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  1. AnklePicker

    Iowa looks horrible

    For whatever reason Spencer has a problem with conditioning and also a problem with wrestlers who can control the distance and not let him tie up. He seems to be weary of going to his offense too fiercely in fear of getting tired. That happens to him quite a bit. Versus ISU and Glory for example. That said, it was the same story last year and by NCAAs he was nails. I have a feeling he’ll come around again.
  2. The RAC at Rutgers is a perfect wrestling facility for this event. Easy convenient parking, not too big where you might have a bad seat, sound is great. I predict this will sell out. I went to state college last year, it was great, but not enough matches. Glad they’re bringing it down to two.
  3. AnklePicker

    CKLV Discussion

    NJ 4 for 4.
  4. AnklePicker

    Iowa vs Iowa State

    Willie had knee surgery. Miklus will place higher at NCAAs. And if you an as Iowa fan are happy about that win...my how the mighty have fallen.
  5. AnklePicker

    Iowa vs Iowa State

    Wasn’t Miklus coming off an injury himself when Jacob put a whoopin on him? Not all roses? They were a half an inch from taking the dual from Iowa with Stoll and Lee in the lineup. They won in the last minute and that’s somehow spun as a negative in your world? I thought Iowa prides itself on scoring and winning late. Hats off to Coach Dresser and co.
  6. AnklePicker

    Rocket Mortgage ad on Flo

    It boggles my mind that that is the only commercial they can get. I don't understand the business well but the fact that the same ad plays every time makes the entire operation come off as very amateur to me.
  7. AnklePicker


    It was just a hunch.
  8. AnklePicker


    That’s not what it said. It said you’d get all the rest of the 2018 UWW events for free.
  9. AnklePicker

    Keystone Classic

    I’m not so sure. Verkleeren was hitting some nice doubles earlier in the tournament along with a slick super duck.
  10. AnklePicker

    Keystone Classic

    Just to clarify on the Berge Verkleeren match, Berge took injury time so one of Verk’s escapes were due to that fact. That’s a pretty crappy and indecisive way to win a wrestle off type match but with about 10 or so secs left Berge hits his money single and comes up but Verk immediately funks and while Berge tries to score the ref starts counting because Verk is exposed. The last swipe came with 1 sec left. Verk challenged and lost. Both are so darn close in ability.
  11. AnklePicker

    U23 Freestyle: Predictions and Results Thread

    Kentchadze the Georgian at 74 is the same one who was at senior worlds right? I like watching him very solid.
  12. 0-3. I don’t think he’s on their level. Suriano will beat him with his offense while Gross and Fix will beat him with their defense.
  13. AnklePicker

    Wrestle-Off Results

    So Suriano at 133 it is I guess.
  14. AnklePicker

    What do you think of the two day Worlds?

    In a perfect world I'd like 5 finals on 2 nights.
  15. AnklePicker

    RTC's Continued...

    Key word being restraints aka rules. Less restraints isn’t always a good thing.