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  1. I realize we don't get much out of these questions, but maybe someone can tell us how much a RTC has to pay to get a Kyle Snyder? A Frank Molinaro? A Pat Downey? A J'den Cox?
  2. He developed into a 2 time World Champ, Olympic Gold and beat Sadulaiv all at Ohio State.. So if he can go back and win one Gold at NLWC RTC, does that make Penn State better than Ohio State RTC?
  3. I am always interested to see guys with 2 different styles compete but making a BJJ submission athlete wrestle an accompished freestyle guy strictly in neutral didn't make sense. Give the BJJ guy a chance in his specialty which I assume would be on the mat.
  4. Anyone know where I could get a rulebook for college for 1986 and 1987? Also, there was a year when back points went from a one count to a two count, anyone remember what year. I realize this is going way back but any guidance would help.
  5. While we are talking about this weight, has anyone heard if there is any chance Rich Perry makes a comeback? I know he has had a remarkable recovery but not sure if he will ever wrestle again.
  6. Thanks Gantry. Not real good at attaching video's but the entire clip is great. From how he met his fiance to his take on "not hating his opponents". Alot of good stuff.
  7. The interviews with Nahshon Garrett on flo are awesome. What an engaging and optimistic young man. Can't help but smile at his positive personality. He has also quite a story to come from where he did to graduate from an Ivy League School. Hard not to root for someone like him.
  8. To follow up on the Blair comment, Grey also was coached by Buxton who wasn't an elite wrestler himself, seems to be doing pretty well for himself coaching guys at the international level. I see him in quite a few corners although I am not sure what his current coaching position is.
  9. Whiny could actually be a trait of many DI head coaches that I see!
  10. And several times AA and very good on our World Team ladder just behind a couple legends.
  11. Really would've liked to see Bonomo wrestle. I heard rumor that he and John Smith met in a exhibition match. Anyone confirm that(gimp?)
  12. He also appears to be a great kid. Very positive attitude and wish him the best.
  13. No Yianni will continue to get better and Koll gave him another opportunity to make the team. While I wasn't a fan of this whole process, it should make the majority of us feel that Zain should be our team member. ps. Plus it gives a few Cali fans the opportunity to start Pico threads again.:)
  14. Plus the fact that you have 4 years tuition free(plus you get paid) whether you continue to wrestle or not. Granted, you do owe the country some time but still a great option, imo.
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