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  1. Interesting points. While interest in MMA is growing, it is your subjective assessment that wrestling has benefited. Wrestling participation has gone done. For the exception of a few programs, attendance at college duals is abysmal. Wade Schalles just wrote how there was no mainstream media coverage of America’s dominance at the recent Worlds. When you are on line buying food, ask the person behind you if they know who Ben Askren is. Bet they know who Tom Brady, Derek Jeter, and Michael Jordan are. I have no issue with MMA. But I don’t think that activity as helped GROW WRESTLING.
  2. That is a subjective opinion. Can you support your claim with data? For example, are more people participating in wrestling because they hope to become MMA fighters? Is attendance at college matches increasing because of wrestling’s connection with MMA? Did more people stream the recent World Championships?
  3. I knew about the Olympic trials but what about the Worlds?
  4. I agree but why did he not compete for a spot?
  5. True. Hopefully he gets through his MMA career with his brain intact.
  6. I’d much rather see Bo competing for an Olympic Gold. This MMA stuff is a brutal way to make a living.
  7. It’s been announced that Nick Suriano will be training at Michigan’s RTC. It will be interesting watching how things develop.
  8. Does the developer have cauliflower ears?
  9. PA state schools are/were in trouble. That and money drove Flynn to WVU. It’s about recruiting.
  10. Does anyone know the name of the Massachusetts coach that everyone calls the Legend? I met him at a bar at the NCAA’s last year. Guy had us laughing off our seats. He also picked up the tab.
  11. I like the portal but there should be some constraints
  12. Very difficult to prove. The SEC has been paying players via the “money handshake” for years. Even though former players have gone public regarding receiving money, it was never proven.
  13. Tom Ryan is an outstanding person of high character and is great for the sport of wrestling.
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