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  1. So my contention is that Fix may lose a first match (Ramos) but adjusts well. We will see. I also think the young guns maybe a year away. I have covered all bases, LOL.
  2. Why do folks like you troll on the international forum? Didn't get enough attention as a child?
  3. It would fun if Imar made it interesting, maybe the first 3 minutes of the first. I like him a lot bt I just don't see it. I am also excited about Gilman and Fix, especially since it is best of three. Fix seems to adapt well if he struggles in the first match.
  4. Yeah mostly although a lot of talent comes out of the populated areas in the Lehigh valley and west around Pittsburg. Pennsylvania has the benefit that one area is so good another area gets good as well to keep up. There are special that way.
  5. Agree. While not as close as you have have been following all that Monster Garage group since they were tiny.
  6. I have no craps to give. We are also a savage AF nation and this is there way to fight back. And why? Because we hate them and they hate us right back.
  7. We hate them, they hate us, everything is partisan, humans exist to hate one another..... etc,etc.... it defines us as a doe is, we are savage AF and at some point will exterminate ourselves. Good riddance, Planet won't care.
  8. I would surmise that most of the talent in most states come from big cities or there suburbs. In Californa it is Fresno, with most of the placers from big cities or the suburbs. New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado.
  9. I do think he got the reaction of Sudalaev correct. I have said many times Sudalaev was wrecked, his interviews to the contrary. His running down weight instead of getting back to Snyder indicative of this, suggests as much. He isn't afraid of Snyder so much of needing time to process and then reengaging.
  10. Yeah, Dake and Taylor, the turned the corner Guys who have yet to beat out Cox or Burroughs to make a world team.
  11. I stand by my contention Cox is our most under rated, and under appreciated wrestler. But I get it, you know, Olympic medal, world medal, stellar NCAA credentials..... guy is a bit of a scrub.
  12. I stand by my contention Cox is our most under rated, and under appreciated wrestler. But I get it, you know, Olympic medal, world medal, stellar NCAA credentials..... guy is a bit of a scrub.
  13. Both Smith and Cejudo attacked blown knees with zero mercy.
  14. If he does chest lock Zahid then Zahid is wrestling dumb. If the shot isn't there stay long, scoot back, pressure down. You know, Greco stuff. Zahid is a pretty was by wrestler. Dake suckers people in thinking they have it, then locks in the chest. I don't think Z will fall for it. I have said it before, Dake needs to go defense and win a close tactical match without his whiny theatrics. I also think if Dake wins this time he has no spot going forward. The amazing thing is, in the US, we have this a bunch of great wrestlers, all solid medal contenders in an Olympic cycle, "problem", in every weight except 65. And some young, but injury issues, guns coming up.
  15. Less talented. At this point maybe all of them. But up until this point you make a good case. Maybe, just maybe, Valencia has turned corner. If so, these "turning of the corner" events are not that common so again, valid point
  16. I will go over but not close to filled. A lot of wrestling folks out there.
  17. Worse is head/ hands, and being heavy, is fundamental technique in any event.
  18. You seem to confuse ranking him down the list as a prediction that he will lose. Is making assumptions a special gift of yours?
  19. Obviously the right call. These things can get out of control quickly. Hate to say it but strategy wrestling Helen is heavy hands on the head. Snaps and so on.
  20. 1-3 JB/DT/KS in no particular order. 4. Cox. 5. Green. 6. Dake. 7. Gwiz. 8. Fix. 9. Steiber. 10. Garret
  21. When it comes to the brain, and concussions, the doctors don't know as much as you would hope they do. The extreme light sensitivity is a really bad sign. As is needing to avoid outside stimuli. That it took 4 months to clear is also a really bad sign. Doctors don't have a good handle on this. Doctors gave up on my kid. Her functions came back little by little over time. The loss of some IQ, and the personality changes are permanent. The military and its doctors seem to have the best grasp on on various Traumatic Brain Injuries, which is what a concussion is. It is filtering down to the medical community at large but neurologists as a group, especially at the better medical centers, are fairly arrogant, and don't take to new information they didn't come up with themselves
  22. This was the article I was talking about. As much as I enjoy her wrestling, and would like to see her win more medals, she needs to stop, and family should step in and try to convince her. Adults don't recover even a little bit. Junior Seau was a beloved local. His first attempt at suicide was driving off a cliff in Carlsbad, .ca.. They called it an unknown reason of a crash. I mentioned to somebody, having heard of issues, it sounded like a suicide attempt. Not all that long after a gun did it. He was a prisoner of a damaged brain and couldn't take it anymore. Absolutely the nicest guy and a supporter of his community.
  23. The thing that bothers me most about the article is they are trying to find "things"to allow her to continue to compete with what is a traumatic brain injury. Best story on the weirdness, and how weird things can be normal. Reni was given the follow the finger test in the rehab hospital. Went 100% blind. Fixed stare, no response to stimuli, the whole thing. Staff lost their minds. In every 5 minutes. Trying different things. Then it came back. LOL, they did it one more time by mistake (chart said no). Same thing 30 minutes less. So, eventually I get home with a broken kid. Take her to a doctor, who did that follow the finger test, she goes blind, he loses it a bit, I tell him it is "normal". Seriously, I called it "normal". Brain injuries are weird and scary but when you live it 24/7, it all becomes just another day.
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