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  1. Now me, I hate passive aggressive. Which is ironic and hypocritical.
  2. Don't care what another human thinks. We all suck. You apparently hate because of perceived hypocrisy. I would add it to the really long list of reasons to hate, but it is already there.
  3. we are not close to the top of the food chain. The microscopic world owns that. Those suckers keep you alive everyday.
  4. Got a troll to go three letters. Cool.
  5. I get the feeling some marketing consultant sold them that this was a good idea. Heck, even hard core wrestling fans have a hard time following this. On the food side, dumb experiments are best done in non Olympic years. One tournament to get to best of three. One best of three tournament. Hold them in wrestling hot spots. Yeah it sucks for me out west but knowlegable fans and filled seats is better.
  6. Validation! You rocked it! You are a human that I hate just because you are indicative of the species, and wrestling has nothing to do with it. BTW, I am not special, I am also indicative of our species. We hate each other for dozens of reasons. As big as race and religion and nationality, and as small as favorite wrestling team. As a species we are savage AF, and kind of pathetic.
  7. Well if you ever are looking for a career change you have lawyer potential. Good post.
  8. Using John or Kenny is an impossible standard and not fair to any up and comer. It is suggesting all gains are linear. They are not. It is as if you are saying because Fix is further along than Smith or Monday at this point in the careers, therefore he will have a better career. It doesn't work like that.
  9. I was going to comment in depth but you know, you are just too stupid to waste the effort on. I don't like humans in general. Wrestling humans are a bit better. Wrestling fans who don't study the sport become normal humans. I don't like them.
  10. To summarize, heavyweight techniques had better be refined, precise, and patient. Something Snyder learned (relearned) in his loss to Coon.
  11. True that. It is a humans thing..... I am not a fan. That is a LOT of enemies.
  12. This. I agree with all of it.
  13. Gotta suck for Sudalaev. Lost an incredible up a weight match and it has defined him since then. And how dare he win by only a point. I hope he finds some sort of comfort zone with all of this.
  14. Meh, you are a human, with a limited knowledge set about wrestling. I hate humans in general, and humans who make absurd arcane arguments about wrestling have a special place in my imaginary purgatory.
  15. A lot of guys are treading water at weights they can make until the Olympic cycle. I suspect Chamizo will head down down now. Sudalaev has. And lots of other examples. These guys will have to at some point decide where to go. Dake is on that zone. J'den is as well. Hall is not a player this cycle because he is a tweener. I think 2020 is going to be interesting. I think 86 is going to be ugly. I think Snyder owns 97, not because he scares the others away, but because he is bigger than they are, no matter if they bulk up, and his natural size, physicality, pressure, and so on is just more then they can grow.
  16. Yeah you can make a logical argument for anything (like lawyers), but using Snyder as a comparison argument is just not fair. One guy became a frickin' ridiculous talent for the ages does not mean...... well anybody can do it because Snyder did.
  17. My opinion is Dake is a bad stylistic match up for Valencia if he goes back to his collegiate style of defense, positioning, and win close. Basically block him out and find a TD or criteria win. This has been the best strategy to beat Zahid since little kids. But Zahid just worked Ringer. Zahid is so good on his feet and seems to be really close to chaining turns. If Dake wins it is his last year over Zahid. 86 in the Olympic cycle.... just damm!
  18. Having watched a lot of video, it is an interesting match up. Both are heavy on hands. I agree with Fix having the edge on his feet in general. Motion, more reactive, better angles. I think Fix exposes himself more then Lee does how ever. Relies too much on scrambling which has its limits. It is what got Fix in trouble at University. I think Lee is better in par Terre offense. Nasty laces that he chains. Both are solid in par Terre defense. Fix had a size advantage prior but not so much anymore. Still, the matches they wrestled when younger were more tactical then physical. Both guys are far more physical now. And get free it more as well. This is just great match up of two guys who are just so good, with different styles. When they wrestle I have no rooting interest, I just want to watch now that both merged into the senior level mostly seamlessly.
  19. Oh two matches over all those years. Yeah, that is so compelling. Heck, my kid won a couple matches over eventual DI All Americans. Therefore as a 100 22 year old girl she should be a DI AA in a couple of weight classes. The beat him (or her) argument is stupid and absurd. But feel free to dig in on your absurdities.
  20. He has the skill set. Without question. But his style tends to be injury prone for any US wrestler not named Kolat or Smith. Internationally they will allow people to crank on that 'flex your way out' of a situation.
  21. I think he may have some concussion protocol issues. Not a good sign going forward.
  22. Single matches are just that. Using the this guy beat the guy standard, and go back just a few "steps of removal", you could get to a place where Ana NAIA guy is better than Snyder.
  23. I said it about his reaction to the Snyder loss at the time, and it wasn't good. Saying fiasco because he lost a match isn't a good reaction. That he ran back down says a lot as well. Sudalaev is ridiculously good, duh, clearly pound for pound 1 to 3. But that loss got to him.
  24. I thought Zahid was a year away. I was wrong. He is where I thought he'd be next year. I won't make a definitive pick, but Zahid getting caught in body locks would surprise me. I see Dake going back to defense and a close win strategy. He has the ability to defend against those crisp shot of Zahids. But Zahid seems to have gotten very technical. Positional. Which works a high percentage of the time. Oh, and he can scramble with the best of them.
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