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  1. Has this dude popped for roids yet?  Reading about the Russian skating team got me thinking back.  I know he lost to Yazdanicharati in the finals but man that match cost Burroughs not just a chance at his second Olympic gold but also 500k.  Horrible if he was juiced to the gills.  

  2. Well not sure about a bonus machine. He was losing the match with Gallagher 3-2 until the last 15 secs when he got a TD into a turk. And not sure of his age but dude looks plenty physically developed to hang. Gallagher is a horse himself and he was right there. 

  3. Hadn’t seen Hamiti before. Has an interesting herky jerky style to him. I thought Marinelli wrestled terrific against him. Hand fought well, stayed in great position and finished strong. The flip cartwheel thing Hamiti did in desperation at the end was funny. But you can tell how dangerous he already is and as he physically matures he will be a big problem for everyone. Great match. 

  4. I get that Meredith isn’t Lee, but Rivera seems to be firing on all cylinders. I watched Rivera quite a bit all the way through high school and he’s continually improved year in and year out. Hoping he can take it this year. 

    RBY, Starocci and Brooks are near locks to repeat. Wow. 

  5. Saw this quote today in NYTimes:


    "John Bell, a professor of medicine at Oxford University and an adviser to the British government, said that Omicron was “not the same disease we were seeing a year ago.”“The horrific scenes that we saw a year ago of intensive care units being full, lots of people dying prematurely, that is now history, in my view, and I think we should be reassured that that’s likely to continue,” he told the BBC on Tuesday."


    I'm going with Mr. Bell's opinion.  Let em wrestle.

  6. On 12/23/2021 at 12:54 AM, Mr. Poopy butthole said:

    Yet another subscription service. I'm happy that there seems to be money and good competition in the wrestling event hosting/streaming space. Rudis, Flo, Rokfin and BTN can compete to make each other better. That's an ultimate win for the wrestling fan. It's just... quickly becoming burdensome for many. I subscribe to BTN+, Flo, Rokfin, Rudis+, and youtube TV for the televised events and I do so proudly. But the expense is not insignificant. In fact, the combined expense is high enough to force me to curb my self-destructive indulgences, and I don't like that.

    Yep more competition sounds good but really just means more cost. Getting very old and very expensive very quickly. 

  7. 11 hours ago, GreatWhiteNorth said:

    I see your point. But it isn't that simple. Unfortunately for all of us, none of this is simple (thus the widespread confusion.)

    These are some of the early reports I was referring to. (The article itself is new, but the reports it references are not.)

    I think it's great that if offers "hope", there is certainly nothing wrong with that! We'll know more soon, and I'm hoping for the best.

    • Preliminary results are more of a 'first impression' than they are a medical confirmation.
      • Don't hang your hat on results that haven't been reviewed or confirmed. The internet is full of such reports. Be picky about who you trust.
    • "Hospitalizations are likely to increase...Skyrocketing caseloads" - but how can it be mild and still be getting worse?
      • Because so many are vaccinated the resulting infections appear milder in most cases. The vaccines are helping out here.
        • Higher % of 'mild' of the overall infected
      • Because it's more contagious, many more will be infected, so more will require hospitalization.
        • Lower % of 'severe' of the overall infected, yet higher numbers of actual 'severe' cases due to higher numbers of cases overall
      • So, more mild and also more severe. Yes.

    I would definitely pay attention to the quote from the article:
    "I don't want to be an alarmist, but I don't think that you can let your guard down'



    It actually is that simple.  I am picky about who I trust, I'll go with the NYTimes and WSJ and their sources thanks.  I think if an entire wave hits multiple countries and they aren't seeing nearly the same hospitalizations or deaths and the numbers are already declining as fast as they rose that is more than just preliminary results.  

  8. 1 hour ago, GreatWhiteNorth said:

    You are right, early reports indicated that omicron variant appeared to be highly contagious, yet mild in severity. But those were early.

    More recent reports indicate that 'highly contagious' holds true, but the 'mild in severity' portion is more attributable to the fact that millions have gotten vaccinated. For them, especially those with booster shots, the severity has proven to be relatively mild in most cases. For the unvaccinated and to a lesser extent the unboosted, it has proven to be quite severe - to the point where deaths are rising and, yes, in fact some hospitals are once again using refrigerated trucks for temporary storage of the deceased. For the record, yes, we are having hospitals fill up and we are having "dead bodies piling up", and right now it is trending in the wrong direction.

    There's still much we don't know about the Omicron variant - but note that if anybody claims to have all the answers, they're lying to you.

    I would recommend we all find reputable (be picky) sources of information and follow. Maybe we'll get good news, or maybe it'll be gloom and doom. I'm hoping for the former and preparing for the latter.


    No, it’s more mild. 



  9. I can’t figure out, at this point in a pandemic, why they can’t have tests for every guy wanting to compete. People in stands back 6 feet and masked. Competitors all tested and bring result to scale. Done. I know the gov is pumping out 500 million in free tests but use some of that ridiculous tuition money to buy tons of tests for each university. 

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