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  1. Smith and Burroughs were cracking me up during this match. I think John Smith has been hilarious during his commentary. Sometimes not even trying to be. Hard not to like that dude.
  2. Eggum seems to be taking the right approach on this. Letting the young man lead the way by giving him guidance. Said in his interview that Gable only has a short time to wrestle and once you step out that door it’s hard to come back. WWE will be there whenever he’s done. I’m hoping he at least wrestles through one more Olympics. Sure the WWE will bring him money and some fame but it’s shallow as a puddle. He could literally become the best USA wrestler of all time. That’s about as deep as it gets. Legend status.
  3. What’s nuts is Chamizo is only 29! Seems like he’s been around forever.
  4. Haha first time I’ve heard “cocaine heartbeat.”
  5. No way! Wrestlers will get a lead and shut down. The shot clock point does work because it eliminates the possible of overtime. The only thing that sucks about it is the subjectivity it lies in the hands of the refs.
  6. Could he have maybe kicked Uguev’s foot out in the Merkle position? Dang wish he could have that one back. No question Gilman jumped a level. Proud of him and the tourney he wrestled. Looked great.
  7. I’m not a Dake fan I’m a NJ and therefore big time Burroughs guy and I will agree Dake has looked gassed over the years, but come on, to act like he didn’t look quite right is BS. Yes his opponent is a stud and beat Chamizo as well, but Dake looked smaller and off a bit and the likelihood that his weight cut played a major part in it is obvious.
  8. He beats literally everyone else at 86kg. Taylor is just better because he’s more diverse.
  9. Yep Yaz is outstanding but Taylor is just a bit better in every area aside from underhooks and getting step outs. Felt for Yaz. He looked devastated there after the match.
  10. How fun has it been for us US fans to watch this dude develop over the years? Always entertaining as hell, always attacking, had some real heartbreakers with Dake and JB but persevered like the champion he is! Dreams do come true!!!
  11. Agree. He can push him out but he knows if he attacks Taylor he is in for a scramble and he will exhaust himself trying to get it and Taylor is soooo good in scrambles anyway. He wrestled that match about as good as he could have. Great performance by both.
  12. He will beat Sharifov easily. I’m curious to see the match with Mohammadian. Sadulaev is the tough draw.
  13. Time to get back to Gable. Wow wow wow! Looked smaller (I realize he has big hips) but still looked smaller and completely dominated. Please continue wrestling Gable. And not the pro style! Can be a legend if he starts off with Olympic gold here.
  14. So this guy placed 7th for Russia in 2017? I assume he was like 3-5 on Russian ladder than split for Belarus? Chamizo is gonna beat this guy.
  15. He did things to Dake that Dake usually does to others. I give him a ton of credit. Still Dake did look smaller and off.
  16. On replay it seemed as though he may not have went to his back but as has been said he didn’t challenge. In hindsight I would have. Let him regroup.
  17. Has to be a weight cut thing for Dake. First match being tough Iranian took it out of him. He had no pop or spunk. Looked mentally out of it too.
  18. Yes may have looked more dominant but styles make matches. Taha is athletic and can move. Also been there before and very mentally tough.
  19. Man Gable looked great but so does Akgul. Akgul still looks young and healthy. Can’t wait.
  20. Well while that may be true in practice that’s not what the UWW rule book states. It states: Anytime the refereeing body agrees a wrestler is blocking, interlocking fingers, thwarting his opponent and/or generally avoiding wrestling: Sounds an awful lot like stalling to me and no mention of controlling wrestling position on the mat.
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