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  1. Far from their D team. This is their B team with some As sprinkled in.
  2. Can we finally stop saying how bad we are in par terre? We just scored a sheet ton of points on top. Nice job team USA.
  3. I suppose 15% fair, but I’d be all over those odds. Just feel he’s finally mature enough, has very little pressure, has amazing training situation, he’s healthy and while he did give up a couple matches to McKenna he’s was clearly far superior. He will shine.
  4. Bo Nikal is cool as is. Doesn’t need a nickname.
  5. 15%? Yianni is special. You’re about to see.
  6. Oh wow, he's gonna win it. Imma have to lay a Benny Frank on it if they are taking bets.
  7. What are Yianni’s odds? Do we know?
  8. I don’t care who is in the weight class. Yianni is gonna get it done. Place your bets and thank me later.
  9. Any updates on Burroughs' injury? Man I really hope he's 100% going into this.
  10. I think had Rivera stayed at NU he would have been on top of the podium. He made tremendous strides at NU after barely winning 1 state title in NJ. Not sure what's up with Deakin but I don't put his post season issues on the coaches. Tsirtsis had quite a bit going on in his life during his NU years. Again not sure you can put that on the coaches. He did win a title there.
  11. I’m not sure this is a good or bad move for Carter long term, I wish him nothing but the best but this is a heartbreaker for Storniolo. He’s done a hell of a job there. Seems to me his guys all improve.
  12. The unvaccinated are holding back the vaccinated. It’s beyond annoying at this point. When they approve it for 5 and up. It’s open season.
  13. Dang was hoping Kubanaliev would have snuck in there at 74kg.
  14. But my point was that they trust their doctors and pharma for every other little bump, bruise and ailment in their lives. Pop pills like candy. But nooo way Doc when it comes to vaccine.
  15. Trying to figure out how people are cool with pretty much anything a doctor tells them they should do with their bodies but they don’t trust those same doctors when it comes to the vaccine.
  16. Maybe the fact that some countries are. Japan for instance. It isn’t the USA championships.
  17. The best wrestlers in the world barely compete! Big props to all the men and women who put it on the line at the Olympics and upcoming worlds. It’s one of the main reasons I respect Kyle Snyder so much. Dude wrestles.
  18. Sammy Sasso is very good at the same defense that Yianni was so prone to for a while there. While he has improved tremendously in his down blocking and head and hands defense that Churella series is still a big time threat to have in his arsenal especially vs foreigners. The US guys like McKenna are well aware of it and have learned to deal with it but I’d bet he gets it for a few scores and maybe a cradle fall at worlds.
  19. You’re so tough. Give it a rest. Go back to watching half wrestling.
  20. This guy…I found it because I was so inclined. Let’s put JBs comments in context. He was on a show arguing why he would have beaten Dake in college since FRL was trying to determine the top 165 of the last decade or whatever. Askren then, surprisingly to JB, brings Dake on the show to argue his case. Dake immediately starts going low, makes comment of Taylor putting JB on his back and comments like, “he doesn’t want to say he’s gotten worse.” When the conversation moved to their upcoming match Dake starts going into how JB is getting older and how he knows how it sucks to be injured and he feels sorry for him. Listen to it, you tell me who comes off like the douche. But LJB got butt hurt that JB dared to say that 79kg was weak the last few years in his defense. Oh the horror. Again actually listen to it, see who goes low first and who sounds like a complete tool. When they surprise JB with Dake coming on he says what’s up Kyle twice to which Kyle finally gives him a charity head nod. It doesn’t take long to figure it out.
  21. Nolf just needs to compete more at the senior level and he’s definitely a 74 kg guy imo. Guys at this level just hold position better and aren’t as likely to wilt under his intensity. He’s not far off. Hoping he sticks with it through 2024 at least.
  22. So again, you do agree. Just looking for any angle to repeatedly throw shade at JB. And BTW did you not happen to hear the stuff Dake was saying to JB before he made those comments?
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