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  1. Awe how cute, still making your mommy proud. Just precious.
  2. I could say puppies are cute and you'd argue it. Nothing but a waste of wrestling knowledge.
  3. Everybody challenges PSU all year long. But at the end of the year, yeah, just like when Gable coached Iowa (ironic to this thread).
  4. i think he will medal too. But if he gets a match early, and gets behind, and there are a few guys who can get him behind, he doesn't really have the offense, nor the pressure to gas those guys, who will block, with no desire to get into any bad position, to come back. Then he has to hope to be carried. This is the bane of defensive wrestlers. On the other hand if he gets a lead, and gets in a scoring situation, he is really good at scoring a few in a hurry, at which point he is almost a lock against anybody without the initials of JB.
  5. Reposting the link...... https://olympics.nbcsports.com/2018/05/16/helen-maroulis-wrestling-concussion/ I am pretty sure the injury is about the above article. Her symptoms, and the time she had those symptoms, is severe. At this point I have no doubt a few people, doctors, family (I would hope), USA wrestling, all are aware, and probably torn as to what to do. They shouldn't be. Anything from here on out will be destructive towards the rest of her life. Every concussion going forward makes things worse.
  6. Funny thing is, a few guys who I road with, doing the knee dragging up mountains thing, were VERY good. But just out of control crazy (coming from me that says a lot). They couldn't get there license because instead of just showing basic skills in test runs they tried to race everybody. Black flagged almost from the get go. Most of them are dead. I had my moments on the track but to many other activities going on, and not enough money to be very active. It was fun.
  7. It is 100 % confirmed. There is a link on the other thread or just type in her name with concussion and it pops right up. NBC sports did a long article on it. Really really bad stuff. Look it up, read it, get back to me.
  8. Tried the padded headgear and fitted mouthpiece with mine, didn't matter. As soon as there was some sort of contact that rattled her even a little she would fall apart even after almost a year and no symptoms.That was when I knew it was over. She didn't even remember that day and said I made her quit wrestling for no reason. When a told her what had happened she did get a fuzzy recollection.
  9. Grew up to be a troll eh? Your mommy must be so proud.
  10. Yeah, I wasn't very good on dirt but better than middle of the pack on the road. I was at the front with the knee dragging stuff at the local mountains. Those who were faster on the streets tended to crash and sometimes die. At 57 I tend not to push limits anymore.
  11. Yup, it's why, especially with dirt bikes, it is a young guys sport.
  12. As much as I hate to say this; she needs to retire. Every time she gets one going forward it will further seriously affect her quality of life for the remainder of her life. I love her wrestling but you only have one brain and it will not rewire itself.
  13. I do too but Yaz is just to much. Basically really good guys, in the US, and internationally are trying to sneak in results with GOAT category wrestlers of JB, Yaz, Sudalaev, and KS. And in 2020 Sudalaev, who is technically the best may end up in tweeter territory. Tough cut and same day weigh in, or give up size.
  14. I would suggest that ZV is every bit as athletic as Dake, he just doesn't always go there. See the scramble with Hall. Just amazing. The key to beating Zahid is to get him wrestling, for lack of a better word, static. Dake is great at doing this. The key for Zahid is if he can adapt like he did with Hall. It all may be moot as I have heard Cox is all in now. He has everything the other guys have and is bigger.
  15. I wouldn't bet on my prediction. Dake is obviously really good. But Zahids history is always going up. Literally since he was 5 or 6. More recently loses to Hall, okay that year is done, and then dominates him the next year (his brother has never gotten over the shadow of his younger brother). He loves to wrestle. Doesn't get rattled. Always looking to improve. The young gun attitude of loving the sport and moving on from one year to the next. Lee has it. Fix has it. Gilman has it. And others. Snyder is the poster child for this mentality and it works. My .02.
  16. Silver or Bronze depending on draw. The Yaz he gassed before no longer gasses. Though if anybody could upset Yaz stylistically Taylor is that guy. Looking forward to the potential match up.
  17. Dake gets beat when people either get in strong and finish strong, or get in strong and finish with an angle. Once you get a lead on him he struggles in the elite matches. ZV went finesse instead of strong against Dake. Bad strategy. I am thinking Dake's counters got into his head. He adapted but not enough. He gets it next year. But the log jam of athletes at 86 in 2020 is amazing.
  18. Guy is stuck between three guys who will end their careers as in the conversation of GOAT's. Reminds me of that Iranian guy; loses to Belaglasov in 1988 and then Smith in 1992. He really had nowhere to go.
  19. I am guessing you don't realize that Snyder is wrestling at or close to his weigh in, right? No, you obviously do not. Snyder is not cutting other then a a skipped meal and a good work out to make weight. He could have a weigh in on the mat and be fine. Sudalaev either needs to commit to bulking up, or go back down. The fact he is not interested to get back up to wrestle Snyder suggests he will go down for Yaz.
  20. 8 weight classes he wins gold. But yaz or sudlalaev at 86, or Snyder and Sudalaev at 97. I just don't think he has enough offense to get by all of that. Especially in an era where scoring wrestlers seem to do the best.
  21. I didnt see it but the that should have been 2.
  22. You have to reset, reload, or go the other way. Kind of like tilts in college wrestling.
  23. It has shown to be good tactics to try to get Dake rattled even if it didn't work this time. ZV was out there to win matches, not win some sort of wrestling beauty contest as defined by you.
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