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  1. pennsyrules

    Do Penn State wrestlers look small for their weights?

    They all seem very strong though. You don't see any of them "out horsed". (Ref. Nolf vs Hidlay)
  2. pennsyrules

    Do Penn State wrestlers look small for their weights?

    This team is definitely smaller than the PSU Teams of the 80's(for those old enough to remember). Childs, Elinsky, Bevilacqua, Brugal, and crew. There was some good weight training going on back then! ps. Jim Martin could've blended in with the team of today.
  3. pennsyrules

    Do Penn State wrestlers look small for their weights?

    Good point, but more injuries happen in the practice room than in matches! And there is a lot of competition in that room.
  4. pennsyrules

    Do Penn State wrestlers look small for their weights?

    I think the lack of injuries is something to be studied for PSU wrestlers. There have been relatively few injuries sustained by the Penn State guys and this has been impressive. I would be interested to see if wrestlers with thinner builds have a less likelihood of getting injured.
  5. Keeping your mind and body sound is so important and it looks like that's what Kyle is doing. Our society needs to let our body heal itself(when possible) instead of going to the local hospital for a drug which simply masks the problem and long term hurts the body. Not sure about the mental approach(although I can't see how it can hurt especially based on Kyle's performance) but the Chiropractic makes total sense.
  6. pennsyrules

    most SV losses in one dual?

    Judging by the results, looks like Buffalo was in better shape!
  7. pennsyrules

    Micky Phillippi

    Didn't he start at UVA?
  8. pennsyrules

    Iowa vs Iowa State

    Seeing some of the affects of good coaching around the country. Iowa State, Wisconsin, Pittsburgh among others.
  9. they are up now on flo.
  10. no brackets out yet? I looked on flo and couldn't find them.
  11. pennsyrules

    Could he do it?

    And didn't one of them become an AA(Div 2 or 3 but still).
  12. pennsyrules

    Could he do it?

    But he could also be a 3 time AA and possible National Champ somewhere else. If his goal is to be a National Champ, then he can finish what he started....just somewhere else.
  13. pennsyrules

    Could he do it?

    Saw this mentioned on another thread and thought it interesting. Could Nevilles(or Cassar depending) transfer for spring semester outside of the Big Ten and be eligible to compete at NCAA's? Both of them could easily AA and Neville's could always finish his degree at PSU. I would consider doing this if it was me. Thoughts?
  14. pennsyrules

    Mat Town Open 1

    Not that anyone cares, but in the 80's this was one of the tougher tournaments in the East. The majority of eastern schools attended.
  15. pennsyrules

    Iowa vs Princeton

    Really? Based on what? Not saying he didn't have some fight in him, but he really had nothing for Lee.( Although after further review, I have a feeling you might be saying this "tongue in cheek").