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  1. All my numbers are from Wikipedia. Yes there is a lot of noise about a shortened season starting Jan 1st. 5 big ten players developing myocarditis due to Covid played a part in the change.
  2. It’s not slim. I’m not sure where those numbers were from because from what I just looked up France has never had a day recently where they had zero deaths. More like 10-15 per day. In April they were reporting 1,500 per day. Kind of like where NJ was/is. Problem is in NJ we have 9 million people and France has 86 million. We have done a horrendous job with this. That’s just the cold hard facts.
  3. You put my family at risk by spewing garbage about this being a political thing that will vanish once the election is over. You were probably saying it would vanish once the warm weather hit weren’t you? People are dying bud...that’s not political. The crazy liberals aren’t pulling those strings. Going to the grocery store is a necessity. Going to hang out with your friends at a bar really isn’t. I’m not trying to take away your rights, do what you want. But don’t cry when we don’t have a wrestling season because of your disregard for the virus. That’s exactly why we are in the situation we are in. Maybe had we not liberated the states we’d be right on track. Unfortunately NJ alone still has 500 cases per day and people are still dying daily.
  4. “Again, if you want to see the negative in all this and live in fear than by all means do so just don't push that crap onto others.” What you don’t seem to grasp is I and my family are affected by others just like yours. We are dependent on others to do the right thing.
  5. Sweden has 10 million people with 6000 deaths. Germany has 80 million people with 9000 deaths. And Sweden didn’t “do nothing” they relied on their citizens who have trust in their govt to do the right thing and wear masks and distance. Btw Sweden predicted they’d have 40% immunity by now, they actually have 15%. I don’t use death rates per those infected. I just use the death rate so people can’t claim how inflated the case numbers are. Hard to fudge dying.
  6. Just look to Germany, we are 4 times the size of Germany yet have 18 times the number of Covid deaths. Our obesity rate is a staggering 38% but Germany’s is 25% so not that far off. Please explain dman.
  7. In the last 11 years NJ has had 15,000 flu deaths. We’ve had 15,000 Covid deaths so far this year. There’s some data for you. Will it go away in Brazil and India after the election? Go back to putting your head in the Sahara.
  8. Was the way they handled it based on Trump’s re-election?
  9. Texas governor from yesterday who I’m sure is part of the “political party trying to win.” "The bottom line is Texans realized how dangerous Covid-19 can be," Abbott said.
  10. Please explain what it is about then. You do realize this is a WORLD WIDE pandemic correct?
  11. Those conferences are not gonna play. Put a fork in fall football. It ain’t happening. It’s unfortunately time we wrap our heads around it.
  12. Pyles said on FRL yesterday that he’s hearing we will not have a wrestling season this year.
  13. What senior level athletes even go to the Wisconsin RTC? Gross? Ben said before Covid he was only there 2 days a week and then 1 day per week once he came out of retirement for UFC. Was he just a figurehead? Just an attractive name? As the head coach what did he actually accomplish?
  14. If you use criteria instead of overtime don’t you have to have a shot clock?
  15. If you’re a fan of conditioning being a factor in a wrestling match you should be in favor of the step out rule. Once you start focusing on just how much time is spent going out of bounds and resetting it becomes obvious there is a lot of wasted time and chance for recovery.
  16. Not good when the morning NJ.com headline reads: “Massive coronavirus outbreak envelops Rutgers football team.” Yet we have club coaches running wrestling practices.
  17. This attitude will be the reason we won’t have a regular season. Put a fork in it. Thanks buddy.
  18. Thanks for the recommendation but I don’t need to calm down. This is a life and death thing for many people. I’m tired of people minimizing it. Your response above was to my post about how we have clubs running RIGHT NOW, go back and reread it.
  19. This to me sounds like you are encouraging kids to go to clubs. Imo USAWNJ should be doing the exact opposite.
  20. Just got my email from Gabe 2 days ago. The camp is still scheduled to go.
  21. What does it being on them have to do with it? The point is it’s happening all over the state and it’s shameful.
  22. You literally said “I’m sure some are wrestling but are quiet about it.”
  23. And I keep getting emails from Gabe Dean about a camp that will run in two weeks in Atlantic City. Crazy part is it says the emails are coming from Cornell University and I’m sure Cornell would not be on board with this. This is a camp for all ages bringing kids from all over the state that will then be heading home. Again, mind boggling and to me it’s nothing more than a money grab.
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