though!
  14. pennsyrules

    How can Rutgers become a top 10 team?

    Considering Rider has had more AA's than Rutgers, there are going to be some that will choose Rider. Given all the advantages that Rutgers has over Rider with Big 10 and the RAC and facilities, Rutgers definitely would have the advantage. However, that's where recruiting is so important in state. Rider is also fully funded so they may be able to get the kids just based on money/scholarships. In the dual meet this year, almost every match was close(other than Ash and Suriano). ps. Listen to Humphreys interview on Flo and I think you will see that the kids that go to Princeton, are not considering Rutgers(or Rider for that matter). Don't see Princeton as a bigger recruiting competitor than Rider.
  15. pennsyrules

    Kyle Conel

    Is he healthy?