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  1. Well while that may be true in practice that’s not what the UWW rule book states. It states: Anytime the refereeing body agrees a wrestler is blocking, interlocking fingers, thwarting his opponent and/or generally avoiding wrestling: Sounds an awful lot like stalling to me and no mention of controlling wrestling position on the mat.
  2. Her name is Tamyra! Show some respect our Olympic champ! She’s a beast.
  3. More easily than GR sure, but still a very different style.
  4. Agree to some degree but our freestylers don’t train exclusively since they were 10 and they seem to fare just fine. Heck Burroughs didn’t train it at all until he was in college. It’s not just that.
  5. We stink on bottom. I nominate LJB to fix the problem. If he can’t do it no one can.
  6. She needs to eliminate the crackdown from her repertoire. Learn to always finish looking over their back. She made a lot of mistakes in that match.
  7. All I know is high level GR matches are far from snooze fests.
  8. This match is awesome. UZB vs GEO 87kg.
  9. Snooze fest? I actually feel like Greco keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire match. Also the pure bad assery of every dude that wins at that level. Like pieces of rock. The par terre is ten times better than free as well. It’s like a foregone conclusion you’re getting turned by some of these guys.
  10. Actually I meant after the lost challenge he came out real hard and got a push out to go down one. He then went really hard again with over a minute left in the match I think. Drove so hard got out of position and gave up one to go down by two. Crucial part of the match. Over wrestled.
  11. Seems like Hancock over wrestles sometimes and gets sloppy. Starts flailing. After he got that push out he had plenty of time to score again.
  12. Disagree. Where I live in NJ there aren’t Greco opportunities. No coaches or clubs doing it. It has nothing to do with fear, it has to do with preference and opportunities.
  13. Most dudes don’t wrestle Greco because of fear? There are a myriad of reasons lots of hammers in the US don’t choose to wrestle Greco, but I’m certain fear isn’t one of them. Fear is you primary reason…seriously? Perhaps when you watch it it’s exciting but when they watch it it’s boring as hell and they choose not to do it. And let’s be honest in a real mans fight if you couldn’t punch, you’d be attacking upper and lower body. Greco is a limited version of real wrestling.
  14. Wth are you talking about? So I pick up a rock and I can throw it really far…that’s a sport? No it’s called being able to throw a rock really far, same as a javelin and a shot put. Now if you had to throw that rock really far while I was trying to stop you that would be a sport. Not really hard to understand.
  15. Why can’t Tom Ryan and Logan Steiber get him there?
  16. Not by my definition. It’s an athletic display. Still great, I love track and it’s highly competitive.
  17. It can only be a sport if there is defense involved. Otherwise it’s demonstration of athletic skill. Doesn’t make it any more or less important.
  18. The singlets are in line with the track unis.
  19. Wow super close team scores. Great tournament. Bassett would be a horrible practice partner ha. That kid just puts an intimidating pace on dudes. From the little time that match lasted you could tell that Russian was legit too. Bassett just overwhelmed him. Impressive.
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