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  1. They are in a 12 team conference where 10 of the teams are AAA sized schools (Easton, Nazareth, Northampton, Parkland, Liberty would be the recognizable names). They also wrestler bigger schools in most of their non conference dates. There also is a conference in the area made up of primarily smaller schools, who Beca does not schedule and only sees during the post season. These matches are bloodbaths. A lot of the ire locally comes because in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Beca football was a powerhouse, and rather than continue to dominate 2A football, which was their enrollment, they elected up to play 4A football, which is the biggest classification in Pennsylvania, where they remained a perennial state contender. Because of this precedent, a lot of people think the wrestling program should move up because they're asserting an even greater level of dominance.
  2. If you remember, Northampton's program was in a pretty low place when Moisey was in 8th/9th grade. Seth Lisa got hired the summer after Moisey's freshman year, and he's had them moving back in the right direction. But I think Moisey transferring out was a symptom at the time that change was necessary. Not sure if he'd make the same decision today (his brother didn't for what it's worth).
  3. It was incredible how comfortable he was giving up counts on his back to set up the high flier he used to pin Suehflohn. Very willing to trade 2 for 5+. That kind of fearless style is hard to prepare for, and impossible to coach. As somebody pulling hard for Jordan Oliver, Ness absolutely terrifies me.
  4. I'm sure Green works out with Burroughs when he's around. I bet having Marion there is a good workout partner. But I think Bryan Snyder deserves a ton of credit for his work with the Nebraska middleweights, going back to even during Burroughs career. I wouldn't be shocked if he's a head coach someday soon.
  5. The Ohio State major what if is worse than Sulzer...Dustin Kilgore instead of John Weakly. Only had room for one, chose wrong.
  6. You mean Metcalf, Jenkins, Caldwell, and Burroughs...and Palmer...and Churella...and O'Connor...and Lang...and Schlatter. Plus other All Americans Hall, Patacsil, Kinser, Fisch, and Saddoris. Long way to go. That being said, if Gulibon and Grey both stay down at 133, it would be a fun weight. They're both going to be good ones and Beckman has really taken a step forward this year. Jesse Thielke may end up there too, no? But I'd still take whatever odds you'd give me on Logan Stieber to win it
  7. From the few wrestlers I've talked to that have wrestled Fleming, getting choked isn't even the major issue with the move. The air supply doesn't really get cut off, but it feels like he's going to break every one of your teeth because of the way the pressure is applied across your head. Is the Fleming snapper the best move in college wrestling?
  8. Sako was a 2x state champ, 3x state finalist in Ohio at St. Ed's. He and Sulzer were in the same class. Has grown a ton since coming to UVA, I think initial plans were for him to wrestle 125.
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