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  1. This ain't high school. CJ Cobb who was a zero time NJ state champ or Fargo champ (I'm not sure he ever even placed) beat Dziewa twice this summer in freestyle. Melde was a NJ state champ and Beast of the East champ. He's pretty legit and has done more in college than Dziewa that's for sure.
  2. Actually Idaho Oliver did beat everyone at 133. Just not in the finals.
  3. Dziewa should have stuck with Rutgers.
  4. Don't know if it mentions in the article but this match OSU VaTech is streaming live on hokiesports.com at 7:00. Anyone know if that's a free service?
  5. ScarletKnight, Mason already has two losses this season and is currently 4-2. He lost to Brascetta from VT who is ranked like 18 and Cottrell from App St who isn't ranked.
  6. Interesting, looks like Hunter won't be redshirting. Shame for Paddock, must be serious injury again?
  7. Not this, it's not just November, both guys are 5th year seniors and it's been an ongoing problem throughout their careers.
  8. Not unless he can go hard all the way through the third period. At this point I'm not holding my breath.
  9. All I know is at the end of the day it is MUCH more impressive to do what Dake is doing going up a weight every year than it is sucking yourself dry. McDonough was a 133 pounder his redshirt FRESHMAN year. That's obviously the weight he should actually be.
  10. I was impressed with Carter's results as well. Others that were impressive were Jimmy Kennedy winning it and knocking off Reece Humphrey and Austin Trotman taking the OW.
  11. I've always been one to stick up for Rutgers. I more than most want both Mason and Winston to AA. But it seems with both of them that it is constantly a struggle to make it through a tough match. They are always looking for cheap lung timeouts or hoping blood is dripping from somewhere in order to catch a break. Maybe it's genetic but it must be so frustrating for the coaching staff to watch. A positive spin would be they are just adjusting to the weight and Mason did win and Winston was the lesser ranked opponent who nearly pulled off the upset but if you watched the match, the writing was on the wall. If Winston were able to wrestle as hard in the third period as he did in the second he easily wins that match.
  12. Early, are you kidding? They are redshirt seniors. At this point it's a pattern.
  13. Wrestling the way he did today Mason is lucky to be ranked in the top 20. I'd love to eat my words but AA seems a world away to me.
  14. Those Wilps boys can wrestle I tell ya.
  15. Wow Fleming is scary with that technique. Not sure why Winston just laid there at the end rather than trying to escape like he did earlier. Actually I do know why, he and Mason (who looked horrible) have never been able to get in good shape. Neither will AA again this year because they simply can't score in the third period against the best guys because they have nothing in the gas tank. I think Rutgers best chances for AAs are Rinaldi and Zanetti.
  16. Dr. Gonzo, I don't know perhaps something like, I'm impressed with their ability but still think I have what it takes to beat them. Those guys earned the right to compete in the Olympic trials. That alone should be impressive enough to a zero time AA/ OTT qualifier. It is possible to be respectful and confident at the same time.
  17. Was he impressed when Taylor beat him last year? Evans better worry about Ben Jordan who he majored and pinned yet come NCAAs lost to him last year. I think the weight cut wore on him. He's definitely better suited for 174.
  18. You're probably missing the part where Dake himself said he's staying at 165. Also, while he is shorter than Taylor, he is also thicker and not fat. He's solid at this weight and has proven in freestyle that he is just fine at this weight.
  19. Scarlet Knight, A tech fall...really? In that case Tyler Caldwell would be a large favorite this year since he gave Burroughs all he could handle at the big 12s. Burroughs is great no doubt but lets not get crazy here.
  20. Other things we learned not Dake or Taylor related. 1. Delgado is right there. He was poised to win that match but seemed to try to keep his lead instead of wrestling until the end. Also he seemed to go directly to funk counters (obvious Perry influence) instead of more baseline defense. The funk worked throughout until the very end and it cost him. He'd be better served to funk as a last resort instead of first IMO. 2. Asper can definitely hang up at 174. He looked impressive to me. 3. Wilps can wrestle. I guess most already knew this but I hadn't seen him much and came aware very impressed. Several times I was surprised how quick and well he moved. He has impressive tilting ability for a big man. Had Q not caught him in that headlock after being tilted he would have beaten him very convincingly. He ended up with the fall but it was very close until then. Without the 5 pointer in the first , not so much. 4. Dardanes does not like to wrestle Schopp. He almost ripped his arm off several times and he rode him very tough. Dardanes blew it by going for the reversal late rather than just breaking away for one. This allowed Schopp to get the match deciding riding time point. His coaches were telling him but he didn't do it and it cost him.
  21. Taylor usually dominates matches because he dominates the hand fight and tie ups then sneaks in beautiful shots when you are busy trying to hand fight. Dake is a great hand fighter and controlled the tie ups perhaps more than Taylor. If you can neutralize Taylor's collar tie, like Sajidov did to Sanderson, you can beat him.
  22. Rodney you don't think Mayweather grew throughout his career? He may not have gotten any taller but neither has Dake. Mayweather turned pro at 19 and won his first world title at 21.
  23. Actually in contact sports you do get credit for "growing." In boxing they credit it all of the time. It's one of the most impressive things about Floyd Mayweather. That his skills are able to translate vs any size opponent. It's a very big deal.
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