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  1. I actually think Howe, and having to prepare for him, has played a large part in Burrough's development.
  2. I'm 100% for the idea. Team championships should be decided by a dual meet. Much, much more exciting for the average and die hard fan.
  3. Silverback, I think if you went back and looked at the big throws that have occurred in freestyle thru the last several years, a large majority of those are BECAUSE of the push out rule. Think Frayer at beat the streets. I think the PO rule creates action.
  4. We act like we are always in the best shape and our folkstyle of wrestling most challenges one's conditioning level. Go back and count up the amount of rest our wrestlers are allowed to accrue by going out of bounds and having to reset. When you start focusing on it sometimes it gets very frustrating to watch and the time really adds up. My question is can it work without video review? Again I wonder how many step out calls are overturned at the major freestyle events. That will tell us whether or not video is necessary. I have a feeling it is obvious way more often than not and video isn't necessary but video does eliminate the subjectivity of it.
  5. I think it is very important to keep a TD and a push out worth the same value. If you don't guys will abuse it and step out of bounds on purpose as to give up 1 instead of 2. Let's say a guy is up by two at the end of the match. First of all he will gravitate towards the out of bounds and if he gets in any trouble will simply step out of bounds. The beauty of a TD and a PO being worth the same is that it forces folks to wrestle the entire match.
  6. I recently made a post about the PO rule on the high school board. I too think it would be easily adaptable to folk. As far as implementing it in the mat wrestling, my suggestion is if they get to their feet you may not go out of bounds. This would help greatly in avoiding guys simply pushing a guy out if his opponent stands. If bottom man is off his knees he may not be pushed out. The problem I see is the need for video review. I'd like to know how often step out calls were actually overturned to see if it's necessary.
  7. The best part about this is every guy in the varsity lineup will feel a part of a national champ team. There are some top ten teams in the current format with half of their team not even in the tournament. In this scenario, you may win your team the title by not giving up bonus. Every guy in the lineup now becomes paramount and that's the way a team championship should be. Will it take away a little from the individual tourney? Maybe, but in my opinion it adds to wrestling.
  8. I'm a bit skeptical of Lawson's impact. For starters he's not real tall is he? I'm not saying you have to be real tall but it can be a disadvantage. Also what I remember of Lawson was that he dominated with legs and a power half. I'm not sure how effective that will be at the next level. The plus is the room he is in compared to Manchester HS. Obviously a world apart. That might turn a possibility into a reality. I hope he finds great success but I wouldn't bet on it at this point.
  9. Your run to a state title thread was by far one of the funniest and best ever. I still remember cracking up with my team when you were staring down your opponent while doing the back point swipe. That was truly a hilarious story to a true wrestling person. I really hope you reconsider. Delfino for life.
  10. Did Bruce Baumgartner wrestle for Manchester High School? PSU transfer Jimmy Lawson is also from Manchester high.
  11. The best of the best stay relaxed. As I've mentioned already sometimes Saitiev, even in worlds final matches, looks ridiculously relaxed to me. Like he's going in for a loose drill. Other very relaxed athletes are Anderson Silva and Jon Jones and both dominate MMA. Intensity will beat the average wrestler but against the best of the best, I think it can hinder you.
  12. Looks like Accordino got another year. Good for him.
  13. Is it me or does Ruth wrestle an awful lot like Buvaisar Saitiev?
  14. I'd actually say its likely. Kid is THAT good. He's proven it against international comp.
  15. Rogers and Pop are both big cradle guys.
  16. Plus both he and Popolizio are cradle guys.
  17. Dake has a nice career going? You just lost all credibility with that statement. The kid has a chance to become the first 4 timer who didn't need a redshirt. Already a three timer. The kid's career is flat out phenomenal.
  18. I'm not sure we can assume Dake beats Taylor. Taylor's win percentage is better and he just wrapped up a season where had only had two decisions, both of which were "avenged" with bonus point victories. Who in recent memory has had a season like that? Hypothetically speaking.
  19. Here's how I judge who's better...if you were a coach, who would you want on your team? It's interesting because even though I think that answer might point toward Taylor, Dake may be able to beat him head to head. If Taylor beats every other opponent 20-5 and Dake beats the same opponents 2-1 but also beats Taylor 2-1 who is the better overall wrestler?
  20. The way I see it is Taylor wants to be the man and he would be easily had he won the title last year but now not only will Dake have a title over Taylor he will also have done it as a true freshman. The only way Taylor can actually prove he's better than Dake is by beating him head to head. Then even if he wins his fourth, people will always say , yeah Dake was great, but Taylor was better. If they don't wrestle we will never know and many will think Dake had not only the superior career but was the better wrestler.
  21. PSU is horrible from bottom and not much better from top. Taylor and Ruth are the exceptions but they were solid when they got there. PSU needs to work on their mat wrestling and should take notes from Cornell.
  22. No one even scored an escape on tsirtsis...really?
  23. I was just thinking they need to be tight so refs could see a pin.
  24. I agree with everything you said MM. If fila and USA wrestling allow board shorts and rash guards for grappling, why couldn't they work for wrestling? If fingers aren't getting messed up in grappling they wouldn't in wrestling either. I think in grappling the shirt doesn't need to be skin tight but obviously in wrestling it would. Here's a link with pic from the grappling nat. championships featuring Ben Askren. http://themat.com/section.php?section_i ... leID=23921
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