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  1. gowrestle

    Suriano screwed up

    Snookie married a wrestler.
  2. gowrestle

    Suriano screwed up

    I wonder if NS is getting burnt out. He has been training at the highest levels essentially his entire career. Everything I have heard is that Suriano is one of the hardest workers in the country. I doubt putting in more road work will help. He’s likely doing it already. He was either sick last night, got Carvered, or is losing his intensity.
  3. gowrestle

    Suriano screwed up

    I wonder if NS peeked in high school.
  4. gowrestle

    Suriano screwed up

    There is a lot of wrestling left. It’s way too early to count NS out. Heading to Pittsburgh, he will be one of the guys who will be in the mix to win the tournament.
  5. gowrestle

    Rutgers vs Iowa

  6. gowrestle

    Seth Gross: Out for the Season

    Back surgery is very serious. This injury could end his career.
  7. gowrestle

    Pick 1 wrestler from your team who embodies it

    Marstella, Lock Haven Nolf, PSU Martin, tOSU Brill, Rutgers
  8. Save time. Randomly select order.
  9. gowrestle


    I root for Rutgers and have enjoyed their rise. I am pulling for Ashnault to win a NC but I am having doubts about his chances. My hunch is a “toxic” environment is starting within the program as exhibited by last Sunday’s fiasco vs OSU. Fortunately my hunches have been wrong so hopefully 2019 will be historic for the Scarlet Knights.
  10. gowrestle

    Video review is the real villain

    Mark Hall would not have won a NCAA title his freshman year without the video review.
  11. gowrestle

    Big Money Potential

    I know a promoter who will sponsor a Suriano/Fix rematch in 2 weeks. He will pay each wrestler $100,000 plus expenses. The winner will get $500,000. He has already made arrangements for Madison Square Garden. (Sorry Fix but the Northeast is a high market area.) My promoter friend sees huge money making potential. He has contacts with HULU and they would oversee the streaming. Ticket prices would start at $150.00. Preliminary matches would be Snyder/Steveson, DeSanto/Lizak. The introductions would be made by Donald Trump and Crooked Hillary.
  12. gowrestle

    New Rules

    Not sure what to do but challengers need modification.
  13. gowrestle

    New Rules

    Not sure what to do but challengers need modification.