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  1. NYtimes ran an article today saying the CDC is urging a return to schools. The quote below from the article isn’t a good look for wrestling however. Hard to comprehend how schools are closed and when they are open masks are required yet we are having wrestling. I love the sport, but not sure it’s worth it this year. “The C.D.C. also published two related studies on Tuesday. One was an investigation of a high school wrestling tournament in Florida in December that became a super-spreader event, leading to at least 79 infections and one death. The tournament brought together 10 schools and 130 athletes and coaches, and 30 percent of participants were infected with the coronavirus. Thirty-eight individuals went on to transmit the virus to at least 41 others, including family members. (The full number is not yet known, because fewer than half the participants were tested.)”
  2. What Martinez been up to? I know he was injured but people really seem to be sleeping on him. He beat JB once and the other match JN had to eek out that win at the very end.
  3. I don’t think it’s worth it. I’d rather see all teams train for a month and then just have an NCAA tournament.
  4. Suriano was impressive. When he shoots he finishes very quickly. You rarely see him get in scrambles and his pressure made it tough for his competition to even get any attack off. Did the guy in the finals even attempt a shot? Same with semis. If they did they weren't close to getting to his legs from what I can remember.
  5. He already lost a challenge earlier so no challenge at the end.
  6. For sure? I thought they were on mat B?
  7. I thought it was Khinch’s action. The last I thought they have went 4-2 and then 1? It was 8-0 when it started correct? Ended 13-2?
  8. Why are they jumping around with weights?
  9. 100% and he wins by 1. McKnight tried to challenge and you could hear him yell how was that 2.
  10. Wasn’t even close. They just gave it to the guy. Plain and simple.
  11. So what he still should have won. He didn’t give up a TD and no headbutt.
  12. Not necessarily the guy ducked him several times.
  13. So what he won that match. No headbutt and no TD.
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