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  1. Rodney, what if Dake takes a redshirt? Don't forget Cael lost in his redshirt. What would have happened had he wrestled that season...we will never know. We do know Dake went on to a title.
  2. Valid point but Dake already has world team member Humphrey and NCAA champ Molinaro and St John looks poised to take 157 this year. Also of course Taylor at WTT. Not too shabby.
  3. Not treated like a big deal? By whom? I think everyone who knows wrestling understands the significance of the accomplishment were it to happen. Obviously it's a big if. IA Hawk, Were you one of the boo birds at NCAAs last year? Bow to Dake's greatness.
  4. he's the best EVER. 4 different weights, no redshirt and he did it in the middle weights which are much deeper. He had some losses along the way but the above accomplishments combined outweigh just being undefeated.
  5. Someone better tell the writer that Cael has 4 champs in his 3 years not 3. Glad to hear Taylor will be there since I bought tickets to the event and will be driving from NJ...can't wait!
  6. Olddirty, you also have to have "a pool of athletes that meet specific achievement levels."
  7. The Educator, Actually sports are fair my friend, have you ever heard of weight classes? Why do you think they were created?
  8. olddirty, Any team can start one but they have to apply and be accepted and there are criteria.
  9. I think the idea behind the RTCs is a great one for our Olympic free and GR program and I know not every university with an RTC is an elite wrestling school, but it seems to me that this is a very strong recruiting tool for the schools that are selected. It also greatly benefits the athletes having such top notch training partners. Isn't this a very unfair advantage? I'm sure Every school would like the opportunity to become an RTC. How do you all feel about?
  10. SK, Rinaldi hasn't improved, Zanetti hasn't improved? How about Russo, he didn't AA but you don't think he improved? Again, way too much stock in just Winston.
  11. Silver medal I'm not sure I get your point. Goodale is in his fifth year this year and if Winston or Mason can break through he'd be right where Andrassey was. I don't think vision is the problem. Goodale is a sharp dude who gets it.
  12. Gutfirst, go back and read rossel3's post. Their recruiting besides 2008 has been far from stellar. Ashnault has his brother working on staff. I don't put all that on Leonardis but lehigh has Mocco, Cornell has Hahn, Iowa has Brands, PSU has Cunningham. All NCAA champs. like I said I'm not in the room and Leo may be the best thing going for the program, but if it were me, I'd have recruited a big name right from jump street to be my asst.
  13. Tec87, Donahoe was a 119 pound state champ his senior year. Cut to 115 for Sr nats.
  14. Not to mention guys like Teague Moore who may have been a senior 112, I'm not sure, wrestled in college when the weight was 118 not 125 correct? This is getting away from the argument and that is this idea that Rutgers had a bunch of blue chippers who underachieved...they didn't. That's the point.
  15. So you list Winston, again he's been criticized ad nauseum, Mason who was already a question mark by the time he came to Rutgers and could still AA this season and Langel who was a bona fide stud at...112 coming out of HS. Show me all of the stud former senior 112 AAs out there.
  16. Given the talent? Go ahead and name it. The year Rutgers had the #2 recruiting class they had Winston, the aforementioned Melde who lost in states that year, Rinaldi who was never even a state champ and was the #17 ranked 171 in the country that year and Jesse Boyden who never won a state title. It wasn't as stellar as you may think. That said of course no one is satisfied but to act like they've been rolling in top recruits is misleading. Their two biggest as of late Dweiza and Hall never came. If the team stays healthy this year with no AAs I think they need to start considering someone else but this idea that a bunch of blue chip talent hasn't panned out is just not true.
  17. Give it a rest Vak. Who are all of these top notch recruits that haven 't panned out? Trevor Melde who lost his senior year at states to sophomore Anthony Baldosaro? DJ Russo who was a 220 pounder coming out of HS? I think people put way too much stock in Winston. Him coming to Rutgers was the worst thing that could have happened to them. I think the move that Goodale made a mistake with was hiring his buddy Leonardis as his assistant. I'm not in the room and perhaps he's doing a decent job but I would have looked for a big time name for someone in a paid position like that. No one knows Leonardis outside of some NJ folk. BTW, it didn't hurt that Anthony Ashnault's brother Billy is now the Director of Operations for Rutgers wrestling when landing him.
  18. What's up with that homepage? It never seems to get updated and I'm not sure what it's even used for besides to click on the forum link. It seems counterintuitive to me to have themat.com homepage and usawrestlingnation.com homepage. Why not just have one site and call it usawrestling.org or com? Why would they call it themat in the first place? Also I think both homepages are a mess. Way too much going on and difficult to navigate. They need to hire an actual graphic designer to create the web page for something as large as USA wrestling.
  19. Trust me, Bob started this whole deal off by saying that "UNI ruins wrestlers," which, don't kid yourself, WAS in reference to the Penrith years. Note how he hasn't answered my question when asked if Schwab is ruining wrestlers. 8-) Actually YOU started this whole deal with your comment on "big time" NJ wrestlers to which I commented perhaps it's the fault of the wrestlers but the fault of the UNI staff. As far as Schwab goes...haven't seen much yet. I expect he'll do OK but he needs to realize he's not Tom Brands and he needs to find his own way.
  20. ban basketball obviously meant the Penrith years but I can also see how it could have been misconstrued to mean the last 10 years. End of debate...move on.
  21. Perhaps it's not the fault of the "big name" NJ wrestlers but the fault of UNI and its coaching staff. A lot of these "big name" wrestlers went to other universities and did quite well.
  22. The rest The Greatest Clinic Ever Held October 14th, 2012 Wrestling Fans – there is some exciting news about the All Star Classic Clinic that is occurring prior to the NWCA All Star Classic being hosted in the Washington DC area in three weeks. They have assembled the best staff of instructors and legends the world has ever seen at one time in one location! They want to make this one day event worthy of inclusion in the Guinness Book of World Records under the category of; Best Staff, Largest Clinic. Following this 5-hour extravaganza, American University will host the NWCA All-Star Classic featuring many of the top ranked wrestlers in the United States today. The featured bout of the evening takes place between the two biggest names in the sport today – David Taylor (Penn State) vs. Kyle Dake (Cornell). Wow. What: All Star Classic Wrestling Clinic . . . there’s something here for everyone! When: Saturday, November 3rd, 2012 Where: The Landon School, 6131 Wilson Road, Bethesda, MD 20817 Registration: 11:00am Fee: $30.00 Clinic Times: 12:00 Noon – 5:00pm Pre-Registration and Information: gwwbn.org
  23. I received the below this morning. If you live close and still want tickets check it out. I got my ticket this morning! Clinicians: Kevin Dresser - NCAA Champion Wade Schalles - NCAA Champion & World Champion Jim Miller -3-time All American & Head Coach Wartburg College Steve Fraser - World Champion & Head Coach, United States Olympic Team Kelly Ward - NCAA Champion Kerry McCoy - NCAA Champion & World Silver Medalist and Head Coach University of Maryland Butch Keaser - All American & World Champion Pat Santoro - NCAA Champion & Head Coach Lehigh University Jeff Buxton-Legendary Coach of Blair Academy, NJ Carl Perry - NCAA Champion Joe Russell - National Champion & Head Coach George Mason University, Drew Pariano -3-time All American & Head Coach Northwestern University Cliff Moore -3-time All American & NCAA Champion Todd Beckerman -2-time All American & Assistant Coach University of Maryland Steve Fittery - 4-time All American, 4-time Academic All-American Mark Perry - NCAA Champion & Assistant Coach Edinboro University Nate Carr - 3-time NCAA Champion and Olympic Silver Medalist JJ Johnson - 2 time All-American and two-time National Club Coach of the Year Tom Layte - NCAA Champion and Head Coach MIT Mike Ester - Head Wrestling Coach Indiana Tech Jeff Bowyer - All-American and retired Head Coach James Madison University Joe Pantaleo - 2-time NCAA Finalist-University of Michigan Patrick Timm - 2-time All-American, NSIC Coach of the Year-Northern State University Jamill Kelly - Olympic Silver Medalist -Assistant Coach-North Carolina State Mark Cody - 3-time All-American, NCAA Coach of the Year, Head Coach University of Oklahoma. All Star Classic Tickets: Currently there will be over 200 Eagle Nest tickets available for purchase to those who attend the All Star Classic clinic. Be reminded that this Classic has been SOLD OUT for over a month now. These limited matside tickets are the only ones anyone can still buy and at $10.00 each, what a deal! They will be sold on a first come, first served basis until they are gone. Maximum one per person and the recipient must be present at time of purchase. All clinic proceeds will be reinvested into the Metro DC wrestling community.
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