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  1. Man that was an impressive performance by both freshman. Cenzo was not a very good loser at that point.
  2. I think Burroughs can finish on Dake and Dake doesn’t attack enough on the highest level guys to get to Burroughs enough to win. If he gets to JB’s legs he will finish because he’s not great at defending but he knows if he misses JB’s go behinds and reattacks are so good it will keep him hesitant. Both are good at pushing guys out of bounds. Should be great. Can’t wait.
  3. But he struggled with Chamizo? No way it’s easy.
  4. That's not currently a live link. Scratch that thanks.
  5. I'm with you but thinking people who didn't tune in early were having issues logging on so they stopped the action. If they just wrestle we probably won't see it.
  6. People whine about Flo but truth is Rokfin is just as bad if not worse. Terrible site to navigate and I've had issues with nearly every live event I've watched.
  7. There are few paths to success in every sport. It's not unique to wrestling.
  8. Super cool these guys are wrestling multiple bouts. Can’t wait.
  9. He is. And IMar has beaten Burroughs so no reason to think he couldn’t give him a match aside from possible injury set backs.
  10. I was checking out the Olympic.org site referenced above. I did find the following in their Olympic Charter. I guess it is about the individual. The Olympic Games are competitions between athletes in individual or team events and not between countries. They bring together the athletes selected by their respective NOCs, whose entries have been accepted by the IOC. They compete under the technical direction of the IFs concerned.
  11. I’ve been coaching for around 20 years now and my assistant and I have come to the conclusion that it takes around 3 years to truly learn/get wrestling. You have to be patient and respect that most of the better wrestlers out there have put in way more time than you have. There’s nothing wrong with that but you have to be realistic with yourself. Keep plugging away, it’ll come. If you’re dedicated to it and have some degree of athleticism I venture to guess by next year you’ll start seeing big gains and success will follow.
  12. It's not about flexing on countries with sub optimal athletes, it's about showing how great your country is at a particular sport. A guy moving from Russia, who was already a senior world champ, to wrestle for another country says absolutely nothing about how that country develops actual wrestlers.
  13. Countries otherwise why would they even represent their country? They'd be more likely to represent their club. They know it's a problem because they've tried to curb this behavior with rules including the one mentioned in the original post. I'm all for having a tournament where every single person on the planet gets a chance to truly be the best in the world, shoot I'd even offer prize money as an incentive but that's not what the Olympics should be about imo.
  14. I just don't feel like that's in the spirit of the Olympics.
  15. They have more than just Khadjiev. Look at this article back from 2013 even: http://www.wrestling.com.ua/en/news/article/volnaja/13_06_20_frankochechenskaya_sbornaya/. These are greco guys but I thought even at the Henri Delange I noticed several Russian names representing France. And while it may not be a great example, the point still stands, they are freaking everywhere at this point.
  16. If true I don’t like it. Getting really old seeing all these Russians wrestling for France and the like. I understand we have some guys who do it as well. Still don’t like it. Not a real representation of how good your country is or isn’t at wrestling.
  17. I don’t follow. Why would he go somewhere else if UWW said no transfers for the Olympics?
  18. He has shown some great offense from his feet in freestyle matches. And not freestyle type points. Straight attacks. I still think he's just adjusting to how tough college is and how to get your cardio right. Once he starts getting acclimated a bit more and gaining confidence he will be right there with everyone.
  19. I thought they looked in great shape vs Michigan.
  20. Pretty sure I remember hearing on a broadcast that Cael said he’s the hardest worker he’s coached. That’s saying quite a bit. Sky’s the limit.
  21. Lots of freshman represented well. Howard, Bullock, Starocci, and even Barraclough wrestled Storr tough. Can Ragusin not make 125? Hard to place blame in a dual but I like his chances better vs Howard than RBY that’s for sure.
  22. Penn state guys looked in great shape. Even Howard in his debut and who I’ve seen get tired in the past was able to get it done.
  23. I thought he got tired early and started forcing near the end. I think a stall call on Starocci was warranted. Hard to believe Masa gave up back there. Cost them the dual.
  24. At the 8:45 mark Kurugliev shows the inside ankle pick he hit on Taylor at least once he may have gotten to it twice I can’t remember. It’s nice though.
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