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  1. Met him several years ago. Great guy.
  2. Wow! Asked a question and get blown up here. Saw a great meme recently.. “Life is short. Spend your time arguing with people on the Internet that you don’t know.” I could elaborate more on my thoughts but I doubt it would make a difference. Sorry to anyone that feels offended.
  3. Sorry your feelings were jarred. Asked an honest question. Guys like Gable, Nichols, Mike Moyer, Thad Turner, devoted their lives to promoting wrestling. Thousands of high school and youth coaches have helped millions of kids. Hodge was a celebrity. His contribution to wrestling pales in comparison to those I mentioned. He lived a decent life and like I said was a good guy.
  4. Besides being a good guy and being able to squeeze an apple in his hand, what has Dan Hodge done to promote wrestling?
  5. For a small state, NJ has produced numerous NC’s & AA’s. Great history in NJ and a place that college coaches recruit in.
  6. Disappointed he won’t be at Rutgers.
  7. Coached HS/college 30 years Rutgers season ticket holder Both sons now coach Not afraid to speak my mind Thanks for tracking my posts. I consider it an honor
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