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  1. Didn’t Tom Brands give Terry a job hoping that his son would become a Hawkeye?
  2. Years ago an extra year was awarded on the basis of a documented injury. Falsified medical reports became the norm so the NCAA gave up and everyone got a 5th year. I could have stayed for a fifth year and probably would have placed but I felt college was a 4 year deal. Life beckoned and I moved on. Glad I did.
  3. I was speaking with someone close to the situation. He said there is a difference between what really happened and what USA Wrestling & Cox have said what occurred. Out of respect I did not push my friend for specific details. I don’t think this information will surprise anyone reading this.
  4. Father Time may have something to say about this.
  5. His stipend at NLWC is likely higher than he would get elsewhere. But I agree, a change would be good for Zain.
  6. We all mature especially right after college.
  7. Now that is REALLY funny!
  8. Thanks to nom, I get it. As always Gimp, your intellectual gymnastics impresses me.
  9. Don’t take “but” guys seriously.
  10. Oops. More proof that I should have a cup of coffee first before posting. Thanks nom.
  11. Don’t understand the question.
  12. We saw the end of an era yesterday. Gwiz always showed great class. He handled the loss yesterday like the champion he is. On another note, Steveson was very gracious towards Gwiz after the match.
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