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  1. I don't think it's a matter of better coaches creating parity, I think it's a matter of the other teams no longer letting Iowa out condition and train them.
  2. I love me some Tom and Terry Brands. I just thought it was interesting how similar Tom's career so far has been to Zalesky's. And IMO they are quite similar. If Iowa finishes out of the top 4 this year even more so. Time will tell.
  3. Vak, I think you are forgetting that Iowa also lost to Cornell and then Minnesota in the team race the last two years. What's your rationale for them beating Iowa?
  4. Rossel, Brands has been pulling in top recruits since he got there. I guess Iowa fans are now content to simply be a contender rather than the favorite. That's fine with me but that wasn't the attitude when Zalesky was there. My question was and is if Iowa finishes out of the top 4 this year will there then be cause for concern?
  5. Rossel, Lighten up big guy. There were no mudballs or attacks on his coaching skills. I simply stated that his coaching career up to this point has been quite similar to Coach Zalesky's and the fact is it has. Both won three titles and then started to decline and both have the EXACT same percentage up to this point. If Brands finishes outside the top 4 this season will you then support shaking things up again as you did with Coach Zalesky?
  6. Tec, So Zalesky won his titles with a Gable inherited team and Brands won his titles with a combined team. Since Brands has only had his guys the results are headed south.
  7. Is it just me or is Brands' head coaching stint starting to feel eerily similar to Zalesky's? What were there placings up to this point so far in their respective careers at Iowa?
  8. I think Iowa is just hunkering down in an effort to peak at the show. Can Iowa win it this year?
  9. Impressive calot. I was just able to watch a live steam of a hs soccer game on my phone! Thanks for the link.
  10. As an Eagles fan I prefer this one by Brian Dawkins:
  11. Big ups to both athletes. Great for the sport and a ton of drama. I like dakes chances. He's a special breed. Here's a guy who has won three titles but instead of resting on his laurels he's out there training with Burroughs and the other Olympians. He put in some time this summer. His one issue may be conditioning. But he's a gamer and when it's on the line it's hard to bet against the kid.
  12. And it's not all about title 9. I don't see many females out there playing football.
  13. What it seems everyone is missing is the fact that it isn't the duals themselves that would grow the sport but the hoopla that would surround it. Believe it or not wrestling has a great chance to expand right now. MMA respects wrestling and that could have easily went the other way. The fact is wrestling has shown itself to be the dominant base for fighting. I think most fans who like MMA would easily watch a dual between some of the best teams in the country if given an easy opportunity like ESPN. If they like that they might find flowrestling or this website etc etc.
  14. Jones said he was going 197. I seem to recall jones giving either Pucillo or Varner all they could handle at senior nationals in high school. Just how athletic is the Jones family? Unreal.
  15. I'm on board with the idea of having both. I think there are bragging rights for being a good dual team. I think from the team perspective you will see teams taking more pride in being the dual meet champions. They will quickly realize that duals are the true test of a team. Still perhaps two types of team champs might be the best solution here. The key is the coaches getting on board with it and wrestling their A team in both events. Not sure that would happen though. I think we do it right in NJ. The individual tournament is the biggest at the end of the season and it has nothing to do with teams. Fans flock to it!
  16. You mean like what happens in every other team sport? Football teams beat a team one week and lose to the same team weeks later. Same with baseball, basketball, hockey. That's the nature of team sports. Who was the best team on that day.
  17. Why is it that we used to have 70 teams interested in the tournament? It wasn't like any of them but the top five had a legitimate chance to take home any hardware? What's different now?
  18. I don't think anyone has said that. What they've said is it will help create more fans.
  19. I think if the spirit of the NWCA duals were a true national title Koll would be on board. Why risk it when there is no glory?
  20. Luch I'm laughing at myself because that is a good point! I knew I shouldn't have used foreigner.
  21. What should have happened here was that every coach should have made the commitment to participate in the NWCA national duals so it could have been a true dual meet championship and given the NWCA a way to promote it and market it as such. Fans could have jumped on board, families etc. It's obvious that some coaches are putting their team ahead of their sport. Because the coaches were not willing to participate on a consistent basis or and formally commit to the event let alone attend the meetings, the powers that be were inclined to force them into participation by making it the official team championship. Had the coaches just gotten on board with the NWCA vision (a board of D1 coaches mind you) we wouldn't be in this predicament.
  22. Btw unofficial team championship doesn't cut it. NJ has official and that's where the drama ensues.
  23. Luch, pay attn. Duals aren't our savior but they could help. I think anyone with half a brain who hasn't been involved with wrestling for their entire life would tell you that a dual is a much better way to decide a team championship. Can you imagine trying to explain to a foreigner that the team championship is decided by only 3 guys from a team of ten?
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