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  1. Beats him ever again? Right when just a few months ago Iranians on here were saying Yazdani would never beat Taylor. Yazdani’s style is hard for anyone to deal with. Taylor just needs to get to his legs and make wrestling happen. I know easier Said than done but IMO Taylor is a way better wrestler. Yazdani just a better hand fighter. Like most Iranians he doesn’t really have leg attacks. Taylor will get him next time. I’d bet on it.
  2. There are huge JV tournaments. The number is not important, it’s the level of competition. That’s why Burroughs’ titles are so impressive. A ton of super hard matches.
  3. Super proud of Gilman. Appreciate his honesty in thar interview. Way to persevere champ. Also very interesting how he talks here and another interview I saw about letting his body get big and then cut down rather than always holding his weight. Something he’s seemed to pick up at NLWC.
  4. You’d say what evens out? I’m aware of and have considered all the things you’ve mentioned, I still think it’s way more difficult nowadays with 6 weights and no Soviet Union. It’s not about how many matches you wrestle, but who you wrestle. Burroughs just won 5 to win his world title. List all of Burroughs opponents and I think you’ll find 60% were former Soviets. It’s unreal. Contrast that with 89 worlds where Smith beat a Canadian in the finals who never medaled before or after that year and the bronze went to a German, an East German.
  5. 10 weights makes a huge difference. Some come down ala Kyle Dake and keep 5 time world champs off the team. I’m not sure how you can argue otherwise.
  6. Not possible to pass Smith…wow. So you don’t at all factor in his competition and that there were 10 weights? Do you know how much more difficult that makes it? Burroughs and Cox didn’t make the team this year. It makes a huge difference. The Olympics are no different than worlds in terms of difficulty. It’s the same guys! It may be more prestigious but it’s no more difficult.
  7. In all fairness Tevanyan has stubs for legs and he doesn’t do squat. I watched his match after Yianni and he literally did nothing. Not one attack. He defends and counters well however. Helps when your legs are 24”.
  8. We have some amazing stories on the women’s side. Adeline is a total beast and Helen could have easily given up on this sport but she has that true warrior spirit to compete. Congrats to all the women on their amazing results and a shout out to Coach Steiner who has been grinding with them for awhile now. Built the program.
  9. So the competition you encountered means nothing? The fact that there were 10 weights and now 6-7 means nothing? They also don’t count it for Bruce because he was a Hwt. Way less deep than say…74kg.
  10. Well Tsargush was a 3 time world champion. Yazdani just became a 4 time champ. Tsargush was a 2 time Yarygin winner, won Russian nationals 5 time, 3 time world and European champ. No one here is arguing Burrgoughs vs DT or Dake because they aren't yet even in the conversation. The argument is between Burroughs and John Smith.
  11. Ummm Tsargush was a two time world CHAMPION before Burroughs beat him in 2011. WTH are you talking about?
  12. In 89 Smith beat Canada’s Bohay in the finals who never placed again at the world level. The East German placed 3rd. The competition wasn’t remotely the same as any of JB’s years.
  13. If you listen to the match KJ coaches JDen perfectly, he just doesn’t do anything he tells him.
  14. Bye to the finals? Who cares, Burroughs had to beat Taylor and Dake to make teams. Multiple time world champs. Waaaayyyy more challenging. Also Burroughs got 2 tries in the same year because he lost a year! There are no advantages for smith in this argument.
  15. Definitely both legends, but how can anyone say that JB’s path wasn’t much much more difficult? Middle weight, no Soviet Union, 6-7 weights as opposed to 10. This tournament that people are calling weak was more difficult than any worlds that Smith competed in.
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