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  1. Zadick should have thrown the brick.
  2. This might be the dumbest thing in freestyle. A ref looking at a pin has to confirm it with some dude with no angle sitting behind a table. Am I missing something here. Why is this a thing?
  3. I’ve always said the ncaa should use the same system we have in NJ high school. PowerPoints accumulated throughout the season determine dual tourney seeding. The higher seed hosts and then the individual tourney determines individual champs. You get two outstanding products. Like Askren says 4 guys on your team scoring a ton of points isn’t representative of a great team.
  4. It’s way more likely in freestyle because you don’t need to be in control to score points in freestyle and you only need to expose the guys back not hold him there for 2 seconds.
  5. Yeah because it’s shocking that people who root for Americans would be hesitant to criticize them on an American wrestling forum. Makes absolutely no sense. What does make sense is being suspicious every single time a Russian wrestler competes. Sad but true.
  6. Your biggest issue is a completely false equivalence. You list 4 Americans, 2 of whom as far as we know are completely clean and compare that to a state sponsored doping program where former world and Olympic champions are coming up dirty left and right? Of course some might suspect JO of ped use, because he’s been suspended for it in the past! It’s completely reasonable to be suspicious just like it’s more than reasonable to suspect every single Russian. In my mind they are guilty until proven innocent. I don’t feel this way about Iran btw, it seems on the other post related to this theme they believe we suspect Iranians of shady behavior if they beat our champions. Nothing could be further from the truth. I and others I’ve read on here for years have great respect for Iranian wrestlers and I actually have tremendous respect for Russian wrestlers. I’ve just completely lost faith in their ability to win on their own merit and it does tick me off to think that little edge may have cost some of our guys who may of won otherwise. Unfortunately they’ll never know.
  7. Good point. All I know is when I watched that match I thought, Snyder looks even more muscle bound and his balance looked off. I assumed they were correlated but perhaps you’re right...nah I still think they are!
  8. It’s called cutting weight. Aka the only crappy part of the sport.
  9. Proportionately Snyder is much thicker. And no, it’s just an adjective for one with overdeveloped muscles.
  10. Bo is perfect for 92kg but unfortunately for him it looks it's perfect for J'Den as well. Snyder is too musclebound. It's compromises his balance.
  11. Is Myles Amine “world class?”
  12. Really? Is Dieringer world class?
  13. Surprised Sharifov is only 31. That would put him at 22 when he beat Cael. Pretty impressive. Hasanov is only 29? Seems like he’s been around forever.
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