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  1. I dunno, being number two in pretty much any discipline is a lot better than the rest of us are in the hundreds, thousands, or millions. Name one thing where you can claim number two. Nothing? Your entire existence is meh.
  2. The Iowa coaching staff, at the lighter weights, have been there and done that. World Championships. Olympic medals. Many world placers. I get the feeling Lee is following the instructions of his coaches. When it comes to lighter weight international wrestlers they are top notch.
  3. True that. Even in a stoic society like Japan they celebrate the big wins.
  4. Imar, yeah, maybe sneak out a win, but JB has shown time and again that can happen. But anybody who would say that in a best out of three JV, JB, who has added a lot to his resume since the Olympics, both results and technique, isn't the prohibitive favorite, is delusional.
  5. We have a winner, it is not close.... The Dance.
  6. I backed off on hating this kid when I realized his is an mental health issue thing. Congenital. I hope that kid ends up where he can have his challenges recognized, and addressed. Asbergers kids can do all things possible, but they also need consistent structure, rules, and guidence. Every, single, day.
  7. Maybe Gadsen is wrestling just because he likes to wrestle. No shame in being worked by Snyder. There are more ham and egg wrestlers then there are world champions.
  8. And neither guy gave it a second thought and just moved on. Just like Snyder does when he ocasionally loses.
  9. So I think we need a poll. To the knees and bow. The most muscular pose. The double no pose. The reach to the heavens posed that started the thread. The back flip. The contempt, yeah I am all of that pose/stare.
  10. This thread is hilarious. When Lee had an awesome NCAA Fix went from wonder kind to really good but not in Lee's league. Now suddenly Fix is all of that (again). My take is these two are a good problem to have, both just so talented in the same weight. I have no clue as how they will play out. Both are, like Snyder, Hall, Valecia, and the other young guns, unflappable. For them a loss is just one match, move on, and get better. Even a big loss, or big deal loss, is just one match.
  11. You wrestle with what you have. It is not as though he is holding back. This is his skill set. Jamill Kelly is my favorite example of a guy who fit into rules. Great defense, no offense, and win in the clinch, all the way to a silver medal. The rules do not favor this style anymore but Frank almost got a medal and beat the wonder kind to get to the games. Good on him for finding his peak in an Olympic year.
  12. Satiev did at least once in a big way. Karelin did once in a big way. Smith once but it was a world cup match. Not as big.
  13. The results were always meaningless. It is a fund raiser.
  14. No, if cra p loads of money was made for a good cause then it was obviously a good thing. Perspective anyone?
  15. I said this way before the event was wrestled.... it is a fund raiser people.
  16. HEW so early. If he doesn't like it now the whole student athlete thing is worse. And don't have the big man on campus either.
  17. FWIW, Karekin was mentioned. Yeah, no contest, there has never been a more dominant wrestler the Karelin. To this day he is the only guy, in a medal match, where I saw people pin themselves before the lift.
  18. Given this standard he is better than every wrestler in FS save Medeved (and perhaps Satiev). He was great but no, he is not the second or third greatest FS wrestler of all time. That is absurd. There is 7 or 8 wrestlers on that list and nobody other than the random American would have Baumgartner there.
  19. He peaked as a Senior in HS. He may come around to be a solid addition to the dual line up, but not a sure thing AA guy. He showed a borderline dynamic style, versus boring Cali style of kids wrestling the same guys since tiny kids, and then never turned a corner. The exceptions in California are the kids who wrestled everywhere and and everybody (Valencias for example). A lot of Cali wrestling is Central Valley dominated and coaches in that area made a conscience decision to stay local and forgo national stuff and all international style wrestling. Good idea to win or place in California state. Not so much in getting kids ready for the next level. Now they are finding that guys are not getting recruited. Others (like Belshay) can't adapt to the next level and implode. They may be rethinking this, just this year, but are now behind the curve.
  20. Down low on Smith is he wrestles position. Is good in all positions. Not a guy who will get tech'd or pinned. But not a guy who is a given to be an AA. Thinks Tsirtis light without the (legitimate and tragic) baggage or as strong. He shows up on radar with good wins in the season grind but hasn't shown the game to make it happen when it isn't just another dual or in season tournament. A great pick up if Jones could coach him up (haven't seen this out of Jones yet). Otherwise a solid pick up for solid performances without NCAA numbers to back it up.
  21. Zahid is a player but not a favorite in any sense this year. Next year he maybe finds a spot in a non Olympic weight. The Olympic cycle, I don't know, lots of really good talent. A nice problem to have. I mean looking back at Ringer's collegiate career, he has serious credentials to say he was the second greatest collegiate wrestler of all time (conceding number one to Sanderson). Not saying he was the second but is in the conversation. I just like the approach Z Valencia takes. He just loves to wrestle. Has a passion for it. Is his natural physical ability enough? We'll see. But the approach is more Snyder like and more overseas like. it is about form, technique, strategy, and moving forward, versus the American tradition of endless grinding being the best approach. I - my opinion - also think this is the approach JB takes now. When you work on the process, choking is less likely.
  22. Wouldn't it be a wash, as the surface will be slippery within 30 seconds in any event? Begs the question, is sweat slippery more slippery than rain slippery?
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