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  1. It’s a social media post not a term paper. Jesus relax already.
  2. AnklePicker

    Yasar Dogu Saturday results

    Looks like the Iranian teched Albarov pretty easily. I didn’t see much but he looked to put a frenetic pace on Albarov. Might be interesting final with Snyder. What happened to Bajrang at 65?
  3. AnklePicker

    Yianni at Yasar

    What does it matter what he looks like? If you watch Yianni you’ll notice that he very rarely gives ground even vs really strong forward pressure wrestlers like Bajrang and Zain. He never loses because he gets overpowered.
  4. AnklePicker


    You highly underestimate Askren. Pettis has trained extensively with Askren and has said he will save himself the embarrassment and never fight Ben. Said he’s a “monster.” https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iKMkoXl718s
  5. AnklePicker

    Check out this smoke show

    We have a very different idea of what the term “smoke show” means.
  6. You have FinalX as late as possible. You compete at FinalX or you’re too injured to compete at worlds. It’s not that difficult.
  7. Have final X as late as possible. You don’t wrestle at final X you don’t compete at the world championships. Makes it more fair for the competitors and gives fans a better chance of seeing the card they paid for when attending final X.
  8. AnklePicker

    NCAA approves shorts

    I do think the shorts should have a required inseam length. They look stupid when they are too long.
  9. AnklePicker

    NCAA approves shorts

    I’m pretty sure Hofstra when Tom Ryan was there also used the two piece. The difference between the old two piece and the new one is not requiring the bottoms to be form fitting. The old version was basically a singlet with T-shirt length sleeves. The new option is much more in line with normal clothing. My HS team has competed in 2 piece uniforms the last two years and we’ve never had a uniform issue in a match with fingers getting caught or even the tops or bottoms coming down. They function perfectly.
  10. AnklePicker

    Freestyle Rules On Takedowns Defy Logic

    It’s not all that confusing. Freestyle has nothing to do with control and the criteria that leads to no OT is one of the best things about the sport. It keeps the match entertaining until the end of the match.
  11. AnklePicker

    Downey vs. Yazdani

    Haha, I haven’t seen much of him. Thought he might have snuck one by me. Has there EVER been a world level medalist who had no leg attack? Again serious question.
  12. AnklePicker

    Downey vs. Yazdani

    Serious question, does Downey have a leg attack?
  13. AnklePicker

    Downey vs. Yazdani

    He can get him in an upper body situation and either throw or overpower him. Yaz is not big for the weight. It was impressive to Downey overpower Heflin.
  14. AnklePicker

    Final X - Lincoln

    Yes some singlets weigh less than others.
  15. AnklePicker

    Final X - Lincoln

    Burroughs made weight with 3 minutes left to spare. Apparently he had a very hard time making it. Couldn’t get it off and luckily a singlet change made the difference. Also Imar has closed the gap and has tough physical style that’s hard to deal with. Credit to him for wrestling so well.