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  1. Howe appears to be unbeatable. OU will have a strong team next year but they will all be seniors. Lester's, Maple, Howe, Patterson, and Trutt look to be a solid base for a run to the top 5. Iowa, Oklahoma State, PSU, and Minnesota will have more balance and will probably finish ahead of the Sooners. This next year should be as exciting as this year's tournament turned out to be.
  2. After attending the OSU-Iowa Match, it is very evident to me that programs like this are always going to be close because these kids have as many defensive skills as offensive. There were numberous takedownas that were avoided by great athletic ability (for both schools). For true wrestling fans the dual was exciting with virtually every match extremely close. Oliver was dominating against a kid that was tough but tried to hand tie Oliver up for the major part of the match. He still could not avoid being taken down 3-4 times. Samer thing with McDonough versus the OSU freshman. The goals was to avoid being taken down and staying on defense the entire match. Again, unless it is an unusual situation, these kids are good enough to avoid many points if that is the goal. Saying all of this, the match made me realize these two great wrestyling aschools have little or no chance to beat Penn State in March. Even possibly for the next couple of years (we lose Oliver and iowa loses McDonough). Both schools have some great freshmen being redshirted but they will not peak in time to derail PSU for the next couple of years.
  3. It should be pretty close, but Iowa has the edge. A fall from McDonough should make it an Iowa win. Rosholt will most likely not wrestle. Oliver, Caldwell, Perry are must wins. We have a better tournament team than a dual team.
  4. I am an Oklahoma State fan and have no criticism or negative comments about PSU. They are the top wrestling program in the country and will stay that way for an extended period of time. Iowa, Oklahoma State, Minnesota, Ohio State, Cornell, et al will be fighting for 2nd place. There will be a chance for a crack in the armor in a couple of years but not until then. I loved the four years Oklahoma State won from 2002-2006 but that will be difficult to replicate in the future as the talent in wrestling has spread out to other programs. PSU is right in the center of probably the top talent pool of high school talent in the country which gives Sanderson an advantage over Iowa and Oklahoma where high school wrestling is ghood but not great anymore (if you doubt that, look at the hometowns of the starting lineups for both Oklahoma State and Iowa). Everyone wants to see the top dog taken down. Remember ther crowd frenzy when Metcalf got beat by Caldwell, when McElravy (I misspelled that name badly) going for his 4th NCAA. Believe me, people were vicious and still are about Johnny Hendricks. I have gone to over 25 straight NCAA's and have watched the power drift from Iowa to Oklahoma State, to Minnesota, back to Iowa, back to Oklahoma State, and back to Iowa. Now we have that status residing at PSU. Yes, people will want to tear down the program but words really determine the outcome.
  5. Our message board is corrupted and nothing gets through right now, so I am wondering if any Oklahoma State fans know the situation with Rosholt. I came up from Texas to watch him barely get by an OU freshman and then he did not wrestle at all on the New York/East Coast trip. Is the young man injured or is thre a deeper problem? At this point, we will get nothing out of 197 in March. Also, I think oliver will stay at 149 but if Kindig does not get down to 141 and get in the lineup, we will get nothing out of 141 as well. There is no way to win the NCAA's with 2-3 voids in the lineup.
  6. I think you analysis is right on the money. I am a die-hard Oklahoma State fan and the only way we can win is for PSU to underperform at at least two weight. Iowa is in the same boat we are with three or four top performers but some weights that are not going to score some points. OSU has five-7 medal winners (Morrison, Oliver, Dieringer, Caldwell, Perry, and Gelogeav). I am not including Rosholt unless he turns his performance around considerably. PSU has too many guys that will finish in the top three for either Iowa or OSU. Even if Dake beats Taylor, Ruth will win and the Altons, Megaludis, Wright, and even Brown will score a lot of points. For PSU to lose, it would take a major collapse. I don;'t see it.
  7. Your right. He is a monster. I will be shocked if either he or Maple get beat this year. They both score so easily on their feet and can score on the mat as well.
  8. OU has a quality coach for the first time in years. I don't know if this redshirt ploy is a good one but it will allow the sooners to challenge in finish in the top 5 nationally. They will have virtually an all senior team next year and then he faces another rebuilding job. Howe can win and Maples will wi n year at 165. Rutt is good but not great and Patterson could AA but not past 4-5th. IO don';t think the Lester's will every get very high on the podium. I do think Cody will make OU better in the future.
  9. I watched the last two duals for OSU and they have some gaps that they cannot fill. 125 and 141 are zero points right now. Morrison is getting better and better at the heavier weight. Oliver is as good at 149 as he was at 133. Calwell and Perry are tough and Chinuma is a lot toyugher than he gets credit. "Z" has not looked great but I think he will be the man to beat in the NCAA's. The wildcard for the Pokes is Alex Dieringer. This kid is very good but young. He finishes extremely well. He beat two ranked wrrstlers this weekend. He could be a factor by March. The Cowboys have medal potential at 7 weights but have no points in three others. Still, catching PSU will be a strong challenge and we would need some upsets along the way.
  10. I am an avid Oklahoma state fan but I don't see the advantage of redshirting any of these guys. Patterson did not even AA last year and Rutt has finished 7th. Howe will be coming off knee surgery (I think his second but I could be wrong) and the Lesters are solid but not great wrestlers. The only star at this point is Maples. I think they could get more than two wins with PSU in 2013 but not much more. I am very glad to see what Mark Cody has done at OU. As an OSU fan, i want both programs contending in the future and it appears Mark has helped turn their fortunes around. Don't get me wrong, I still want to pound them, but OU has a great wrestling tradition that has been lost in the last 15 years. We need all of the power teams andc programs we can get.
  11. I think Oklahoma State will be much better this year. dieringer will start and be a factor at 157, Caldwell will be a title challenger at 165, I hope "Z" stays healthy at HVY. He will be a title threat but more importantly, he is an exciting wrestler that the fans will enjoy. Rosholt is sold at 197 and Perry will be a threat at 174. JO will go to 141 and be a threat to win. The question marks are starters that need to step up and make a name for themselves (Morrison, Kindig, etc). 133 is a questionmark. The Cowboys will need 6 AA's to threaten Penn State. They actually may have a better dual team. This could be a fantastic year for wrestling fans. The NCAA's will be great. With a few upsets, Iowa, Oklahoma state, Minnesota could be right there with Penn State.
  12. I'm not sure how much more popular PSU can get in wrestling. With football going to the mediocre level for aqt least 4-6 years, they will definitely rally behind wrestling. With the Altons, Taylor, Megaludis, Wright, and now, perhaps Lawson (still a question mark after laying out), they have only a couple of open weights. As a side note, the penalties were a stretch as this was a criminal act and I am not sure the NCAA should have any impact on the final decision. The only correlation could be made for between the school and the NCAA woulod be the coverup of information which would mean a lack of institutional control. I am not a Penn State fan (I am an Oklahoma State fan) but I felt the penalties were too strong. The civil law suits that will surface now will also serve as a finacila penalty (that will also be millions).
  13. I keep reading that this might happen but I am not sure it is a good move for the Hawkeyes. McDonough is no sure bet to be as effective at 133 and Ramos may not be as strong at 125 either. Neither can beat Steiber. One of the advantages that McD has over the field is that he is a BIG 125 pounder. If he can keep his weight down (which he has for three years) I would not mess with that. Ramos will contend for 133 but I think Steiber is too strong and will get even better. With Oliver moving up (it appears to be certainty at this point), Ramos will at least to the finals. That is a pretty good 1-2 punch. This is just an opinion, folks.
  14. I am biased, I realize, by being an Oklahoma State fan, but Oliver is one of ther most exciting wrestlers to watch IMO. Last year, I was so disappointed that trhe fans did not get to watch Gelogeav wrestel. He was one of the few HVY'as that actually had 197 wrestling moves. He would not have made the difference (maybe up into the top four) but the audience would have enjoyed watching him. I really hope he stays healthy this year because he is fun to watch. I enjoy watching McDonough, Taylor, and Ruth as exciting wrestlers. I have tremendous respect for St. John, Dake, and Ness, but they are not necessarily explosive. They are technically great. I think Steiber is and will continue to be great (as will his brother), In fact the new influx of freshmen will be fun to watch over the next few years.
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