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  1. Well they may get paid but they’re really fans who ended up behind a mic.
  2. They aren’t horrible. Pyles is actually decent. They aren’t professional broadcasters.
  3. That is a dream line up for USA. Still makes me gag every time I look at 6 weights for the Olympics. These guys are all good enough to have their own spot.
  4. Nothing on this kid? He just knocked off Jacob Camacho, Nashon Garrett, Tyler Graff and Seth Gross. I have a feeling he might be pretty good for Northwestern. What a tournament.
  5. Suriano doesn’t have great leg attacks. Never was really close to even touching Nato’s legs let alone scoring. Also his conditioning looked a bit suspect.
  6. He has Lujan coming up who seems to me a bad match up for IMar. Big and strong and great gas tank.
  7. I thought he looked bigger and stronger than Hidlay.
  8. Carter Young looked good beating Camacho. Camacho looked smaller but still a nice win.
  9. Well have to assume they are sticking with this design. I love flo but the website stinks plain and simple. Sad too because they have great content to work with.
  10. He didn't beat Romanov he beat Chakaev. At least that's who he beat at worlds. Still a great win.
  11. Japan is not sending their A squad. It will still be a great tournament and a world championship feather in any winners cap, but it will not have every country’s best.
  12. They create the haves and have nots. Easy for the premier programs to start an RTC. Not so easy for the little guys. And really how many RTCs can our country sustain? How many senior level athletes are there even out there? In the end they will create even less parity.
  13. RTCs…great for USA wrestling, bad for NCAA wrestling.
  14. I don’t see it on UWW calendar. Any chance they are having it this year?
  15. No question they are harder esp if they are both new. I’ve often wondered if there are more injuries since the advent of that new type of mat.
  16. Nice looking gym. Kinda strange to have dollamur sponsor/mat one floor and resilite sponsor/mat the other floor. I guess you can decide what you like better. Good for Bo man. Congrats!
  17. Loved Flo from the jump and still love Flo but the website design is horrible. I agree with many of the other comments here. What made Flo great was the interviews with coaches and wrestlers, the matches especially live and the technique videos. Those things should be the primary focus with articles and podcasts used to supplement the website. Three categories and then tabs for articles and podcasts. Too much going on and the black is bad.
  18. Was really surprised Mohammadian lost pretty badly to Odikadze. What are your thoughts on his performance?
  19. Well he’d have to win all the worlds and the Olympics and maybe one after to match Smith. But he also has those 2 cadet world titles and a junior world title. His only hiccup is not winning that second junior world tile and obviously the Cassar matches. If he wins through the next Olympics he’s def in the conversation.
  20. The mental side that Cael and his crew impart is twice as important as the physical side. Gilman was ready to be done. Now he’s in love with wrestling again. If you don’t love it who cares how good your technique is because you probably won’t even use it.
  21. Cael is the obvious, their secret sauce is one Casey Cunningham.
  22. I’m not positive but a decade seems about right. Damn I’m getting old!
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