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  1. Count me in. I thought he looked great at the OTTs.
  2. I’d think the chances of a repeat of their first match is more likely than a repeat of their second. Snyder is a warrior. Willing to wrestle anyone anywhere, puts it on the line. Gotta love that about him.
  3. Yeah I thought he planted in bounds but after rewatching he was clearly way out bounds.
  4. I’ve also seen it a lot. Happens when there’s just a straight arm push.
  5. I understand that passivity is often called based on position (who’s butt is to the center) but is that the way it should be called? Where is that in the UWW rule book. Under passivity I see no mention of controlling the mat or butt towards the center. Passivity, as stated in the rules below, is about a “feigned attempt to waste time.” Blocking, interlocking fingers, thwarting his opponent or generally avoiding wrestling. No mention of mat control. Please explain. One of the roles of the refereeing body should be to evaluate and distinguish what is real action versus a feigned attempt to waste time. a. Anytime the refereeing body agrees a wrestler is blocking, interlocking fingers, thwarting his opponent and/or generally avoiding wrestling: the referee signals to the wrestler “Caution blue or red”. First offence, the action is stopped briefly to give a verbal warning (V): “Attention”. Second offence: the action is stopped briefly to designate the guilty wrestler and a 30-second mandatory-score period begins. The referee shall not interrupt the bout in the midst of a viable action to either start or finish an activity period. A light corresponding to the wrestler at fault is lighted. This notifies the wrestlers, coaches and spectators an “activity period” has begun. Should either wrestler score in the 30 seconds penalty session, no penalty point is awarded, only the corresponding technical point or points. If neither wrestlers scores, the opponent of the designated passive-wrestler is awarded a technical point without stopping the bout.
  6. Never said it was a requirement. Just curious how many actually wrestled.
  7. What’s the peak age for a wrestler?
  8. I watched the match I think a folk style match would be much more competitive. Nearly all of Foca’s points were freestyle points. Two quick fours that get you nothing in folk.
  9. In the last three years we’ve placed 1st, 2nd and 4th in the world. It’s not our qualification system that’s the reason for our lack of success at 65.
  10. So what, he wants to win a national title and enjoys what he’s doing. More power to him. I like it. Makes the team race more interesting next year.
  11. It’s not stupid. It’s very plausible. Comparing what you did for a meaningless college dual to the Olympic freaking trials is stupid. I would certainly say it to his face if I were his coach. But then again if I were his coach no chance in hell this even happens.
  12. Zain definitely regressed. He seems to be the type that needs the college grind to get him in that freak shape where he can just put a pace on dudes that they can’t maintain. That was his advantage, without that he’s still near the top but not the tippy top.
  13. Well explain to me how you come over weight when you went up 5 kilos from your last world title? It just doesn’t happen. Had he gone 86 it might make sense but going up and missing weight leads me to believe he wanted a way out. No chance in hell I let this happen even at the high school state level. It just wouldn’t happen. I blame his coaches (Which he really doesn’t have one right? Perhaps that’s part of the problem) but I put 99% of the blame on Cox. My only explanation is he didn’t want to be there.
  14. Cox didn’t want to wrestle. That’s the only explanation. You don’t go up a weight and then miss weight at the Olympic trials. It’s impossible.
  15. Unscored upon in finals but he lost in the 92 Olympics. Had that happened to Burroughs he’d have been out. No longer 2 time Olympic champ or 6 in a row. I love John Smith but IMO what Burroughs accomplished is much more difficult.
  16. It’s not just about who they lost to it’s who they beat. One of Smith’s golds was vs a Canadian who never placed before or after that worlds. The multiple weights and Russians bit is a HUGE factor. Not only did JB have to deal with the Soviet breakup but he had to deal with Russians transferring all over the world to other countries. JBs first gold came against a 2 time defending world champ in the quarters!
  17. Serious question. Is it a prerequisite not to have wrestled?
  18. Hall at 79kg will be dangerous. I know he has lead bones but just too short it seems for 86.
  19. But what if does take out Yianni? Henderson is dangerous. Of course Yianni has to be favored but Henderson seems to have a very odd feel and hits some big moves. You’d have to assume Yianni has felt it and knows what to expect but couldn’t the same be said for Henderson? You have to think Koll is sweating this just a little.
  20. What exactly did they handle? Rob job.
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