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  1. 11 minutes ago, dmm53 said:

    Two National Champs were out.   RBY would have won 133. 

    Penn State forfeited 285 though Kerk could have/would have gone if necessary, and in fact  he wanted to wrestle.  (Cael held him out.) 

    Even ignoring 133, the final score would likely have been 24 (or 25) to 10.   That doesn't sound particularly close. 

    Penn also lost 2 OT matches. 

  2. 40 minutes ago, Jaroslav Hasek said:

    i was calling newbie silly for thinking Flo's strategy was to trick people. it's obviously not, and it's foolish to think it is. i never said anyone who got confused by our watch parties was silly. you either misunderstood my post or are just trolling. for the record, its cool either way. 

    anyway, our data includes measuring how long people stay viewing the watch parties (and all the other streams). if everyone was clicking on the watch party and then quickly turning it off, we'd notice it. but most people aren't. they are, instead, watching for a long periods of time and engaging with the watch party chat function in the app. which is why we are continuing to do them. maybe that changes and we stop doing them. only time will tell!

    Just keep hammering them about the site design. Great content, horrible web design.   I love Flo, but visit less because of the way the site is constructed. 

  3. 3 hours ago, spladle08 said:

    I'm telling you I was surprised Young beat him as badly as he did in these recent wrestle-offs. Hone is generally a gamer


    Young is the real deal. Had those wins over Jacob Camacho, Nashon Garrett, Tyler Graffiti and Seth Gross this summer  at world team trials. He’s an AA threat now. 

  4. 6 hours ago, steamboat_charlie v2 said:

    I asked a rhetorical question regarding handfighting to point out that the original poster's statements were inconsistent.  I did not once say that wrestling is only handfighting.  

    I thought that was pretty easy to understand, sorry for the confusion.  

    My point was Yazdani is a better hand fighter and underhooker (part of handfighting) and better pusher but imo Taylor is better in all other aspects of wrestling. Now I understand that sometimes that’s all that’s needed and obviously was in a Oslo, but to say he will never beat him again is laughable. Again some great Iranian fans on this board just two months earlier thought there was no way Yazdani could beat Taylor. There’s a reason that statement was made. 

  5. 45 minutes ago, steamboat_charlie v2 said:

    Taylor is: 
    1) 4 years older than Yazdani
    2) just accomplished his life-long dream
    3) has settled down and started a family
    4) is running his own business

    I would be surprised if Taylor ever beats Yazdani again. He held on just long enough--and even then, only just.    

    Beats him ever again?  Right when just a few months ago Iranians on here were saying Yazdani would never beat Taylor. Yazdani’s style is hard for anyone to deal with. Taylor just needs to get to his legs and make wrestling happen.  I know easier Said than done but IMO Taylor is a way better wrestler. Yazdani just a better hand fighter. Like most Iranians he doesn’t really have leg attacks. Taylor will get him next time. I’d bet on it. 

  6. 7 hours ago, BadgerMon said:

    But fewer people are trying out per each nation, I would wager.  We had 36 men trying out in for the 149.5 spot in 1980  we KNEW wasn't getting to go to Moscow anyway. And that was group of qualifiers from regionals held around the country.

    How many tried out for the 145.5 lb spot this past Olympics for the team? Just curious. I doubt the field was near that large.

    There are huge JV tournaments. The number is not important, it’s the level of competition. That’s why Burroughs’ titles are so impressive. A ton of super hard matches. 

  7. 6 hours ago, BadgerMon said:

    You may find this interesting....I just saw where Dan Gable wrestled 6 matches to win his 1072 Olympic Gold. John Smith wrestled 6 matches enroute to his Olympic Gold in 1988.

    John Peterson wrestled 6 matches enroute to his Gold in 1976. FOUR wrestlers were DQ'd in the first round in his bracket, three in the second round, one in the third round, and on in round 5. By the way, his closest match was a 7 point difference!

    NINE MINUTE MATCHES, with possibility of DQ hanging in there air per judgement of referee. I'd say it evens out.


    In 2012, Burroughs wrestled 4 matches for his Olympic Gold. In 2016, Snyder wrestled 4 matches for his Olympic Gold. David Taylor wrestled 4 matches enroute to Olympic Gold.




    I WILL admit that it is harder to make a national team these days IF you are caught between weight classes. I would bet that there are guys today that see ZERO path to the team based on size/strength difference, so they don't go for it. 



    You’d say what evens out?  I’m aware of and have considered all the things you’ve mentioned, I still think it’s way more difficult nowadays with 6 weights and no Soviet Union. It’s not about how many matches you wrestle, but who you wrestle. Burroughs just won 5 to win his world title. List all of Burroughs opponents and I think you’ll find 60% were former Soviets. It’s unreal. Contrast that with 89 worlds where Smith beat a Canadian in the finals who never medaled before or after that year and the bronze went to a German, an East German. 

  8. 5 hours ago, BadgerMon said:

    I'm not sure the 10 vs 7 weights is that much of a factor,,,mainly because the guys who go up in weight generally don't have the horsepower to take the top spot anyway. I think you probably get the same amount of entrants either way to try out for the national team. 

    More of a factor is the break-up of the USSR. But those guys live poorer NOW than they used to, without Soviet money to support them and their program professionally.

    However....today's USA wrestlers are generally financially supported better than yesterday's wrestlers. Able to buy better food, better living conditions, etc. Did you see that cool house Dake lives in? :-)

    It may be a wash. What sucks is that we see FEWER great wrestlers at the Olympics.


    10 weights makes a huge difference. Some come down ala Kyle Dake and keep 5 time world champs off the team. I’m not sure how you can argue otherwise. 

  9. 12 minutes ago, ShakaAloha said:

    Satiev has three Olympic golds and six World golds.  That puts him in the running to be the GOAT for all of freestyle wrestling, not just in Russia.  His three Olympic freestyle golds are matched by only one other man, Medved, who is the other person in the running for GOAT for all of freestyle wrestling. The fact that Satiev came home empty-handed in a "fluke" victory by his opponent in 2000 doesn't take away from his overall greatness...not when he has 3 other Olympic gold medals.  The only time it should count against Satiev is if you are arguing about who is better between him and Medved. 

    JB has a single Olympic gold medal, and his legacy is gold (2012), DNP (2016), and did not make team (2020).  These are not even close to the same situation.

    This is also a completely different situation from Smith-Burroughs.  Kemp would have won gold in Moscow had the USA not boycotted.  Kemp had his chance taken away from him by something out of control.  Cejudo is below Kemp because he ONLY has the Olympic gold.  Henry made one other World team  in 2007 and lost his first match.  He also tried to make the Olympic team again in 2012 and lost to Nick Simmons.    This shows Henry's Olympic gold was an aberration.  

    It is not possible for Burroughs to ever pass Smith in my mind when he went 1-2 in Rio and didn't make the team for Tokyo.  The fact that he didn't make the team for the Tokyo Olympics also needs to be taken into account when comparing JB to Smith.  JB is a legend and one of our best, but not the American GOAT.  

    Not possible to pass Smith…wow. So you don’t at all factor in his competition and that there were 10 weights?  Do you know how much more difficult that makes it?  Burroughs and Cox didn’t make the team this year.  It makes a huge difference. The Olympics are no different than worlds in terms of difficulty.  It’s the same guys!  It may be more prestigious but it’s no more difficult. 

  10. 2 hours ago, 2td3nf said:

    Seems like on the feet in neutral, Yianni's only setup or the only setup he uses is to shoot from space, and he often gets extended and countered as was mentioned above by other posters. Also seems like his opponents know it's coming. 

    How about mixing in new setups or different types of takedowns? Throw-bys, slide-bys, something else. Look how easy Sadulaev (yes, I know I'm using the p4p king as example) took down Snyder with 1:25 left in 2nd period. Just a gorgeous underhook to throw-by and duck-under or whatever it was. Didn't have to touch legs. Spencer Lee was also hitting that same type of underhook throw-by in last season he competed. 

    Just a keyboard scouting report here, but looks like Yianni is too one-dimensional on his feet and elite opponents know it. 

    In all fairness Tevanyan has stubs for legs and he doesn’t do squat. I watched his match after Yianni and he literally did nothing. Not one attack. He defends and counters well however. Helps when your legs are 24”. 

  11. We have some amazing stories on the women’s side. Adeline is a total beast and Helen could have easily given up on this sport but she has that true warrior spirit to compete. Congrats to all the women on their amazing results and a shout out to Coach Steiner who has been grinding with them for awhile now. Built the program. 

  12. 3 minutes ago, mspart said:

    Ok, John Smith won 6 in a row.  Nobody else in the USA has done that.  Period.  Bruce had a longer career and won lots.  Bruce B has 2 olympic Gold, 3 WC gold, Olympic Silver and Bronze, and 3 WC Silver and 3 WC Bronze.  Yet no one counts him as GOAT because Smith did 6 in a row.  JB is a legend.  But his loss at the Olympics blew his chance to equal Smith IMHO.


    So the competition you encountered means nothing?  The fact that there were 10 weights and now 6-7 means nothing?  They also don’t count it for Bruce because he was a Hwt. Way less deep than say…74kg. 

  13. 2 hours ago, Gio said:

    I meant that Tsargush is not Gastsalov, not Yazdani nor Sadulaev. No matter his international carrer most his time in Russia he wasnt #1 at his weight till Saitiev and co retired. And rest of international wrestlers at 74 were not good enough to call that JB had better competiton than KS or DT had. So bringing this argument for JB bit unfair if you count that KS without facing possible GOAT may have 2 Olimpics and so many world titles 

    Well Tsargush was a 3 time world champion.  Yazdani just became a 4 time champ.  Tsargush was a 2 time Yarygin winner, won Russian nationals 5 time, 3 time world and European champ.  No one here is arguing Burrgoughs vs DT or Dake because they aren't yet even in the conversation.  The argument is between Burroughs and John Smith.  

  14. 1 hour ago, Gio said:

    I remember Tsargush , he was mediocre wrestler who cant compete Saitiev and Murtuzaliev when they were rivals for each other. He was 3 d in his weight. JB lost all his matches to Sidakov who didnt even recognized himself as all time best calibre, 
    Kyle Snyder himself have 1 victory over guy who have big chances to all time great , he met Gatsalov and other big guns.
    and if you bring here competition lvl argument - Snyder is higher than Burroughs. 
    dont want to be cocky here but in Russia most people who watches wrestling recognized JB as very limited who was lucky enough to not meet really great wrestler during his career- 74 was poor for talients then
    At other hand you have JS who doimnated his era and have 2 olimpic golds he was very technical guy with his own unorthodox style - just as DT which is awesome too and who also met better competition than JB and beat Yazdani 3 times in a row. 
    I mean it is not my buisness to call who is best but make arguments fair for all wrestlers if you selecting one of them

    Ummm Tsargush was a two time world CHAMPION before Burroughs beat him in 2011.  WTH are you talking about?

  15. 1 hour ago, ShakaAloha said:

    JB is a legend and I'm not trying to take anything away from him.  But this is a American GOAT discussion.

    JB coming home empty-handed from the Rio Olympics should take him down a notch from Smith no matter what he does going forward.  He didn't just lost to Russia in that Olympics; he had a complete meltdown and also lost to Bekzod.  Based on that alone, he can never pass Smith imo.  Like you said, we have a difference of opinion.

    In 89 Smith beat Canada’s Bohay in the finals who never placed again at the world level. The East German placed 3rd. The competition wasn’t remotely the same as any of JB’s years.  

  16. 52 minutes ago, boconnell said:

    JB also got two chances at a title in the same year in 2021.  Smith never got 2 tries to win in the same year.  I also don't think Smith got byes to the US trials finals throughout his whole career like JB did.  They are different eras with different challenges and different advantages as you noted.  I just wanted to point out that not all the advantages tilt one way as you made it seem.  

    Bye to the finals?  Who cares, Burroughs had to beat Taylor and Dake to make teams. Multiple time world champs. Waaaayyyy more challenging.  

    Also Burroughs got 2 tries in the same year because he lost a year!  There are no advantages for smith in this argument. 

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