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  1. And current Olympics are actually just 6! Yes there are 10 weights at worlds now but only 2 of JB's titles came when there were 10 weights. Smith only dealt with 10 weights. Huge difference.
  2. Here is the list Denger provided of his competition. There are actually more than Denger listed because Belarus was also part of the Soviet Union. JB's opponents in the 6 World Gold Medal runs (Former USSR highlighted) 2011 World Championship opponents' countries: Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan, Venezuela, Iran 2013: Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Iran, India 2015: Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Iran, Mongolia 2017: Belarus, Russia, Uzbekistan, Dagestani-born-France, Japan 2021: Canada, Kazakhstan, Russia, Japan, Iran 2022: North Macedonia, Turkmenistan, Kyrgzstan, Bulgaria, Iran Bronze Medal Runs 2015: Guinea-Bissau, S.Korea, Uzbekistan, Russia, Ukraine 2018: Iran, Russia, Belarus, Italy 2019: Belarus, Dagestani-born-Hungary, Azerbaijan, Russia, Japan So in 2019, of the 5 wrestlers Burroughs beat 4 were from former Soviet countries! And just because the matches weren't close score wise doesn't mean these guys are bad. Didn't Burroughs tech Dake before? Azerbaijan won the world team title one year if I remember correctly with Russia in contention. Go ahead and make a list of all the guys Smith beat. Would love to compare.
  3. So 10 weights is more difficult to win a world title than 7 weights? Wow OK. 7 doesn't just weed out tweeners, it forces them to move up and down making those weights that much more difficult. There is only one Russia, but the former Soviet countries that I'm still calling Russians are still better than 98% of the other countries that compete in wrestling. Azerbaijan, Ukraine and all the 'stans are pretty darn good.
  4. And no one is discounting anything Smith accomplished. We’re arguing his GOAT status. Obviously we all tremendously respect what he accomplished. I’m a humongous fan. He came to a clinic in NJ when I was a kid and let us hold his gold medal. He’s a hero of mine to this day. Some of us just think JB has now accomplished a bit more in more difficult circumstances.
  5. Do the people who are still picking Smith as the GOAT recognize how much more difficult 7 weights is compared 10? Do you not recognize how difficult it is to go through multiple Russians every year? Does your competition matter at all?
  6. Well said BAC and spot on.
  7. Why didn't Taylor just post his arm? It wasn't trapped. Seems he could have easily let go and post his arm and the match would have ended much differently.
  8. The pic I saw was posted here several years ago. I found the post but the picture for whatever reason isn’t visible. It was from Jan 2019. The pic brought to mind a slowly deflating balloon. Probably a 70kg at that point. Do you honestly not think he was juiced?
  9. Well Mekhi Lewis and Keegan O’Toole were junior world champs. That’s a pretty good place to start. Keegan has lost one match in college and that was when he bumped up and wrestled when he didn’t even have to.
  10. Have you seen a picture of Geduev lately? Burroughs looks the same. Geduev…not so much.
  11. Right, which is why the fact that Smith competed through his ENTIRE career with 10 weight classes made it exponentially more easy than Burroughs competing with 7. Do you get it now? Now trying throwing 3 former Russians into those weights. WWWAAAYYY tougher.
  12. You do realize that the guy who beat Burroughs in the Olympics (the incredibly juiced up Geduev of Russia) is the same guy Burroughs beat the year before in the world semis right? The guy he lost to in the consi, Abdurahkmanov, he's smashed every other time they've wrestled. It wasn't a higher level of competition. It was the same!
  13. Let’s not forget that that was after Yianni had already lost out on his dream to be an Olympian. Not sure at that point he was fully mentally into that match. Reminiscent to me of Burroughs losing to Abdurakmanov in repechage of the Olympics. He lost and had beaten him several times previously. Not saying Nick can’t beat him and isn’t a total stud, but that wasn’t full bore Yianni.
  14. Do you not take into account their competition? Do you not think Burroughs dealing with 7 weights rather than 10 weights made it exponentially more difficult? Do you not think dealing with 3 Soviets per tournament rather than 1 Soviet per tournament made it exponentially more difficult? If you answer no than your obviously don’t follow wrestling. Just look at the world team placings over the past 10 years. You’ll find 5 former Soviet countries in the top ten consistently in that time period. So instead of East Germany which is not exactly a wrestling hot bed, you’re wrestling Azerbaijan and Ukraine. Last I checked those countries are quite good at wrestling.
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