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  1. To be fair, after a 6 year layoff that same Askren did beat Quentin Wright the same year he WON NCAAs. It’s possible, Caldwell is in shape and he’s a freak. Stylistically unlike anyone pletcher wrestled this year.
  2. I completely agree that the costs are out of control and a lot of what you learn you certainly won’t use in your job, but in the current system we live in, there is no question that without that degree there are many doors you can’t even walk through. It’s a gatekeeper to an awful lot of professions. So is it really overrated and unnecessary?
  3. My buddy’s kid just got accepted as an apprentice electrician with a journeyman electrician. He has to work with him and go to school 3 nights per week for 4 years. I was arguing how wrong you were in assuming certain salaries.
  4. Yeah and in NYC, tech workers make much more than the National average as well. I didn’t misrepresent what you said at all. You said you “guarantee carpenters, electricians and sanitation workers make twice as much...” The facts say otherwise. No you don’t need to go to college to get a high paying job and actually having a college degree may not make you “smarter” but it does make you more knowledgeable in whatever subject area you studied. Also don’t union trade workers have to go to school for 4 years themselves?
  5. I just looked up average technology sector salary and it’s $91,000. Did the same for electricians $50,000. Perhaps it’s you who’s out of touch? You don’t think people who “work in office buildings” in every major city outside of NYC/Wall St make good money?
  6. Luckily for Shane he has some good options. Hooking up with Mark Hall and McFadden at Penn doesn’t sound so bad.
  7. Man I feel so bad for the entire team but especially for Coach Borrelli who had built them into a legit contender and was ready to unleash that squad at NCAAs this year. Heartache followed by heartbreak.
  8. The dominoes will fall from here just like in March. We’re screwed.
  9. Russians seem fine and in wrestling you sometimes have to bridge with an actual person pushing down on you. Might want to build some strength from that position if wrestling is your game.
  10. My team uses bridging in our warm up. If you watch any Russians from the very young youth level on up through the senior level you will see lots of bridging and bridge exercises. Of course like anything else you need to build up the muscles in your neck and develop more advanced skills as you progress. Start at first just bridging on your knees to loosen up. Then go front bridges then work back bridges then you can incorporate hip heisting or flipping between bridges. One of the exercises you will see all the Russians do and something I've been able to incorporate from the youth level on up are bridge circles. Start in back bridge, look at a spot on the wall. Rotate your feet in back bridge and when you can't go further you hip heist over to front, rotate feet until you can't then flip to back again. As my athletes get better I will have them start in back bridge, grab their partners ankles and then flip between front and back. As they get better at it they can eliminate the partner. These are tough and put a lot of strain on your neck so as I said you have to build into them. You don't need to do a lot. Spend a minute or so with front and back bridges at first. As you progress try the circles and do 3 rotations one way then 3 the other. The flips you only need like 10 to get a good workout in your neck. Do them daily in your warm up for practice and you will progress quickly.
  11. I think the next two weeks will determine wrestling’s fate this season. If the numbers continue to decline in NJ/NY then i think there is hope but if they climb here I don’t know how they will be able to justify football or wrestling. Teachers have to wear a mask to teach yet they are going to allow football/wrestling practices? The rest of the country seems to be a month behind this area so how we go, the country goes imo.
  12. Agreed and others have the right to tell you you sound like a whiner.
  13. He doesn’t need to be in Twitter to understand the point. The beef is clearly defined in the article posted here. What is it exactly that he doesn’t get?
  14. I might agree if they weren’t a for profit business.
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