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  1. Nolf scored one TD. Otherwise he wasn’t very close. Big Nolf fan but I’m not sure what makes you think that. Closing the gap is Waaay different than beating Dake.
  2. Congrats Mike and Dom!! Kept clearing that collar tie and her technique was terrific. Great knee pull, great transitions/reattacks. Impressive young lady.
  3. Didn’t Flo alone get a couple rounds of 8 digit venture capital funding? I know in 2019 Flo got 47 million. Not that’s for Flo sports not just wrestling but that’s nothing to sneeze at.
  4. Taylor is the man. Love the fact that he put it right back on the line after he won the Olympics especially against a competitor as tough as Yazdani. He won that Olympic title by the skin of his teeth so he knew it was a risk but he’s a competitor. He has to be injured right? Why hasn’t he competed? Seems to me size wise Hall is perfect for Zahid. Opposite is true of Taylor.
  5. Well my tits were hot. Maybe, maybe you could make your claim if we’re talking folk style coach, but no way freestyle.
  6. More of an elite understanding than a 6 time world champ? Not sure I agree.
  7. I know he was bigger and it’s practice but JB has said that Mark has beaten him several times in simulation matches. I think his problem is he just doesn’t generate enough offense. He’s always been so good defensively. Zahid is constantly on his offense or setting it up. Also don’t think he has a good natural gas tank which contributes to his lack of offense. He’s a fantastic coach. I went to PSU camps for several years while he was there and he was my favorite clinician and I saw them all there.
  8. WTH happened to McKenna. Did he have a bad cut or something?
  9. Great match vs Joseph. It seems Vincenzo is much smaller but man he's able to hang strength wise with Dieringer and that last TD was super clutch.
  10. Love corn, and one thing I know for sure is that New Jersey’s corn is better than Iowa’s!
  11. Where did that 2 arm shove come from? I seem to remember him employing it during his matches with Pico as a way to thwart his pressure. Maybe I’m wrong but around that time he added it to his game. Do other wrestlers do that? I know Burroughs does it occasionally but It’s not as pronounced and I can’t think of many others.
  12. Phillies fan here and watching pre game the other day, guy was talking about how JT was a former wrestler and that he can deal with the pain because wrestlers are known to be a little psycho and he gave the old whirly bird by his temple. I got a kick out of it. JT is a beast.
  13. And sadly, this isn’t just about “the kids.” Adults are just as taken by social media as the kids are. It’s had an enormous impact across the board.
  14. I’m with you, but this feels different. This is something in your pocket 24/7 that gives you instantaneous feedback whether good or oftentimes bad. None of those things, that I know of, we’re blamed for causing, or at least greatly increasing, anxiety and depression. Yianni is smart beyond his years.
  15. Social media is our societal cancer. Who’d a thunk it?
  16. The NYAC tournament was renamed the Bill Farrell and then they move it to Iowa? Does anyone know the long term status of this tournament? The tournament is terrific at the NYAC. Nothing like it. Right there mat side with the athletes warming up. Was top notch with Russians, Japanese etc. Was one of my yearly destinations. Please bring it back!!!
  17. That last paragraph is very interesting. Sounds like Ivanov will implement the style/system he thinks can work and coaches will have to follow suit. I love the idea of developing a style that is our own.
  18. Pretty sure he entered because he lost a bet to Keegan O’Toole. He’s a man of his word apparently.
  19. This is Sammy Henson’s kid right? Dang he must be pissed at the Brands bros. That would be an interesting scrap. Tom or Terry vs the bull right now.
  20. Is the tournament location change permanent? Loved it at the NYAC. It’s a shame no Russians.
  21. Yeah and Dean lost to Caffey. Do you not think Dean is better?
  22. PSU will win every semi aside from Kerkvliet. RBY will beat Desanto worse than he has, Woods is tough but Lee is next level. Have you watched his freestyle match vs Yianni? Starocci is also a class above. I’m a Hidlay fan but Brooks is better. Dean might lose in the finals but he’s not losing to Hoffman the freaking 21 seed.
  23. Any other states adopt the new weights early like we did NJ? 175 to 190 is a big jump. After coaching under both I prefer the weights from last year.
  24. Is this a joke? How many JB matches have you watched the last 5 years? How about his hand fighting?
  25. Burroughs has said he plans on opening a wrestling and MMA gym in southern New Jersey. Can’t wait.
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