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  1. Considering all the rigor thrown at the cadets, it’s amazing any of them had the time and energy for college wrestling. No doubt you are in a special group. Thank you for your service.
  2. Lots of good comments above.
  3. Excellent suggestion. I attend all PSU home matches and have been to the Nationals 15 years running. But now I am one of the gray haired fellows that puts in earplugs when the music plays loudly when a wrestler runs onto the mat. At times I raise 2 fingers and calmly say, “that’s 2oooooooooo”...... I’ll try and do better. .
  4. Definitely unusual. Agree on that.
  5. I agree that things have improved. Unfortunately to a non-wrestling person, college wrestling seems mundane. Wrestlers are coached on how to create a stalemate as a defensive move. The rule changes have been good and the officiating has been excellent. I don’t have a a solution but I definitely think the “intended stalemate” needs to be addressed.
  6. I heard that from some that were there. The excitement did not come through via watching the match on the B1G Network. Almost all of the PSU home matches are a little louder than church. I was watching a match via Flo at the new Ohio State facility and things appeared tranquil. I just wish home duals had the same level of fan involvement that basketball & football games do.
  7. Before the PSU/Maryland Dual, Casey Cunningham shared the story at the prematch reception hosted by the Penn State Wrestling Club. I was not present but I heard the story from several that were.
  8. True but it is not only Rec Hall. I didn’t hear the same level of rancor coming from Carver Hawkeye arena during the Iowa/PSU match that usually exists at basketball games.
  9. Friend is in the military tasked with cyber warfare. He said there is software out there that can access your personal information if your Bluetooth is activated on your phone. Because of his position involved in national security, his Bluetooth is always disabled. It is amazing that many passwords are 1234!
  10. I’ve only seen 1 but it would be great if there was available data. I actually heard 1 coach say he knew it was a “long shot” but he wanted to give his wrestler a rest.
  11. Heard that during the break one of the Brands used the F word toward the PSU coaches accusing them of instructing RBY to intentionally injure DeSanto. Definitely a low class act by the Iowa coaches.
  12. I was watching the Penn State/Minnesota basketball game yesterday. There were thousands of students. Many had their faces painted white and cheered the entire game. The atmosphere was electric! I’ve been to PSU wrestling matches. Rec Hall is filled with mostly gray haired folks and maybe 200 students attend. The students sit on the floor and act like well behaved grandchildren visiting their grandparents. I enjoy watching simply because I am a wrestling guy and I appreciate the skill and athleticism of the combatants. I took a friend who attended his first ever wrestling match and he was surprised by the serene atmosphere. Ive been to high school matches where the environment is electric and the fans are involved during the entire time. To the non-wrestling person the entertainment value of a college wrestling match is minimal. What can be done to change the atmosphere? 2 final thoughts: 1. The brick is killing the sport. Besides, I’ve only seen 1 time where a decision was reversed. (A point for clasping hands was taken away.) 2. Something needs to be done to the situation when a wrestler intentionally goes into a stalemate to avoid being scored upon. Thanks for reading. Comments will be appreciated.
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