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  1. Good article. Notice that two of our sports best marketers, Rob Koll and Tom Ryan, immediately jumped on board because they understand the ramifications of the singlet. To me this is a no brainer. I do agree that rash guards and board shorts are even better. Are mma guys constantly getting their fingers injured? It doesn't seem like it to me.
  2. DaveyP is right on here. It would be the #1 improvement we can make to our sport. It's a no brainer. The singlet is the butt of jokes, enough said.
  3. I took my team to PSU this past summer for camp. Honestly, I thought Cael could have cared less about the camp and that he had the personality of a shoe. I've been to a bunch of camps and clinics in my days and can honestly say I was very underwhelmed. IMO what makes a great coach is their personality not what they did on the mat.
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