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  1. Glad to share! I was waiting for USA Wrestling to report it but I guess that's not happening.
  2. Could be one of the best matches of the year if they wrestle Lee vs RBY.
  3. https://www.nj.com/sports/2022/09/legendary-former-rider-wrestling-coach-gary-taylor-passes-away-at-73.html#:~:text=Long-time Rider,of the Year. Great coach and a better person. As a person who wrestled for him, he was a class act who always cared more about his wrestlers as people rather than just athletes.
  4. What was Ben's reason for not staying in state, does anyone know? Missou was a good choice but wonder how Wisconsin let him leave? It's interesting sometimes when you see kids leave the state and you understand their reasoning( Ex. the Hidlay bros..would they have ever started at PSU) but in Ben's case, I find it an interesting choice.
  5. Still think Carlton Haselrig would've been a match for him.
  6. Have 2 tickets in section 103 row 15 for first session. Can transfer thru ticketmaster. $40 each.
  7. Yes, he did win a state title as a freshman in NY and then wrestled for Athens, Pa his last 3. Believe he placed as a senior 5-6. Same team as Courtney and also they had a D3 runnerup this year at 157(Winters). He's listed in Lehigh program as hometown , Athens , Pa.
  8. A group of us normally just pick our winners of each round but does anyone have any ideas on ways to make it interesting? More points for lower seeds, encourage upsets, etc?
  9. In my original post , I mentioned the Iowa guys as well. I think this is the way the college is headed(or already there!). Hell, how many coaches were trying to get Suriano to come wrestle for them? i guess my title does target PSU though!lol
  10. I think it's understood that nothing is guaranteed and all spots are open. I stated I have no issue with that. My issue is whether a coach owes some loyalty to his kids that he recruited and brought into the program. I don't have an issue with recruiting kids and selecting one kid over the other(Beard vs Hoffman for example). However, Hoffman knew ahead of time and was able to opt for another program. Provided they make their intentions clear(as someone above stated) as to the fact that no matter how well you do, I am always going to be looking for someone better, then the kids know what they are getting into when they come to a school. I also wonder if scholarships are reviewed every year or if they are more of a "guarantee". I do know that 10 years ago, Lehigh had two very good kids that both became ill and they honored the scholarships for several years despite not being able to wrestle(Hess and another stud from NY who I can't remember his name). Not sure how many coaches would do that in this day and age. How does PSU, especially with Covid and having kids on the roster long, afford Dean, Hildebrandt, and Berge unless they are cutting from others? Maybe, Cael isn't giving them money which is a possibility since in Dean's case, PSU may be cheaper than what his family was paying at Cornell.
  11. Ok, I'm sure this will generate some strong opinions but I have to say that I don't like Cael's "free agent" recruiting tactics. I find that in some ways, it lacks loyalty to his wrestlers who have spent alot of time in his room to get the chance to compete for PSU. Example: Is Berge that much better than the other 165? Why pull him back into the room and give him the spot at 165? Did he have to bring Dean in at 195 and bump Beard who was a returning AA? Call me old school(or maybe just a whiner!) but I think that your kids that have struggled and competed with the team should get a little more respect. Almost reminds me of free agency in baseball where the rich go out and sign the best players at the All Star Break. I wrestled in college and also had a son who wrestled in college and I just think that I wouldn't be too happy if my coach(or son's coach) brought in these types of transfers. I am all for competing for the spot and understand that real results are more important than wrestle offs but I don't care for these moves. I also realize the transfer portal has changed things and other coaches(Brands with Desanto, Lugo, Eierman) do the same thing. Who is with me? Against me?!:)
  12. I can't even get to their site to subscribe!
  13. I know things can change, but how difficult is it to cross the Border? Looking for some locals advise on this because there are hotels on the Canadian side not too far from the venue.
  14. It seems like from the way he talked, if he wanted to still wrestle he would've stayed at Rider. Something to be said about loyalty to a program that was the only one interested in him when he was unknown.
  15. I realize it's late, but any recommendations on hotels ? Not familiar with the area so is it possible to get a hotel near the venue that also has bars/restaurants nearby? How about places to eat/drink?
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