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  1. 13 athletes were suspended from Purdue University for participating in a party located in a dormitory. The only info mentioned was no fall athlete or any member of the men’s or women’s basketball teams were involved. Hopefully no wrestlers participated.
  2. I purchased a container of the juice at his store in Gray’s Woods. Very expensive and nothing special.
  3. The explanation is total BS.
  4. Would have been the king at the schools he turned down. Will enjoy watching him develop.
  5. If there is no season this year, a lot of wrestlers may pack it in. This could be more likely at non-scholarship programs. One thing that has happened over the years, especially at the high school level, the number of average guys has gone down. Not training and not competing is bad for our sport.
  6. That would be a great idea. However, I would settle for only mentioning WRESTLING.
  7. I posted verbatim his words. People will make their own interpretation. For the record, WRESTLING was not mentioned.
  8. The NCAA president Emmett was discussing the tragedy of eliminating last year’s championships. Here was his comment: “We have to give highest priority to the winter and spring sports because they lost their championship last March,” Emmert said. “We made that horrible, awful, but necessary choice to shut down. Didn’t have Frozen Four. Didn’t have Final Four. Didn’t have World Series in softball and baseball. Track championships. Lacrosse. We lost all of that.” He made no mention of WRESTLING!
  9. It was less about money and more that the AD didn’t want to deal with wrestling. The time it took for wrestling could be shifted to football. I also heard that Coach McCann wasn’t a well liked fellow.
  10. Money will be the deciding criteria.
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