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  1. Where are you getting this? Parris is the only heavyweight listed on the Michigan website’s projected starting lineup. And frankly I don’t think a healthy Andrew Davison is any kind of downgrade at 197 compared to Embree. He just never seems to be healthy, but he’s pretty solid if that’s the case and Embree isn’t a 197. I’ll be interested to see how Ragusin does if he’s out there.
  2. And that’s the thing, it wasn’t just that he won Junior Worlds, we’ve had quite a few do that. It was that nobody made it out of the first period against him. He went 10-0 tech, 10-0 tech, 13-2 tech, and then first period fall against an extremely good Zare. The same Zare who beat Petriashvili, Makhov, Gwiz, Kerkvliet, etc. At the time you say wow really nice job but probably not repeatable and if they wrestled again Zare probably wins. Well maybe just maybe Mason Parris is on or near that level. Can’t wait to see him vs Steveson.
  3. Maybe it’s just me, but after 4+ years of watching Assad wrestle, I have a pretty good feel as to how he is going to perform. He is what he is at this point, especially up a weight at 133. I wanna see Silva out there every single time, especially against good opponents to get a feel for how good he is. He has had 11 matches in 1.5 years, get him out there as much as possible.
  4. Paul Donahoe at Nebraska. And Brent’s brother Chase had that kind of talent too imo, RIP. Mark Hall wrestled and went to school in the Davison system up until 5th or 6th grade as well. I’m thinking Alex Facundo can be their next NCAA champ.
  5. Joey Gunther goes into a Big Ten match expected to get bonus? Wow that has to be a first, I’m expecting a decision. I hope Silva goes vs Piotrowski, he didn’t vs NW Friday. He’s been at Michigan 1.5 years so far and I don’t think anyone has any idea how good he is yet. I guess that isn’t surprising since he has a total of 11 matches so far, none of which came against anyone of consequence. To me it’s Michigan favored at 149, 157, and 285. Illinois favored at 141, 165 and 174. Tossups at 125, 184, and 197. And a big giant question mark of where to put 133, #8 vs not rated seems like an obvious Illinois advantage, but who the heck knows with Silva, just not enough data to go on so far.
  6. Unfortunately they don’t dual each other so we’ll probably have to wait until Big Tens. It was not remotely close last year, 19-8 Cassar domination with the takedowns being 6-1. I’m interested to see Cassioppi vs Parris as well.
  7. It’s not that unfair at all I just disagree on parts of it. And yeah a year ago is a long time for a teenage wrestler, especially one who had only wrestled folk 3 months a year before he entered college. It was Parris’ first freestyle wrestling tournament ever, Cassioppi did ragdoll him, he clearly had massive advantage on freestyle experience, know how, skillset, and strength and has been going to every national tournament you could find for quite a while now. I commend him for that but it means he was already much farher along on his growth curve as a wrestler than Mason.
  8. I guess we’ll see but I see Parris a lot higher than that when it matters. He not only won a Junior World title, he absolutely crushed everyone on his path to gold. Who on the bottom half of that list has anything close to as impressive a performance in the past year? And Coon is higher than 5th, no worse than 3rd imo, if he attempts to make the team in Free which it doesn’t seem like he will. Classic example of a very inexperienced wrestler in general compared to his peers, due to playing 3 sports and not wrestling in the summer, who is a very good athlete and now concentrated on wrestling full time. He’s made a msssive leap since he came to Ann Arbor, anyone who watched him lose to Cassioppi in Junior free after his senior year compared to how he looked at Junior Worlds can see that. Give him another 6+ of continued development and watch out.
  9. Id’d be pretty dang surprised if he had a JB type run. His competition will be fierce and are we sure he’s even the best of the current group in free? Have we seen him in any freestyle evens since the 2015 Junior Worlds? Given his folk success and style he obviously has the potential to be very good but we really don’t have much to go on for how good he is at freestyle at this point in time and he’ll be 24 and entering his first major freestyle competition in a while when potentially competing at next year’s Olympic trials. Gwiz is already a 2 time bronze medalist and only 26. Gable Steveson is a 2 time cadet and 1 time Junior World champ. Mason Parris absolutely ran through Junior Worlds this year. Kerkvliet is a cadet world champ and Junior World silver medalist. So lots and lots of competition to get through every year and no other weights to go down to except 97 where Snyder and maybe Cox would be waiting.
  10. What is happening with Joey Silva? Figured he be in there at 133 or 141. Has to be better than Assad up a weight or Freeman right?
  11. Divided42


    Yeah he was 29-1 entering Big Ten’s his frosh year and ranked top 3 with wins over Gwiz, Tony Nelson, and Bobby Telford twice. He then ran out of steam and had a terrible Big Ten’s and lost in the round of 12 at NCAA’s.
  12. Probably not but I’d contend PSU will score more than the .5 points they got between 125/133, Nick Lee will score more than the 11.5 he got last year at 141, Nolf will score more than the 23 he did last year at 157, whoever starts at 197 will score more than the 9.5 points that Rasheed scored last year, and Nevills will score more than the 8.5 he did last year. And frankly I think If Berge is at 149 he’s a pretty solid AA so it isn’t like PSU is going from 25 with Zain to 0 this coming year at 149. Imo PSU is much less vulnerable this coming year than last year because there is no challenger like Ohio State last year.
  13. In Michigan you can have multiple entries for each weight but only 14 entries per team. For instance Adam Coon wrestled his teammate Brian Moran in the state finals his sophomore year.
  14. Is there no Junior World weight lower than 57 anymore? Didn’t Spencer Lee win Junior Worlds at 50Kg? Just asking because Kurt McHenry at 50Kg would make this a lot stronger team. It’s a shame Yianni couldn’t go.
  15. Each had 1 takedown in the match I believe, Hidlay broke the match open with a big 6 pointer. Pantaleo’s style is much much better for freestyle imo, should be a good match.
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