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  1. And Penn & Drexel but they work because they are so close geographically.
  2. If you’re a coach, who are you taking? Even though he is older I’m still taking Echemendia. So much talent there last night. Very quick and explosive athletes throughout. We are progressing as a country very quickly in the last 10 years. Getting better and better.
  3. You got it anyway. I’ll go where I please.
  4. If the colors were always red and they changed to that lime green color you guys would be whining ten times as loud. I actually prefer the new logo to the wave and I’m already starting g to prefer the red. I always thought the green sucked.
  5. I’m no lawyer but he’s already filed a notice of tort claim. Haven’t seen anything since then however. https://www.inquirer.com/news/new-jersey/andrew-johnson-wrestler-hair-dreadlocks-cut-buena-new-jersey-civil-rights-probes-20190319.html?utm_campaign=Philly.com+Facebook+Account&cid=Philly.com+Facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com
  6. Remember when...when radio and TV was free? It’s almost 2020 my man. But you’re welcome to stay in the dark.
  7. Maybe that's because JB competed in 9 and Smith only 6. Who exactly did Smith beat in 1989, Canada's Bohay in the finals who was a 1 time world medalist? Sounds as tough as 3 Dagestanis, A world champion Russian and a Japanese wrestler. It's night and day in terms of competition. You're right there is no question.
  8. So it doesn’t matter who you beat along the way? I coach a HS team, we could be 20-0 every year with the right schedule. Smith lost in one of his world tournaments. Had he not won that title would Burroughs be your number 1?
  9. Burroughs is the GOAT. It’s not that close at this point. He lost...by a hair this year to the champ. He’s still right there. He had to beat 3 Dagestanis before wrestling the Russian! With all due respect Smith’s competition in some of his world title years were not nearly as difficult. Count the number of Russians Burroughs has had to beat during the span of his career. It’s absurd. Dake is unbelievable. I’m a huge fan but the style he’s been using in terms of movement and footwork works well vs flat footed Russians and Dieringer but will play right into Burroughs hands.
  10. How amazing is it that Dake actually beat J’Den once? Cox is a freak and a much much bigger person. That win may end up being the most impressive of Dake’s career.
  11. This is right in my neck of the woods. Fun fact the ref in question Alan Maloney went to the same high school as Jordan Burroughs, formerly Edgewood now Winslow. bp2xbw, They were both suspended for a year but both appealed and won their appeals after their confrontation. Apparently from other articles I've read while Maloney was in charge of the cadet refs he himself was consistently late for matches. The hair issue should have been addressed prior to the match and we wouldn't be having these issues. While I do think Maloney is a racist (how can you not when he uses the N word when he's drunk and the truth comes out) I don't think this was racially motivated. He's certainly an equal opportunity d*$#head when it comes to hair length and uniform issues. Always has been. I for one am glad he's no longer in charge of the new cadet refs in the state. As we all know the best refs are the ones you don't even realize are there. He is the antithesis to that ideal.
  12. It’s on trackwrestling for $30.
  13. Otoguro the defending champ is also in the bottom. Ugh
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