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  1. I have heard stories where donors are willing to give provided their dollars go towards wrestling only but I am not sure this is allowed. Seems strange to me but I think the University can put the money where they want. Maybe Gimp would know the answer to this. I had heard an ex Bloomsburg Wrestler was going to give some substantial money some years back but was told it couldn't all be earmarked for wrestling and he pulled back his offer.
  2. Navy grads do exceptional well with careers despite their commitment upon graduation. In addition, Navy is 100% paid for by the taxpayers so financial aid is not even a concern. The students also are active duty military and paid while they are in school. I don't know how many Ivy league wrestlers are coming out of college with zero debt and a savings account but I bet it's not many. It is very tough academically and I believe has one of the lowest acceptance rates among colleges.
  3. If his long term goals are to open and run a wrestling club, the South Jersey/SE Pa area is perfect for him. Compared to Nebraska, large population and excellent youth wrestling. Not to knock Nebraska wrestling but Jordan back in his home state would be huge.
  4. John Reich was very tough. 3rd(behind Dave Shultz and Mike Sheets) and lost to Sheets in finals 1983. The 1982-83 team was very tough(EIWA champions) and had two AA's and coming into the tournament, I believe 5 wrestlers seeded in the top 8. This had to be one of the toughest teams that Navy ever had as far as wrestling. As a side note, Reich injured his neck wrestling freestyle against Dave Shultz and it was a debilitating injury that has affected him his entire life. Very bad injury to a great guy.
  5. If he got on this forum, he could find plenty of people to argue with him!:)
  6. There is no comparison between the way Retherford wrestled and RBY. You would have to be an anti-Zain fan to think he stalled. RBY on the other hand, definitely is one of the "best stallers". That's from a fan of PSU.
  7. I wonder if it hurt the attendance issues? I know I often go to AA and AAA but this year I didn't go to both because I could catch up on flo.
  8. Brackets or final results anywhere?
  9. Just mentioned this in another post. I wrestled in NJ and strongly dislike the NJ attitude on the mat! Goodale reinforces that Jersey attitude. Plenty of NJ Guys do not!
  10. Never mind, I didn't see your reply. Congratulations! We need athlethics and academics! I often wonder why you would go to Ivy vs great Public when you get no $$.
  11. Wait, always thought you wrestled at VA Tech? If you got into these schools........................why Va Tech?
  12. While my favorite wresters are named Hall, Marinelli and Joseph, I need to address the......Rutgers-Rider Match. I was very interested in this match of NJ vs NJ. I traveled down to the match and have to say I was very disappointed with the matches. Aside from the boring wrestling, I was not happy with the show the Rutgers Staff exhibited. I can't criticize the Rider wrestlers(except for their inability to win close matches with a sold out Rider Arena) , however, Goodale and Company were a disgrace. I love what Rutgers has done with their program but PLEASE... act like you've been there before! R
  13. Well, Cenzo has some pretty good upper body guys in the PSU room , that's for sure.
  14. Absolutely, I definitely should've mentioned Lehigh. Didn't know they were top 10 though all those years, especially in the 80's.
  15. I guess I don't remember back to the 70's but Pa in the 80's was PSU, Lock Haven, Bloomsburg, Pitt and Clarion. Slippery Rock was fading but those others had to be top 15.
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