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  1. Excellent points. However, one can only speculate what impact a meaningful dual meet championship could have had on Stanford’s decision.
  2. Good points. You forgot to add hypertension, air pollution, Morgan’s disease, and deficit spending by the government.
  3. 100% correct. Not fun being the "step child."
  4. Correct but for the first time, I am not optimistic and just so you know, I’m a pretty positive person.
  5. Good point Gimp. If college wrestling can develop dual meet rivalries like PBurg/Eastern, Paulsboro/DelVal, Bloomfield/Belleville (back in the day), that would be a game changer.
  6. The NWCA had a good thing going running the National Dual Meet Tournament. A few coaches didn’t like it and now the event is history. Nothing attracts interest more than a dual meet. At the current rate of D1 programs being dropped, it’s just a matter of time till wrestling loses NCAA recognition.
  7. For the exception of volleyball & field hockey, wrestling was grouped with sports that most didn’t even know existed. Really, sailing, light weight rowing! Stanford is one of the most prestigious universities in the world and the people that run that school are smart, successful, and have a lot of influence beyond the campus. Essentially this group said, “Wrestling is one of the sports no one gives a darn about!” Trouble is ahead for wrestling.
  8. We should eliminate teams based on gender. Rather than having a men’s soccer team and a women’s soccer team, just have a soccer team. That will solve a lot of problems.
  9. gowrestle


    Oh NO! Gimp made a political post. Maybe it will be pulled...
  10. Great seeing NJ’s top guys supporting Rutgers.
  11. No problem with the addition of women’s wrestling but I will have no more interest in watching the ladies grapple than I do watching girls play basketball.
  12. Good point. Perhaps the biggest question about Martin is how he lost in Pittsburgh as a senior.
  13. Splitting hairs but list is good. If Bo didn’t have a 1 second lapse against Martin in the finals as a freshman, he would have been a 4 timer.
  14. Maybe Philadelphia has more of an allure than State College. He will also be closer to the Jersey Shore and NYC.
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