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  1. 10 hours ago, buckeyehomer said:

    57kg Gilman

    61kg Fix 

    65 kg Yianni D 

    70 kg Green 

    74kg Dake

    79kg Burroughs 

    86kg Taylor

    92kg Cox 

    97kg Snyder

    125 kg Gwiz 

    edit: updated. Really like this team!

    That is a dream line up for USA. Still makes me gag every time I look at 6 weights for the Olympics. These guys are all good enough to have their own spot. 

  2. 42 minutes ago, Cradle1 said:

    A weight class like 61 kg isn’t capable of being weak.  In this weight range most every country in the world has an elite competitor unlike the upper weights, where it is basically the USA, Russia, Iran and maybe one Russian ex-pat.  

    If it was so weak how did bajrang make such a quick exit?  And let’s remember that Logan actually beat Romanov that year…..

    He didn't beat Romanov he beat Chakaev. At least that's who he beat at worlds. Still a great win.

  3. 1 hour ago, dman115 said:

    Currious...why are RTC's "bad" for NCAA wrestling??

    They create the haves and have nots. Easy for the premier programs to start an RTC. Not so easy for the little guys. And really how many RTCs can our country sustain?  How many senior level athletes are there even out there?  In the end they will create even less parity. 

  4. 38 minutes ago, Animal197 said:

    The BYU football situation is what got me thinking about this. The RTCs are technically separate entities in some respect. I think this could be good for wrestling for the programs that are affiliated with well-funded RTCs, but it has me wondering what it could do to the sport as a whole.

    RTCs…great for USA wrestling, bad for NCAA wrestling. 

  5. Loved Flo from the jump and still love Flo but the website design is horrible. I agree with many of the other comments here. What made Flo great was the interviews with coaches and wrestlers, the matches especially live and the technique videos. Those things should be the primary focus with articles and podcasts used to supplement the website. Three categories and then tabs for articles and podcasts. Too much going on and the black is bad. 

  6. 7 minutes ago, 1032004 said:

    Would one more Olympic Gold really make him the best USA wrestler of all time?

    Earlier someone called him “far and away the biggest name in collegiate wrestling,” but is that even true?  I think Spencer Lee would still challenge for that title despite Gable’s Gold medal.

    Well he’d have to win all the worlds and the Olympics and maybe one after to match Smith. But he also has those 2 cadet world titles and a junior world title. His only hiccup is not winning that second junior world tile and obviously the Cassar matches. If he wins through the next Olympics he’s def in the conversation. 

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