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    gowrestle got a reaction from dman115 in Which current/past coach reminds you of Cael Sanderson?   
    Knight was a ding dong. Is, was, and always will be, a ding dong. 
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    gowrestle reacted to Idaho in Suriano to PSU   
    This thread is like a Seinfeld episode... 
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    gowrestle got a reaction from ionel in The future of women’s college wrestling   
    1st Power5 school. 
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    gowrestle reacted to Fletcher in Suriano to PSU   
    He's realized after attending both schools that PSU has better academic offerings and is particularly enamored with PSU's Classics Dept.
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    gowrestle reacted to wrstlingfan937 in Suriano to PSU   
    Stopppppoop itttttt
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    gowrestle reacted to nhs67 in Suriano to PSU   
    Minnow said it was ASU like a month ago and Rutgers like 2 months ago.  If I keep hokd2ing out will he decide that Nicky Skeletor will be heading to Ann Arbor to work out with Micic?
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    gowrestle reacted to ScarletKnight in Suriano to PSU   
    I don't think he ever said rutgers and always said aus was not 100%
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    gowrestle reacted to StallWarning in Suriano to PSU   
    Pat Mineo is the king of  throw everything at the wall and claim he's a genius if it ends up being true.  I wouldn't believer Mineo if he told me the sky was blue.  I'd look outside to make sure.
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    gowrestle reacted to Daniel Ritz in Charlie Clark, former tOSU wrestler   
    Yes, such a loss.   I wrestled at Canton High School and knew the family well.   Their faith will get them through these tough times and they will meet up with Charlie agian one fine day..  For now RIP Charlie Clark, you are safe and in the hands of our lord and his son Jesus Christ.  
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    gowrestle reacted to cjc007 in Sammie Henson   
    So are most in person degrees. imo.  
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    gowrestle got a reaction from AHamilton in Sammie Henson   
    I was not aware of some of this. Obviously some online programs are better than others. Lots of teachers do online advanced degrees just to move up on the pay scale. Those programs are just time for the student and big money makers for the institutions. I don’t put a high value on those diplomas. 
    There is a place for online education but nothing will replace the interaction between teacher and pupil. 
    Do you think a head wrestling coach can instruct his/team online?
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    gowrestle reacted to fadzaev2 in Sammie Henson   
    To me it's a big red flag when the guy has been to so many different schools.....9 different schools....I'll just stop right there, but I have made observations and had interaction with the guy.
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    gowrestle got a reaction from Coach_J in Sammie Henson   
    Online degrees yield minimal learning for the students but it’s a cash cow for the institutions. 
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    gowrestle got a reaction from DocBZ in Nolf   
    I was surprised he lost in the consolidation round. 
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    gowrestle reacted to TBar1977 in NIL Issues in Happy Valley?   
    America has a problem when we value a handful of opinions (even thousands) that come from the internet or social media. What kind of leadership do we have when a relatively small number of internet opinions can cause corporations and government to bow to their will? 
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    gowrestle reacted to steamboat_charlie v2 in Hanging On Too Long   
    I think your premise is off just a little.  You're viewing these guys through your own prism--and from that point of view, of course they should hang it up, enter the work force, save for retirement.  Most of us here already made that decision a long time ago. 
    Let's be real though... a lot of these guys are just wrestlers.  That's all they're ever going to be.  They don't know anything else, and they don't really care to.  When they're forced to hang it up, wrestling isn't over, they just start coaching it.  
    It's like me trying to convince my cousins from bumf!@k USA that they should put forth effort in school so that they can go to college and get out of there.  It just doesn't compute.
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    gowrestle reacted to spladle08 in Nolf   
    Most people were, but also it's not real significant he's kind of that gatekeeper level freestyler .
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    gowrestle reacted to ionel in Hanging On Too Long   
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    gowrestle reacted to AHamilton in Hanging On Too Long   
    Nick Suriano?
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    gowrestle reacted to cjc007 in Gable signs with WWE   

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    gowrestle got a reaction from cjc007 in Gable signs with WWE   
    Amazing that being a living cartoon character can be profitable. Gee whiz, who watches that crap?
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    gowrestle reacted to Billyhoyle in Gable signs with WWE   
    What if the large sum significantly increases one’s likelihood of death, serious injury, or substance abuse? Perfect example of choosing long term value is John Urschel walking away from the NFL to be a grad student at MIT. And WWE is significantly more dangerous than the NFL. When the consultants advised Purdue pharma to market oxy to whomever would want an opioid, did they consider the consequences of those actions? Should they have? 
    I see, so the big 4 is the second tier behind the big 3? Or is it better than the big 3? But it used to be the big 3 and big 5? This is confusing-kind of like how I have no idea how many teams are in the big 12 or big 10 anymore. 
    Exactly, thank you for explaining it in a clearer way than I could. Many here seem to celebrate WWE as being better than freestyle without realizing how pathetic a business it really is. If we compare the careers of Kurt Angle or Brock Lesnar, versus Cael Sanderson, Tom Brands or Jordan Burroughs, I would argue that things are objectively better for the latter three.  Yes, Angle and Lesnar have profited more financially in the short term, but the long term consequences will likely prove disastrous.  In both of their defenses, there are way more paths to financial success in freestyle wrestling now than were available in the 90s/2000s.
    For Gable, we will see how things turn out. But I’d bet this will be another Pico situation-lots of early hype, but a disappointing result. 
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    gowrestle got a reaction from jackwebster in Is wrestling the most popular sport anywhere in the world?   
    The USSR was a piece of xhit. 
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    gowrestle got a reaction from BerniePragle in Nick Suriano in the transfer portal   
    The pizza in State College is horrible. No way he goes back to Happy Valley. 
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