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  1. Why would he not take one?
  2. Guys taking Olympic Redshirts definitely helps PSU. RBY & Joseph benefit. Hall gains by his chief adversary going up.
  3. A few years ago the national dual tournament that the group sponsored was scrapped. Now the once prestigious all star match has been suspended. The NWCA sponsors an annual convention that has mixed reviews. They still sponsor the successful multi divisional dual meet event. What is the future for the National Wrestling Coaches Association?
  4. May be a call subject to a higher frequency of controversy.
  5. I am sure you are correct but “perception is reality.” I have been near him in public and he always appears grumpy. He should probably take a sales course.
  6. You are correct about recruiting. If Dake is heir apparent, Cornell should let Grey know so he can pursue other opportunities if he so desires.
  7. Pritlaff is a great room & match coach. Not sure he has the charisma to be a top recruiter.
  8. Just curious as to who will be the finalists for each weight class for Olympics.
  9. Haven’t heard anything since Zain won. Definitely had to suck for him.
  10. Would have been interesting if Bubba didn’t catch Taylor.
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