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  1. Actually when she was a little kid wrestler miracle whip was her nick name.
  2. Dake did what I said he would do, win ugly like he often did in college. I am not sure if that will win him a world title but you have to make the team first
  3. Well we, and that means me as well, do tend to see things that from our world view, beliefs, and experiences.
  4. Joseph has never seemed to be a freestyle guy. Word is Nickal is HEW until next season. Hall is the one I don't get. He has always been like Z. Valencia. Just wants to wrestle everywhere. Zain, yeah, I hope I am wrong on the concussion thing, but....his finals match, they knew. Work the head.
  5. Meh, I see that stuff on my various feeds I just delete it. I am interested in his wrestling. I could otherwise care less if he believes in pink unicorns who blow rainbow farts. That and other than the obligatory 'grace of god' reference he actually talks about wrestling a lot.
  6. Thanks. You know when you have LGBT family, and have for decades, going back when the hate was a part of a lot of religious identity, up to physical confrontations (in one once with gay family, I had the wrestler thing so able to help but still not fun) you tend to view an awful lot of this countries primary religion a little different. Not looking for a debate, just letting you know the background.
  7. I just like his wrestling and wrestling attitude. For him wrestling isn't the grind, the constant never ending rite of passage common with American wrestling, but something he just loves. I am also a huge fan of Sudalaev and he is a pretty strident Muslim. It is like I am not a fan of Eastwoods politics but I really like his professional work.
  8. Meh, I am not looking for fans. I have a cool dog and some cats..... not a fan of humans. And as far as religion I have actually read the Bible more than once, all the Mormon stuff, some of the Koran, a bunch of bahai stuff, Buddhist stuff. Not a lot of the India religions. I am pretty well versed in Wiccan and some other occult stuff. Eastern religions are generally less brutal. Christians in the US, well at least the noisy ones, are a combination of Republican Jesus types mixed in with Talibangelicals. They are a political version of the religion where the dividing line between faith and politics scews to politics or worse. Otherwise all beliefs in the super natural are mostly equally absurd to me. I view Wiccan, the magical power of crystals, and the Christian god as all equal in the absurdities.
  9. DS for all his bravado was the real deal.
  10. LOL, I will add "whack job" to my list of why humans hate other humans.
  11. Still fun to point out the obvious. :)
  12. Unless he is wrestling Burroughs. But being mentally owned by JB is hardly mentally weak but strongest we have ever seen is a stretch. I give Dake him a pass on J'Den, he was physically over matched and showed well and almost got it done.
  13. Ah, cheap shot from another American wrestling follower troll. Thanks for sharing. I hate humans in general, I despise ignorant wrestling fans because they should know better.
  14. You mean there is a bias among an author. Shocker. I have a bias against pious Republican JEEZUS types like you (read the Bible; savage AF). I think you are a hypocrite at best, and your morals are from a book that describes dead babies and bestiality porn. I will pass on such morals. Yet I give Snyder a pass because he is my favorite active wrestler and I don't care about his faith. So give your support of a Republican Jesus version of religion and persecution complex a rest. Well unless you want to defend your political oriented savage faith to me. I am game, most take a pass.
  15. This,as I have said several times. His coaches blamed it on not taking his, cough cough, vitamins.
  16. Meh, Taylor as a special over the top wunderkind is a cliche at this point. His fantasy record is something like 1,000,000,000 to 4.
  17. Right now Gilman is the better wrestler. Duh, he won. Tactical errors or not I still think Gilman wins. People who can get Fix out of his motion direction change style, and turn it into a heavy hands match, have the advantage. The thing that gets me is Smith was the style Fix is perfect for, yet Smith for some reason doesn't translate that style well. The Brands and light weights however, they adapt a lot. Cejudo, while his basic style was Belaglosov, Terry went with that technique, and insert the pressure/patience strategy.
  18. You have to offer a legitimate product to get people to buy it. It is 2018 and organizations that cannot provide a quality format do not get my money. If i could buy into Flo, or track, and know i get a seamless experience, I am in. But this has not been the case. i would rather give my scant funds to the trails i walk on. Local kids. And so on. None of what I give i can afford but at least where I do give goes directly to something good. BTW, the move out of the basement thing....... great PR, fits my narrative that wrestling's worst enemy is its adherents. You are exhibit A. Your mom must be really proud she raised a troll. #parentingdonewrong.
  19. I am on record as saying wrestling is its own worst enemy. I am not a fan of wrestling fans and think most are kinda of dumb, and think others are religious fanatics (which explains the kinda dumb). Yet i love the sport. Every, single, day. I study tape. I like history. I know a lot of Free. Folk. Some greco. And Sumo. FWIW, i think "pro wrestling fans" are drama queens who like soap opera for men. I also enjoy conversations, as rare as it is, with people who actually know the nuances of the sport, with a knowledge background to argue there positions. So no matter how stupid the sport gets, no matter how fed up I get, no matter how many times i say i cannot handle the BS anymore, i like watching and following wrestling more than any other sport.
  20. Same as the rest, unless he commits to the style he will lose ugly, lose on a one TD, or lose on a TD and turn and nothing else happens. Spotting points in international wrestling is not a good idea.
  21. I root for Fix, but I like Gilman. He is out there. But his 'out there' works. Iowa seems to be good with these guys, there new transfer may work.
  22. I said I'm at makes it close for first three then goes away. I am correct so far.
  23. Argument 101 on the eye test.... RULON. ;)
  24. LOL, every time Fix loses is it about Lee. When Fix does something spectacular it is about him. I am rather amused and glad for this dynamic. Depth at a lighter weight. 3 deep. Its been awhile.
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