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  1. I though it had to be a medicine man photoshop job. Wow.
  2. So he credits everything to God. Really original.
  3. I do agree coin flips play too high a role in many a dual. But it’s also part of the fun of coaching. I’d hate to lose that strategic part of the sport. Also think mat side weigh ins are a bad look. Puts way too much emphasis on weight for the spectator. And if you step the mat in a huge match in front of a packed gym what a smacked ass you’d feel like if you missed weight.
  4. Dave, cool ideas. I’m not sure it will reduce ducking. Let’s say I have a good 145 lber, one of my best wrestlers but you have an even better one...why wouldn’t I just pencil my guy in at 152? There’s no chance we’d see that match. With the way it is now at least you’ll see those matches half the time. You’d have coaches guessing their opponents line up and adjusting theirs accordingly right? What am I missing?
  5. You’re right I misremembered my bad, just damn near killed himself and couldn’t compete.
  6. Well Cormier missed weight AT the Olympics so it’s possible I guess but as I said immediately after this happened, Cox didn’t want to wrestle. Cormier, even though he shouldn’t have, had a hard time making the weight, Cox was up a weight. It’s just out of the realm of possibilities.
  7. Oh I agree. I made the point earlier. No way you can give up those step out in any match let alone one of this magnitude.
  8. France already has some. Oliver’s Polish opponent named Gadzhiev.
  9. Cal Poly. And with Bernie Truax as a training partner maybe it’s a possibility. Speaking of Truax what a performance he had at NCAAs. He wrestled very impressively.
  10. one of our guys wins a world title while beating a Russian or former Russian in every round? I get we have guys doing it as well, but this is a major problem.
  11. Jordan proved he was the man to go try to get this done but man it's blatantly obvious he wrestles with a fear of getting tired. Those step outs he gave up came way too easily. Just conceded them. Every point counts. Also the Olympics suck compared to worlds. 6 weights compared to 10 and many solid, potential champion competitors left home during Olympics. Yes I'm bitter.
  12. The question is will Keegan O'Toole lose another college wrestling match. I say no, what say you?
  13. Why the extra point for a forfeit? There are many instances where it’s prudent on the coaches part not to wrestle a kid especially if they have absolutely no shot and will only be demoralized. I had an 82 lber wrestling 106 this season so I certainly wasn’t wrestling him against some of the top 106 pounders in the state. Should I be penalized for that? Maybe I’m misunderstanding.
  14. Ummm because he could wrestle.
  15. They could all get there if they just started doing functional patterns.
  16. Gotta love Ben. God I hope he wins this fight. Paul has a lot of height on him. I say cover up for three rounds. Get him tired then go after it.
  17. So if you’ve wrestled you can’t ref? BTW I didn’t make this thread in regards to any bad calls or poor officiating, I made it based on looks. Like there’s no way a lot of these individuals were wrestlers.
  18. He lost at that tournament where he beat Tsargush if I remember correctly but that was obviously a long time ago and Dake had a bum hand.
  19. Car accidents killed 16,000 people in 2020. Covid has killed 560,000 since last April so you were close. It would only take car accidents 35 years to do what Covid has done in 1. And worldwide mind you. Not sure what you meant by "for very specific reason."
  20. Car accidents and heart attacks aren't highly contagious. Cars were politicized. It's why we have seat belts. 65% of people at the time opposed them being enforced by law.
  21. Right buddy, because you’re the only one who’s done some research on it. I can make decisions for myself on what I think should or shouldn’t be shut down but I can’t control you. You might have the opposite opinion. That’s why the shut downs are necessary. For knuckleheads like you. Not sure what you don’t get about that.
  22. Americans used to hang their hat on conditioning and to some degree still do but we’ve realized that technique is paramount. Guys like Taylor have amazing technique with conditioning to match. You can win a big match here and there on conditioning but hard to win a full tournament without superior technique.
  23. You and the boogie bug. Not sure exactly what you mean by that but I want to give you a real world wrestling example of how problematic it is. I had a kid recently tell me he had to miss some practice because his dad got a bad report from his kidney doctor and that his dad wanted to take him to a fishing spot his dad used to take him. The trip was 7 days. In the meantime a kid on my team pops for the “boogie bug” and my team had to quarantine. 5 days later in quarantine I get a call from another kid telling me he thought he had allergies and then he lost his taste and smell. It’s the kid who had just went on vacation with his dad who might already not be around next year but now has to be in a house with his son with Covid putting him in literal grave danger. 100s of thousands of people have died from this. Why clown it?
  24. Maybe they Resident athlete program is shutting down due to the growth of regional RTCs. There are only so many athletes to go around. So while we may have lost OTC we gained way more Clubs around the country training way more wrestlers.
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