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  1. J'den Cox interview after WTT left me confused. He definitely was visibly upset and seems to be bitter against some for his missed weigh in. Has there ever been mention of who it is he has an issue with and why? To me, it just seems like an accountability problem which lies squarely on him and his coach. I enjoy J'den's personality and wrestling but just seems like the blame for what happened to him shouldn't be placed on anyone else, agree?
  2. After watching the Belarusian against both Dake and Chamizo, you have to be impressed. That kid is hot! Sometimes you have to give credit to the opponent.
  3. Funny, I was just listening to the Sebolt video on flo and he mentioned him and Slaton were competitors in HS. I remember Slaton was a runnerup as a redshirt freshman) I think), but what happened after that? Looks like me maybe didn't make the lineup? Testiment to how tough DI is. Who has details?
  4. I apologize if this is somewhere in the other long thread but I didn't see it. My question is why wouldn't our USA Coaches send more than one 65kg to try to qualify the weight? I believe if we had Mckenna/Yianni/Lee there, maybe we end up with someone who finishes top 2 and we qualify the weight. In the event JO were to get hurt, these guys potentially could get the call to wrestle in the Olympics. Is there any rule that says if an American wrestler qualified the weight, that he has to be our representative?
  5. Flo's Bader had a real good opportunity to ask some tough questions to Cox, but he failed to do so. How do you not ask him what happened with the Trials? Also, how does he not follow up and ask who Cox is not happy with for not backing him up? Maybe even ask Cox what he would've done if it was Snyder who missed weight? I enjoy Bader but these guys don't know how to ask good questions. ON a side note, I did find the Cox' brothers interview very good. Best of luck to J'den's brother in his quest to get a kidney transplant.
  6. Kinesiology can be used as pre med and can help become a Sports Medicine Doctor, Dr of Chiropractic, Physical Therapist, along with many other options. Obviously, these require further schooling but it's not an easy major and a 4.0 along with his wrestling commitments is quite impressive.
  7. I see they had a 2 x Florida Champ win at 170. What kind of competition was there?
  8. What is the age difference between Dake and Burroughs? Pretty sure Dake is 30 so not exactly a youngster.
  9. Pretty sure he left his "shoes on the mat" last year or maybe 2019 by now. That was a great run and he was a warrior. Follow up question though. Why doesn't David Taylor have a buy to finals? What's the rule on the finals buy and the semi final buy?
  10. Agree, he is just a little small especially against a big 74kg like Marstellar. Does look real good at 70kg.
  11. Marstellar looked awesome. It seems like hooking up with Kolat may have helped. Not sure how he does against the top couple guys at 74 but pretty impressive not giving up a point in the tournament against some tough competition. Last I heard, he was working at Lock Haven. Is he know coaching with Kolat and Navy? On an unrelated note, wasn't Pantaleo going to go 65kg? He looked real tough there a couple months ago.
  12. Missed seeing both of them at States, especially Pinto!
  13. Both Cael and Tom are tremendous coaches obviously. The personality difference is striking and I think you either love a guy like Brands or you hate him. With that said, it does seem like Tom is extremely loyal to his guys and treats them like family. I don't know that Cael is any different but there are some knocks on him when he bumps top recruits to get another guy who might be better(Kerkvliet over Nevilles and I believe there are others). How would Brands do if he was in Penn State vs Iowa? We will never know. Recruiting wise, imagine if Cael could've brought Lee to PSU instead of Suriano??
  14. A kid has always had 5 years to complete 4 years of eligibility. Throw in the ease with which kids can get medical hardship years, and 6 will be the norm. It didn't use to be that easy to get a medical redshirt, I don't believe. Olympic redshirts which is alot more than the old days. So, I just hope these kids that use these extra years get value from their education(masters, advanced degrees, etc). Just curious, how many AA's from last year could've competed this year but chose not to? Could Joseph have competed? Also, you have some of these "freshman" that have been in school for 2-3 years, or so it seems. How long ago did Aaron Brooks and Joe Lee graduate?
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