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  1. I was not aware of some of this. Obviously some online programs are better than others. Lots of teachers do online advanced degrees just to move up on the pay scale. Those programs are just time for the student and big money makers for the institutions. I don’t put a high value on those diplomas. There is a place for online education but nothing will replace the interaction between teacher and pupil. Do you think a head wrestling coach can instruct his/team online?
  2. Not necessarily. If the degree is an important component in hiring, an employer will research the educational experience. It’s a big deal when applying for a college position. Have yet to see online programs for lawyers, and physicians. Lots of online programs for tooty fruity stuff. Don’t think you can get an MBA from Harvard Business School via online. When I hire people, I know the difference.
  3. Online degrees yield minimal learning for the students but it’s a cash cow for the institutions.
  4. I was surprised he lost in the consolidation round.
  5. No doubt this post has garnered some serious discussion. Not bad for a TROLL! lol
  6. I am honored that you read my posts with such intensity that you recall my past thoughts. Actually, this post is not about quitting but rather determining when it’s time to begin another phase of life. There are lots of reasons one being being paid by an RTC. Keep reading my posts. Your focus on me is awesome!
  7. There are some great former college wrestlers who won numerous NCAA NC’s that have not been successful at the next level but are still hanging on. Putting your post wrestling career on hold and abusing your body when the return is minimal doesn’t make sense. Once I learned that I wasn’t going anywhere after my college days, I unceremoniously hung up my shoes. Why do some guys hang on too long?
  8. Amazing that being a living cartoon character can be profitable. Gee whiz, who watches that crap?
  9. Anyone know why Ashnault is out of WTT?
  10. Upon googling your response I learned the origin of the term so thank you for the lesson. I also learned that “typical use” of the term third world, refers to underdeveloped poor countries. So I guess we are both right. However, next time I refer to that country that murdered millions of it’s own citizens, I will say, “underdeveloped poor country.”
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