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  1. Definitely not folkstyle. They are both full time freestyle at this point. I'd love to see that match. If not I'd take Nolf vs Chamizo as a consolation.
  2. You have to know quite a bit about the sport to understand the criteria. Let’s be honest. Go ahead and try to explain it to and see how long it takes you.
  3. Starocci and Kerkvliet are NCAA final/champ type guys right out of the gate.
  4. He also DNP at the Bill Farrell and got beaten 7-0 by Nolf.
  5. So you like his chances of what? Anthony Valencia is not exactly Chamizo or whoever Russia sends.
  6. Only threat? Don’t underestimate Tsabalov. Hasn’t he beaten JB?
  7. What time are finals? Tsabalov’s far ankle defense paid big dividends in that match.
  8. I got Myles winning this thing. Just putting it on the record.
  9. How about some Evan Henderson love? Man he really took it to Eierman. He’s come a long way post college. Is he at Cornell?
  10. You know, when you made this comment only to realize Burroughs was just responding to DT. “What a cowardly and nonsensical comment.... Burroughs is never gonna wrestle Taylor again, so he can run his mouth all he wants and never have to back it up” Not only did you say he made a cowardly comment you then doubled down and said he can run his mouth and not have to back it up which itself is a cowardly act. Then when you realized you were wrong instead of apologizing for an ahole comment you simply write oops. Lame.
  11. Where’s your apology for calling Burroughs cowardly?
  12. Get a grip. Taylor took a shot, Burroughs, as per usual, down blocked and took a better shot.
  13. Why the Burroughs hate? You come off like a dik.
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