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  1. I think he’s saying you might just want to keep it to yourself? But I’m quite sure you considered that. I feel your pain.
  2. I could see staying away from a newspaper like the NYT due to the political point of view, but what about all that it offers outside of political news? Art and culture, business, tech, science, travel, NY…that’s why a lot of people read the NYTimes and why they continue to rack up Pulitzer Prizes.
  3. Keep getting your news from Facebook buddy, I’m sure it’s more accurate.
  4. Because they actually enjoy reading real news articles. Not to mention it’s the best newspaper on the planet.
  5. When all is said and done: JB Kemp Dake Monday Schultz Wells Dzeidzic Schalles Slay Williams Pritzlaff
  6. What about abnormal people who have never wrestled?
  7. No genders, no gender designations in sports, I’m not sure how anyone who is in favor of Laurel Hubbard competing in the Olympics can argue otherwise.
  8. I checked out and enjoyed both episodes. Good stuff. Love What Danaher has built and the cerebral approach he takes. Also cool to see local boy Nick Rodriguez training there now. Thanks for the rec. Sucks about JB and Imar.
  9. Huge pick up for them. Kid didn’t always look the part but he was, and apparently still is, an absolute hammer. Glad to see it!
  10. How is it hard to translate that an offensive wrestler must have at least one foot in bounds when starting a scoring action? The rules are way too vague. You shouldn’t have to attend a ref clinic to understand the rules. You should be able to read the UWW rule book. The USAW rule book and videos you reference is what we do here. That’s not always the case when you’re wrestling in other parts of the world. And athletes getting screwed isn’t something you get over, it’s something you fix.
  11. If a guy like Askren, who has competed at the highest level and is still extensively involved in the sport doesn’t understand the rules, perhaps that’s a rule problem. From looking at the UWW rule book, it’s not very specific. I understand refs meet and clarify these things but why not clearly define everything with words in the rule book?
  12. Musukaev is so good at reattacking your trail leg. Does it for that first score and does it later in the match as well. Yianni is actually very good at it as well but Musukaev is even faster than Yianni so it's even more effective for him. Great match imo. If what Mus did in that match wasn't being passive it should be. Yianni had to chase the guy around the mat nearly the entire match and took nearly every attack.
  13. Rule: When one of the wrestlers steps on the passivity zone for the first time the referee is obliged to warn them (blue zone / red zone). Wrestlers are obligated to return to the center of the mat. If wrestlers do not obey this command and step on the mat with 3 feet in the passivity zone, the referee must stop the bout and bring back the wrestlers in the center of the mat. If it’s an attacking move, the points will be given to the attacking wrestler for the action, even if legs of both wrestlers are in the orange zone or if one or both legs of the defending wrestler are on the protection area. No counter action performed on the protective area will be admitted and awarded.
  14. The question is will Abas, Woods and Griffith be returning? I assume they will correct?
  15. This is somewhat surprising but not shocking. Didn’t Koll apply for the Penn State job when Cael got it? Congrats to Mike Grey.
  16. JO admitted that he can’t give up those edge points and that he needed to be more aggressive in the first in a Flo interview. I agree a torn ligament plays a part but he was able to get a TD in the second period and looked fine doing so. I for sure was not challenging his heart, more his match tactics and approach.
  17. The Karchla match was freestyle. Five of his points came from 2 guts and push out. The last takedown would have been zero points in folk. Mekhi looked gassed early in the match. Would be very different folk style match in season imo. Like I said, I got him as a champ next year, if healthy of course.
  18. Is he overrated? If he's healthy, I will take him to win NCAAs at whatever weight he wrestles. Any takers?
  19. Are you serious? So he won the NCAAs as a freshman beating a guy who was looking to become a 3 time champ in 3 years giving him his first NCAA tourney loss then wins a junior world title but he's overrated? He got hurt dude. Overrated at this point is laughable.
  20. What do teachers make at the top end of the pay scale in TX?
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